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Icarus Bugs, Known Issues, Glitches, and Fixes

Icarus is now available to download on PC. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing issues, error codes, lag, crashes, and more. Today, we have compiled a list of Icarus’s known issues, bugs, and glitches.

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Official List of Icarus Known Issues and bugs

Game not Starting

Icarus fails to start for some players.

Workaround: Disable your antivirus and run the game as an administrator. If it’s still not working, delete your game and reinstall it again.

Icarus low FPS and Crashes

Players are reporting low FPS and random crashes in Icarus.

Workaround: Follow the steps posted here to boost your gameplay.

Black Screen in Icarus

Icarus black screen issue is a known problem.

Workaround: update your graphic drivers and try again.

Installation hangs

The game fails to install on some systems.

Workaround: Check the HDD space before installation. Always make sure that you have plenty of space for the game to install.

Icarus game saves not Working

Players are reporting Icarus game save issues.

Workaround: Make sure that you have enough storage space in your drive disk. You can also try to locate your save file and delete it to fix the game save issue. Always make sure to backup your saved files before altering it.

Controls not working in Icarus

Sometimes, game controls get stuck in the middle of the game. This is a known issue.

Workaround: Make sure that you do not have additional input devices. If you have a controller plugged in, try to disconnect and reconnect it.

Missing or No sound issue in Icarus

Icarus players are facing the sound issue for quite some time. You can update your sound drivers and then try again. You can also try to restart your PC and game to see if it fixes anything.

Icarus Crashes and performance issues.

Apart from all the above issues, players are facing various Icarus crashes and performance issues. The game devs are working on fix for these problems.

Icarus game launching issues

Players are also reporting game launching bugs where the game fails to launch.

Many of these bugs are known to the developers and they are working hard to fix them.

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