Hunter’s Arena Legend Update 1.08 Patch Notes (1.080) – Sep 3, 2021


Hunter’s Arena Legend update 1.08 (1.080.000) is now rolling out on PS4, and PS5. According to the official Hunter’s Arena Legend patch notes, the latest hotfix addressed keybinding issues with the game. Apart from this, Hunters Arena Legend patch 1.08 (1.080) also includes general stability performance.

Recently, a major update was released with various fixes and balancing.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, new players are experiencing keybinding issues. Today’s Hunters Arena Legend update 1.08 will address a few of these errors.


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Hunters Arena Legend 1.08 Patch Notes – Sep 3, 2021

  • Fixed the button (keybinding) settings bug for new users. It does not have any changes to existing users.
  • Other minor fixes.

There’s a keybinding issue where some of the controller buttons do not work. That’s why you were taken right into the lobby skipping the tutorial automatically.

Here’s what you should do,

1. Go to Settings (by pressing the option button)

2. Go to Control

3. Reset Page

4. Apply settings


5. Go back to Lobby

6. Go to Training

7. Go to Tutorial

Download free Hunters Arena Legend update 1.08 (1.080.000) on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.