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How to fix PUBG & Fortnite text editing bar issue on iPhone iOS 13


Epic Games (Fortnite), PUBG and other titles are warning players not to update their devices due to a bug with the triple-finger tap-and-hold text editing bar issue in iOS 13. The text editing gesture is affecting gameplay, even though there are no textfields visible.

In iOS 13, put three fingers on the screen and wait for a second or two and the cut-copy-paste-undo-redo bar will appear at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, in a first-person shooter game, a player typically has their two thumbs on two virtual joysticks and taps on the screen with a third finger to fire. This action can be overridden by the system, which interprets it as the triple-finger gesture. It even affects Apple apps including GarageBand and the virtual piano.

How to fix PUBG and Fortnite issue on iPhone iOS 13

According to Epic Games –


We’re aware of an issue where the in-client viewing option for the Fortnite Champion Series is not available in the Lobby when the Arena playlist is selected. You can access in-client viewing with any other playlist being selected.

There is no way to disable the gestures as a user. A fix (update iOS 13.1) will roll out on Tuesday, September 24.