Hunt Showdown Update 1.6.1 Patch Notes – August 19, 2021

Hunt Showdown update 1.6.1 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Hunt Showdown patch notes, the latest update added refactor to the weapon handling system in Hunt. This new system is more solid and should give us much more flexibility when it comes to adding new accessibility features for all platforms. Apart from this, Hunt Showdown patch 1.6.1 also includes various UI and stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added a new map (DSalle), audio improvements, balancing, and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are experiencing several issues since the release.

Today’s Hunt Showdown version 1.6.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Hunt Showdown 1.6.1 patch notes

New Accessibility Options

This update brings with it a refactor to the weapon handling system in Hunt. This new system is more solid and should give us much more flexibility when it comes to adding new accessibility features for all platforms.

Leave ADS during shots

We have made it possible to leave the ADS (Aim down sights) state while your weapon is in the recoil phase of the shot animation. Previously, you were locked to ADS until the weapon was finished firing. This change will make you more agile as soon as you stop aiming. This only works with ADS and does not impact switching equipment which will remain as it is.

Force Reload for Controllers

It is now possible to force a reload when using a controller, even if there are interactable items nearby. While the weapon wheel is open, other interactions in front of you will be ignored. By tapping [LB] before you tap [X] (L1 and Square on PS) to reload you can ensure that the reload gets priority over any other interactions.

This will be especially helpful in enclosed spaces such as the hunting towers, which have a lot of interactions close together, making it difficult to find a way to reload without opening every window or climbing a ladder unintentionally.

Gunslinger control changes

Lower weapon

  • Added the ability to lower weapons/items while using Gunslinger (like Hunter mode).
  • Holding [Q] will lower the weapon (tapping [Q] will still perform the quick weapon switch).
  • Shooting is still possible, however there is a slight delay due to having to raise the weapon first (you will not need multiple inputs to raise the weapon).

Keep lowered State (Menu setting)

  • Option added to the settings menu.
  • Select what should happen when weapons are aimed or fired while Lowered State is toggled on
  • Options:
    • Enabled – Weapons automatically transition back to Lowered State after being aimed or fired
    • Disabled– Weapons need to be manually lowered again after being aimed or fired
Hunter control Changes

Dedicated Melee button

  • Dedicated melee button [V] is now available in Hunter mode (no longer a Gunslinger only option).
  • Works in parallel to standard melee attacks.
  • Allows you to perform melee attacks when in Shoulder Aim or ADS where attack inputs could only fire the weapon

Sprint to Aim transition

  • An option that allows you to determine what happens when an aim input is issued while sprinting:
    • Specifically, if you have ADS/Sprint assigned to the same button (current default setting [L-Shift])
  • Drop down menu Options:
    • Shoulder Aim – Interrupting sprint will go to shoulder aim as normal.
    • Aim Down Sights – Interrupting sprint will go directly to ADS as long as the sprint input is still pressed.

Shoulder Aim toggle

  • Added a drop-down menu option that allows you to set “Shoulder Aim” to ‘Toggle’ instead of ‘Hold’.

The follow applies to Hunter control Scheme only:

  • It is now possible to start sprinting while shoulder Aim is toggled ‘on’ in the following circumstances:
    • If the weapon cannot ADS (Throwables, Bomb Lance, throwing knives and other items that do not have an ADS option)
    • If sprint and Aim Down Sights are assigned to different buttons.
  • New menu option that when enabled allows you to continuously hold the interaction button.
  • When holding this, it will automatically trigger interactions when you come close to an item.
  • Great for holding the interaction when running at doors or past windows (easier to open/close).
  • Effect will be enabled after pressing the button for 0.25 seconds, so it is still possible to single tap certain interactions without accidentally triggering everything around you.
  • Option is disabled by default.
FOV options

This update brings some FOV changes that we feel have been restricting for some players. Console has been limited to a wide base FOV and does not zoom in when shoulder aiming.
Gunslinger on PC has a similar problem, where the FOV is narrow which means that even with the slider set to max, it is still not equal to that of the Hunter Scheme FOV.
With this in mind, we are adding two new customization options which are available to all platforms and all control schemes.

  • Lowered State FOV with two options – ‘Default’ or ‘Zoom’.
  • Shoulder Aim FOV with two options – Default’ or ‘Zoom’.

