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How to Fix Days Gone Shuttering and Lag issues?


Days Gone is now available for PC players. The game is optimizated latest hardware and older systems. However, some players are facing shuttering and lag issue in Days Gone. We have posted some fixes and tweaks to fix this issues.

How to Fix Shuttering and Lag issues in Days Gone?

Stuttering in Days Gone

Update your graphics drivers from either Nvidia or AMD.

Plus, even though you might have the recommended amount of RAM, there’s a high chance it might be running on lower frequencies.


Make sure you have enabled XMP and are using RAM that is faster than 2400 MHz.

Lag in Days Gone

Lower down your game resolution to fix the lag issues. A future Days Gone update will address this issues.

Nvidia DLSS support for Days Gone is also coming soon. So, those with RTX 2000 series cards or above will be able to play the game at might higher frame rates by using Nvidia’s supersampling technology.