How to Unlock FPS in Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) – Guide

    Farming Simulator 2022 is now available on consoles and PC. Today, we have posted a simple guide on how to unlock FPS in Farming Simulator 22. Read more details below.


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    How to get 120+ FPS in Farming Simulator 22?

    1. Navigate to your game’s documents directory, C:\Users*YOURNAME*\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2022.
    2. Here locate the “Game.xml” file.
    3. After locating the file, open it up.
    4. In the file locate, ”<development> <controls>false</controls>”
    5. Change that value to ”<development> <controls>true</controls>”

    • Now start your game again.
    • Whilst in game press ~ twice
    • Type ” enableFramerateLimit false “(without the quotation marks”
    • Press F2 to view your FPS.
    • And press F3 to unlock the cap.

    Before you start your game, make sure that the <console enable = “true”/> is selected.

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