With these settings you can now recreate all the current control scheme zoom defaults on all platforms. (Please note: For technical reasons, console still does not have the standard FOV slider, but these should allow you to adjust everything else around the current FOV.)
Default sensitivity sliders are also now available in the Gunslinger scheme and will be used whenever the current weapon is not aiming, similar to how it currently works in the Hunter scheme.

New Menu Animations

With this update we are bringing some life to the Hunter poses to the Lobby and Death screen and Legendary Hunter store pages with a plethora of newly hand-crafted animations. We love to showcase the work our artists have created and now we have a new way to achieve this with these unique animations.

  • Weapon equip animation– All Hunters will now have an “equip” animation that will show in the lobby screen instead of the static poses, allowing the Hunters to show off your chosen gear in style.
  • Legendary intros– Legendary Hunters now feature a signature intro animation that fits their character which gives them an impressive way to show-off. These signature animations will be visible in the Lobby (or when you join a group) as well as on the Death screen. All animations can be previewed in the Legendary Hunter store page. When in a lobby, Legendary hunters will play their signature move followed by the equip animation for the currently selected weapon.

Developer Note:

Currently all Hunters will perform the weapon animations generally tied to Tier 3 Hunters. We plan to introduce new animations for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hunters in the future.

New ‘Bounty Revive’ mechanic

Bounty carriers will now have the option to revive a “redskulled” teammate that has lost all their health chunks.

  • The action for reviving a “redskulled” teammate will drain 25 HP per revive, like the necromancer trait.
  • A revived player will return with a maximum of 50HP (always with one large health chunk).
  • It is not possible to perform this action over distance with the Necromancer trait. You must physically interact with the “redskulled” teammate to take advantage of this ability.
  • Bounty revives don’t reward “Revive XP”
  • Team extraction is now also blocked if a dead hunter is in the extraction range:
    • If a living teammate has any bounty token – reviving the dead hunter is possible in this case.
    • If this dead hunter has any bounty token. Reviving would be possible after their teammates picked up their bounty token.
    • Killing a hunter who was previously “redskulled” and revived will not grant any further XP and will not count as a kill towards your KDA.
    • The kills will still be tracked separately in the mission summary screen.
    • Deaths/downs will count towards the KDA of the player being killed, even after being revived from being “redskulled”.
    • Loot: Money is not lootable from “redskulled” players. You can loot tools and consumables as normal.

Developer Note:

With this feature we want to address some issues that we see in the core loop of Bounty Hunt missions and give players new considerations when making tactical decisions at the same time.
Currently, picking up bounty tokens yields huge advantages initially but can become the opposite very quickly after the boost is depleted which is why bounty tokens are often left unattended in the early game.

We want to incentivize carrying bounty more by tipping the chances of surviving battles of attrition slightly towards the team which focuses on the main objective. Keep in mind that reviving dead players with bounty will be even riskier than it already is. Healing resources will run out at some point and bounty carriers are still marked on the map.

Another benefit we see is that there should now be more reasons for dead players to stay in the game and root for their teammates because as long as there is bounty in the match, there is also the possibility to extract together.

We have seen many suggestions for similar mechanics that mentioned other costs for reviving dead players like depleting bounty boost or trading health chunks. However, we feel that this would only lead to friction in teams as players would make other players responsible for having to pay a price for their mistakes.


Item Deployment Validation

  • It is now possible to place Trip Wire Traps on stairs and steep slopes (Up to 45°).
  • Improvement made to the collision detection for Beartraps and Ammo Boxes.

Item Deployment Preview

  • Improved the visual fidelity of deployment preview models
    • Preview models are now correctly shaded and react to level lighting as intended.
    • Preview colors changed from green/red to white/red to better fit in to Hunt’s color palette
    • Bear trap is now previewed in primed state

Round start Changes

  • Hunters will now play the weapon equip animation at the start of the round.
  • All weapon actions (except shooting and melee attacks) are now available to use during the “Waiting for Players” state.
    • This means you can reload weapons that are not fully loaded or switch ammo types before the start of the round.
Health Chunks
  • Reduced the cost of 50HP health chunks to 2 trait points (previously 3 trait points).
  • Now it is possible to choose between “toggle” or “hold” to see the Map.

