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How to Fix Error Code EC-BI-LS-3 in Epic Games?

Players are reporting Epic Games error code EC-BI-LS-3. Currently, players are experiencing issues logging in to their Epic Games accounts. There are also reports of the “The request could not be completed” issue. Read more details below.


Update – Epic Games community leader confirmed the issue, saying that teams are investigating issues with downloading, installing, and launching games in Library.

What is Epic Games error code EC-BI-LS-3?

This error shows up when players are unable to log in to their Epic Games accounts. This is a server-side issue.


According to the Epic Games officials posted the following,

Due to the large number of incoming inquiries, our responses may take longer than usual. Thanks for your patience.

How to fix Epic Games error code EC-BI-LS-3?

  • Verify that other devices on your network can connect to the internet.
  • Disconnect your router and modem for 60 seconds from the power outlet, then reconnect them to the outlet.

Check your Firewall / Router for NAT Type restrictions

If you have a firewall or other network hardware, such as a router, you may need to access them to change your NAT type. Sometimes this configuration change is caused by opening or forwarding other network ports.

Change your DNS and update it with the following.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Select Wifi/LAN (depending on what you use to connect)
  5. Select Custom
  6. Select / Enter the following details
  • IP Address Settings = Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name = Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings = Manual



PRIMARY: (google DNS)

  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

You can check the Epic Games server status here.

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