How to Fix NBA 2K23 Error CE-34878-0? (NBA 2K23 Crashing)

    NBA 2k23 is now available on PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, some players are receiving NBA 2k23 error ce-34878-0. There are various reports that NBA 2K23 is crashing because of error code ce 34878 0. Today, we have posted guide on how to fix NBA 2K23 error ce-34878-0.

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    What is NBA 2k23 error code ce-34878-0?

    The error CE-34878-0 in NBA 2k23 is a general problem indicating that the game has crashed. You will require to restart the game.

    How to fix error code ce-34878-0 in NBA 2K23?

    1. Restart your console:

      Turn off your console and then turn it back on. This should fix NBA 2k21 crashing issue.

    2. Update game software:

      Go to the PlayStation home screen. Highlight the game you’re playing and press the Options button on your controller. Now, select “Check For Update” and install any updates that are available.

    3. Update PlayStation 4 system software:

      Select Settings at the top of the PlayStation home screen. Choose “System Software Update” and allow any system updates to install. Now, reboot your PlayStation 4.

    4. Clear cache

      Clear the PS4/PS5 and Xbox cache will fix this issue and you will able to play the game again.

    5. Uninstall/reinstall your game

      Uninstall and reinstall the game if you are still experiencing the error. Before you do this, upload you’re save game to the cloud (or to a USB storage device). That way you won’t lose your progress and have to start over once you’ve reinstalled.

    How to clear cache on PS4/PS5 and Xbox?


    1. Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller.
    2. Select “Turn Off PS4”.
    3. Let the PlayStation 4 to fully power down and wait for 10 to 20 seconds.
    4. Restart the PlayStation 4.

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    1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select Restart console. When prompted, select Restart.
    2. If the console appears to be frozen, press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until the console turns off. After the console shuts down, press the Xbox button on the console again to restart.

    A fix is coming in the future update.

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