House Flipper Update 2.63 Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox


House Flipper update 2.63 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official House Flipper version 2.63 patch notes, the latest update added a bunch of fixes, changes and adjustments. Apart from this, today’s House Flipper patch 2.63 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big April Fools Day update was released that added two new houses, new TV, Desk accessories, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s House Flipper version 2.63 will address a few of these issues.


House Flipper Update 3 Patch Notes – June 14, 2022

General fixes and changes:

  • Dogs will now properly get dirty over time, depending on their cleanliness-related perks.
  • Cats will now jump and play on their wall playgrounds.
  • Fixed the issue where swapped walls weren’t saved.
  • Fixed the issue where pets would spawn outside of their enclosures.
  • Improved spawning mechanics of pets when changing maps, they will attempt to spawn on the same height as the player if possible, instead of skipping whole floors.
  • Pets can no longer be put down on roofs.
  • Added meaningful distinction between male and female Iguanas and changed their animation in Morgan’s Pet Care.
  • You can now place items on Listan patterned under the bowl mat.
  • Guinea pigs will no longer spin in place by following the same spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the parrot would get stuck in some actions.
  • Fixed player animation repeating when feeding the hamster.
  • Fixed laying in bed issues for Couch Archaic variants.
  • Fixed a bug where carrying a pet could allow a player to place multiple laptops
  • Fixed an issue where cats would get stuck on placed windows.
  • Cats will no longer completely freeze if you sell a window the cat was planning to jump to.
  • Fixed an issue with some items being unsellable after your pet stops sitting on them.
  • Cats will no longer teleport to the next floor or roof after jumping to the window.
  • Removed visual clutter from some interaction menu buttons.
  • The dog’s jaw will no longer slowly clip through the toy during the catch.
  • Fixed an issue where a dog would walk next to the toy and just look at it instead of catching it.
  • Fixed stairs sometimes not generating proper conditions for your pets to use them.
  • Fixed the movement of pets on some stairs.
  • Adjusted placement of the Parrot during eating action.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to feed the fish.
  • Morgan’s Pet Care now only has female spiders to take care of.
  • A slider will now appear in the pet cage selection menu and fixed navigation via pad.
  • Fixed an issue where the dog’s position will wildly jitter when playing tug of war near weeds.
  • Pulling interaction will now properly be ended if the dog ends up in the air.
  • Pulling toys and paint cans will no longer disappear when the interaction is initiated between rooms.
  • Cats will no longer get stuck attempting to go through the door clap.
  • Fixed the door being sellable and pickable after a cat going through the door clap.
  • Fixed tablet thumbnails for variants of tents, a garden gnome, and Euphorbia milii.
  • Fixed interaction and selling issues for the item, Kevin Small Triple Window 2.5 x 1.45 m
  • It is now possible to remove plastic bag trash with Seller Tool, like any other trash.
  • Harper windows will no longer flick after being opened.
  • You can now interact with the treadmill to call your dog to it.

House/Job specific fixes and changes:

  • Business As Usual (Job—Luxury):
    Fixed walking area issues for pets, which made them go into unreachable places.
  • Poppy House (House—Pets):
    Basement stairs that are part of the building can no longer be sold.
  • Snuggly Hideaway (House—Pets):
    It is now possible to install doors and windows on the ground floor around the stairs.
  • Historic House (House—Luxury):
    Fixed stairs being transparent during tiling.
    Fixed loose stairs parts sticking out of the ceiling.
    It is now possible to leave the house through the front gate.
  • Two in One (Job—Luxury), A Job You Can’t Refuse (Job—Luxury), Closed Laundry (House—Luxury), and Top-notch Apartment (House—Luxury):
    Fixed the issue where ceilings would appear black.
  • Classic Manor House (House—Luxury):
    Destroying walls around the stairs will no longer expose the next floor.
  • The One To Flip (House—Base Game) and The One To Move In (House—Base Game):
    It is now possible to install Mary windows
  • A New Player In Town (Job—Luxury):
    Fixed the issue causing duplicated shutter installation quests.
  • Garage With Bunker (House—Apocalypse):
    Cockroaches/Glass will no longer clip through the floor.
  • Uncle’s Bunker (House—Apocalypse):
    The roof above the entrance will no longer flicker.
  • Alleyway of Lights (House – Cyberpunk):
    Snowflakes will no longer be visible on ECO lightning mode.
  • Garage With Bunker (House—Apocalypse):
    Filled in a hole near the hatch.
  • House After The Flood (House-Base Game):
    Stains on the floor will no longer flicker.
  • Man Cave (House-Base Game):
    Stains in the basement will no longer appear on the minimap of the ground floor.
  • Hucker’s House (House—Base Game):
    Fixed the drastic FPS drop after painting the ceiling below the roof.

Download free House Flipper patch 2.63 is now available for download.