General trait changes

  • Updated the random traits tied to Legendary Hunter recruits (more options/combinations available).
  • Updated the possible traits that can be acquired from closing Rifts in Quickplay.


  • We have enhanced the visibility (and fixed some broken outlines) of items that show in Dark Sight when this trait Is equipped. Now, it will be much easier to find your lost bolts, throwing knives and… “other” items. (*cough*#LightTheShadow*cough*)
  • Range increased to 30m (previously 15m)
Additional weapon stat
  • Sighted Range
    • “The range at which the projectile drop will impact your accuracy in relation to the sights of the weapon”.

Developer note:
We have introduced this stat to allow players to have a better understanding of how they can use the weapon sights in relation to bullet drop (for example Crossbows, Bomblance) and thus allowing for better opportunities to hit their intended targets.
We also want to make you aware that the “Effective Range” stat for Shotbolt ammo for Crossbows and the Bomblance has been removed as their projectile damage is not modified by distance like other projectiles in the game.

  • Reworked the Generator Hut in Fort Bolden and extended the Tunnel Entrance below it to go into the Boss pit building.
  • Attached the Spotlight in the ceiling area of Darin Shipyard to the generator to be activated when the generator is turned on.
  • Updated the Spider Navigation in Fort Bolden
  • Barricaded the bottom floor see-through windows in Pearl Plantation as they were giving an unfair advantage.
  • Closed off one of the buildings in the village next to the Pearl Plantation.
Performance & Stability
  • Reduced game’s memory consumption by roughly 80Mb which is especially relevant for Consoles.

  • Ambient audio should now play on all parts of DeSalle as expected
  • Improvements made to the fading of different ambient sounds on DeSalle and Lawson Delta
  • General Improvements made to the AI systems.
  • Fixed a potential stall that could occur when Miner Grunts first spawned in the map.
  • Miner grunts will now correctly burst into flames when dying to any sort of full body mutilation such as: Concertina Wire, Bomb Lance, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where some explosive ammo was unable to destroy concertina wires.
  • Fixed an issue where explosive ammo did not deal enough damage to doors and windows
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in custom ammo not being able to break windows.
Stillwater Bayou:
  • Fixed a Spot in Cyprus Huts where the player could hide inside the boss lair without being attacked by it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the crank-operated gate to clip through the ceiling in Port Reeker.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the wooden crates that appear at an extraction point to appear at South of Reeves Quarry, even when the extract is not there.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in not being able to vault through a window in Darin Shipyard.
  • Fixed an area in Reeves Quarry that allowed players to crouch and end up in an unintended spot.
  • Fixed an Issue where some Floors in Seven Sister’s Estate would not render correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some oilpatches north of Pearl Plantation were not connected to each other.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from interacting with a world tool spawn in Heritage Pork.
  • Fixed a bug in Fort Bolden that registered players as finding the boss arena when outside of the actual arena.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get on top of a chandelier in Pearl Plantation.
  • Fixed a bug in Darin Shipyard where the player could get stuck behind a cash register.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets would disappear when crossing the region-border from King Snake Mine to Stanley Coal Company.
  • Fixed a broken vaultable area in one of the side buildings around Forked River Fishery.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in players getting stuck in a spot next to lamp north of Weeping Stone Mill.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck between a door and a table in Weeping Stone Mill.
  • Fixed an invisible chain in Stanley Coal Company.
  • Fixed a few floating loot items that would appear around the map.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from placing traps on wooden floors in Forked River Fishery.
  • Fixed the audio that would play when walking on the pipes in Forked River Fishery (it now sounds like pipes and not wooden planks).
  • Fixed floating branch spawns across the map
  • Fixed issue where the saloon doors could get stuck if you walk slowly in front of it and stop.
  • Fixed an issue that caused lantern effects being created incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the active buffs persisting on the screen once down and spectating.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing esc in any tab/subtab while queueing for a match triggered the cancel matchmaking pop up.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in Russian translation of the Blackcoat hunter.
  • Status effect intensity will now also be displayed in spectator mode.
  • Fixed rare bug where “You are being revived!” message was stuck on screen.

Download free Hunt Showdown update 1.6.1 on PC (Steam).

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