Hydroneer Update 2.0.6 Patch Notes – July 5, 2022


Hydroneer update 2.0.6 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Hydroneer 2.0.6 patch notes, the latest update added new features, fixes, and gameplay changes.

A major update was released recently, that added new changes, gameplay adjustments, and more. Unfortunately, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Hydroneer patch 2.0.6 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Hydroneer Patch 2.0.6 Notes – July 5, 2022

New Features

  • Conveyor Splitter now has an alternate direction version.
  • Conveyor Merger Hook which allows items to be passed in a T shape.
  • New character jail-break outfit.
  • Dirt Tiers now have distinctive diggable dirt textures.
  • Dirt Chunks now have different textures depending on the tier they were dug from.
  • Creative Hard Hat item. While wearing will duplicate any item that is placed down to allow for quick building.
  • Pickaxe and Construction Hammer now also works by holding down LMB for repetitive strikes.
  • Holding CTRL (by default) reverses RTY direction.
  • New options for drop reticule.
  • Added new options for auto-save time intervals.
  • New Logic Lamp item.
  • New Logic multiply and divide items.
  • Store tooltips now appear in the vehicle store.
  • Windows hotbar item is no longer the default Unreal Engine icon.
  • New item description badges for vehicles and creative items.
  • Land claims can now be purchased for free in creative mode.
  • Gameplay options for toggle sprint/crouch.
  • Sound effects for opening/closing house doors.


  • Various vehicle improvements.
  • Harvester improvements to prevent dirt chunks getting stuck.
  • Harvesters are now effected by pressure to produce better resources.
  • Pipes occasionally locking up and working intermittedly no longer happens.
  • Moving far away from a dig site will no longer fudge collisions while machinery is running.
  • T2 Drills can now be placed pointing towards conveyor belts without clipping issues.
  • Big conveyor optimisations.
  • Major animation optimisations making large drill sites easier to run, as well as other items.
  • Logic weight reader no longer outputs with a comma when above a value of 999.
  • Logic weight reader now shows the input/output arrows correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Logic Smelter would not take damage.
  • Improvements for loading game files with large amounts of items.
  • ‘Save Dirt Chunks / Save Raw Resources’ in gameplay options now work as intended.
  • Storage items no longer occasionally cause the game to lag.
  • Visual fix: Conveyor Shredder T1 drum now spins the correct direction.
  • Store tooltip sizes expanded to allow for languages with lots of words (we’re looking at you, Germany)
  • Players can now fish at world bounds.


  • Rake reworked to be easier to use.
  • Rake will align to the rotation of build items for new saves created after this update.
  • Cloutium Ore can only be found under the ground now using drills. Will still spawn for pans at any level.
  • Gem prices and spawn rates have been changed. Onyx is still expensive and rare, then Rubies, Sapphires, then Emeralds.
  • Drills and Harvesters will now limit the amount of pressure they can take to their corresponding tier max pressures.
  • Construction hammer now uses LMB to lock down items and RMB to unlock items.
  • Placement grid is now more subtle.
  • Sale signs no longer have metal bands which hide some text well selling extremely valuable resources.
  • Creative Invincible Filter remodel.
  • Hourglass pausing time now saves.
  • Hourglass now has a sand effect which shows if time is paused/continuing.
  • Half walls can now be RTY rotated.
  • Cottage and Wooden wall windows now have glass.
  • Scales are now rotated to be aligned with the grid.

Download free Hydroneer update 2.0.6 on PC (Steam).