Patch Notes

House Flipper July 28 Update Patch Notes


A new House Flipper update is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official House Flipper patch notes, the latest update addressed various issues with the game.

Previously, a big April Fools Day update was released that added two new houses, new TV, Desk accessories, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s House Flipper version 2.64 will address a few of these issues.


House Flipper Patch Notes – July 28, 2022

  • Adding the ability to select a pet cage option when accepting pets from Morgan’s
  • You can change the name of all your pets in Morgan’s Pets Care
  • Adding sounds for selecting pet hat
  • Frequency of dog panting is now reduced
  • Time required for animals to grow up was reduced by four times
  • Added X icons to invisible variants
  • Fixed variants for dog enclosure and dog enclosure gate
  • Variants added for all Pets DLC curtains
  • Miniature of wenge color fixed for rope hanging shelves
  • If the player is in the office, pets will sometimes play with placed toys on their own
  • Playing fetch mechanic with various toys has been reworked. It now prioritizes the most recently interacted with pet and adds a few randoms, instead of calling every single pet on the map
  • The friendly kitty in the Home Stretch job now has a name
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed graphics glitches on AMD Radeon GPUs
  • Fixed phantom pet gate
  • Price fixed for Dello and Dazzio tables
  • Fixed possibility of sitting on Gloria poufs
  • Pet gates variant are correctly previewed
  • “Home Stretch”: picking up cat looks way better
  • “Train car”: Fixed immovable painting
  • Fix turtle looping around one point
  • Now only one pet would enter bed
  • Fix locked pet interaction with carrying paint
  • Fixes for rat behavior
  • Removing weeds with petrol lawn in quest is correctly counted
  • The friendly kitty in Home Stretch job no longer has an invalid age.
  • Fixed an issue with parrots still making sounds with disabled audio
  • Dogs will no longer be upset and block all interaction when the player takes away carried paint.
  • Fixed a rare issue with certain cat breeds was blocking Morgan’s Pet Care when generated.
  • Fixed hats are not highlighting alongside the pets.
  • Fix issue that made impossible to pickup trashes near pool in Lake Cabin house
  • Other behind the scenes bugfixes & optimizations
  • Placed toys will no longer disappear when carried by a dog that was given to a new home or put into Pet’s Hotel.
  • Pets will no longer attempt to catch/hit toys through solid walls and doors.
  • Notifications about animal needs are now displayed much earlier.

Download free House Flipper patch 2.64 is now available for download.