How to transfer A Plague Tale PS4 saves to PS5 version?

How to move A Plague Tale PS4 saves to PS5?

From A Plague Tale patch 01.09,

A Plague Tale: Innocence supports “Title cloud storage” meaning that your save can be uploaded to a server allowing you to get your saves independently on PS4 and/or PS5.

In order to move your previous saves from PS4 to PS5, please follow these steps:

  1. Update the game with the latest patch (01.09 visible on the main menu); either from PS4 console or install it on your PS5 console (backwards compatibility).
  2. Your title now supports Title Cloud Storage.
  3. Run the game on PS4 in order to synchronise your save data that is stored locally to the cloud.
    a. We recommend you do a first save/Auto-save with the new version to be sure it is uploaded to the cloud.
  4. Run the PS5 version up to date on PlayStation 5 with the same PSN account used on PS4 connected to PSN.
  5. Choose “Download”. The game will check if saves in the cloud or stored locally are the same. If not, a message appears with the follow options:
    a. Upload your local saves to the store to overwrite them.
    b. Download saves from cloud locally. It overwrites local saves.
  6. You should be able to see your slots up to date.
    Please note you can also retrieve your save done on PS5 if you play on PS4.
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