How to fix Apex Legends Error code Shoe?

    Apex Legends players are experiencing the error code Shoe. Today, we have posted a guide on how to fix the Apex Legends error code Shoe Read more details below.

    Update: The game developers are actively investigating issues preventing players from connecting to online services in multiple game titles. Stay tuned for updates.

    What is the error code ‘Shoe’ in Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends players have reported an issue that they are thrown out of the game after 5 minutes and they find themself standing in the lobby. Well, we can understand how it feels. The reason behind this nuisance is the error ‘SHOE’.

    Why I am getting the error code ‘Shoe’ in Apex Legends?

    We have listed the possible reasons which are responsible to trigger this error code.

    2. GPU

    How to fix the apex_crash.txt Error in Apex Legends PC?

    1. Outdated GPU version

      Due to the old version of your GPU, it is not possible for your graphic processing unit to run the game smoothly and it will face many issues to run the game. So you have a check for the updates of your GPU if available then download them and install them on your system this will fix the error shoe.

    2. Check internet connection

      If your internet is slow and choppy, it will disconnect you from the game frequently because it is impossible to stay connected with the servers of the game due to internet issues. Due to this, you will be kicked out of the game again and again. So to enjoy the game at its best make sure your internet is fast and stable.

    3. Reinstall the game

      While installing the game something goes wrong with the package and your files gets corrupted or missing while installing the game. To fix this error you have to delete the game from your system and install it with correct procedure. Then launch the game and you will your error is fixed.

    If you are facing the same issue after trying the above fixes, then you can try to repair your game or re-installing the game. This will fix if there is any missing or corrupted file which can also cause this error.

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