Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Update 100 Patch Notes

    Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades update 100 (November 27, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades patch notes, the latest update added new items, a long list of fixes, and more.

    Previously, a big update added various fixes and changes. Unfortunately, players are facing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades patch 100 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Patch Notes – (November 27, 2021)

    • Added New Item Spawner Prototype to Indoor Range & Proving Ground with tons of new features. (Still WIP tho)
    • Added All Sosigguns in the game to ItemSpawner (new and old)
    • Added All Cartridges to ItemSpawner (new only)

    Added New Feature: Smart Cartridge Spawning (Thanks to Jack Foxtrot, Blockbuilder and Nrgill28). With this enabled (on by default), when grabbing a stack of cartridges while holding another object, only an appropriate number of them will be grabbed, based upon the number of empty/spent chambers, and the empty space in a held or internal magazine, clip or speedloader. Note that if rounds aren’t spawnlocked this takes them from the top of a stack first.

    • Added New Firearm: APS Machine pistol (9x18mm)
    • Added New Attachments: APS Stocks (Wood, Bakelite, Wire)
    • Added New Attachment: APS suppressor
    • Added New Model for RPG-7 and Rocket (byeee old model), with a functional ladder sight, and cleaner texture work
    • [Itemspawner Mk. 2] Added New Experimental Flash Page using video
    • Added New PSG1 with 5, 10 and 20 round magazines
    • Added New Firearm: PP19 Vityaz (9x19mm) with 30rnd mag and 50rnd Drum
    • Added New Attachment: Perst3 Laser
    • Added New Attachment: RKO Foregrip
    • Added New Attachment: Mk2. Hex Suppressor
    • Added New Attachment: PK120 Reflex Sight
    • Added several new Impact Sound types for future content work
    • Added New Feature: Magazine Palming (Can be disabled in Firearm Options)
    • Added New Firearm: PMM (Modern Makarov in 9x18mm)
    • [Meat Fortress] Added New Firearm: Medical 180 (Syringe)
    • [Meat Fortress] Added New Grenade: Ubernade
    • Added New Options Section: Hand Smoothing & Filtering
    • Added New Option: Hand Filtering Mode (Defaulted to Enabled)
    • Added New Option: Sniping Assist Mode (Defaulted to Enabled)
    • Added New Firearm: UMP-9 (9x19mm)
    • Changed just metric butt-loads of item metadata
    • Cartridge insertion into magazines is now smoothly animated
    • Cartridge insertion into chambers is now smoothly animated
    • Cartridge ejection from magazines is now smoothly animated
    • Cartridge proxy round cycling is now smoothly animated (for the main round)
    • The last shotgun cartridge of a handful will be fed in more rapidly to tube-fed shotguns, and is posed accordingly (when two shells are held)

    When inserting a magazine into a firearm while having another magazine palmed, the palmed magazine no longer snaps into the position of the held magazine, but interpolates to it (physically) over ¼ second

    • Chambering a cartridge into a break-action weapon or derringer, when holding a stack of cartridges, will now chamber a cartridge into each empty chamber.
    • Loading a round into a magazine now makes a lower pitched sound when loading the last round in capacity-wise.
    • LPVO Reticles Adjusted
    • Changed RPG-7 Chambering behavior
    • Sten Mk. 6 now has a front blade sight

    Closed Bolt Receiver weapons where you directly grab the bolt, and which can be loaded down through the receiver, can now have their bolt locked and unlocked while holding the bolt (B/Y, Up/Down on touchpad). This helps facilitate topping up clip-fed guns. This functionality was added to: M1 Garand, M14, All SKS Variants, All VZ-58 variants, Model 8, Model 81

    • Functional Ladder Sights were added/calibrated for the following firearms: Bren LMG, 1918 Bar, All M60 Variants, China Lake, RPG-7, M79, Lee Enfield & Jungle Carbine
    • Improved M1894 Iron sight picture
    • Made Ubernade explosion less deafening

    [ItemSpawner] Changed Tag Sorting Algorithm to be ‘OR’ within a category, and ‘AND’ when using multiple categories. This seems to be the most commonly expected behavior from folks interfacing with other tag based systems for this size of item library.

    • [ItemSpawner] Selected Tag Display Tweaked
    • [Take & Hold] Changed Flaccid Snake Equipment pool item from G3SG1 to PSG1
    • Fixed Stoner63 AR metadata such that it is in the correct category now.
    • Fixed Proving Ground Respawn Point
    • Cleaned up a bunch of debug logs that were errantly left in
    • Changed a bunch of internal meta-data (this is ongoing)
    • Changed the internal name flags for some metadata fields for display clarity (this is ongoing)

    Changed which values (filtered/raw) are used internally by virtual stock based on hand filtering settings. This is still WIP and has a glitch or two present.

    • [Take & Hold] Level load wiener can now be thrown into your mouth.
    • Long Gun Two-handed Stabilization can now be activated via holding the trigger on the forward hand
    • Pistol style two-hand stabilization broken out into its own option
    • Various hand filtering internal values tweaked
    • Replaced Existing Firearm Model: UMP-45 (.45 ACP)
    • Fixed the Quickbelt poses for ALL Melee Weapons (finally)
    • Fixed the Quickbelt slot pose of 5.56x45mm and .300BAC cartridges (how on earth has this been broken this long??)
    • Hairspray Can now spawns with the Potato gun launcher. With great power comes great responsibility.
    • PP-19 Vityaz sight barrel can now be grabbed
    • Fixed trigger animation on B600 revolver
    • Fixed missing sounds for Stoner 63AR
    • Fixed Explorer 22 safety posing
    • Fixed Explorer 22 magazine cartridge placement
    • Fixed Grab pose on Tank Gewehr
    • RPG-7 projectile now flies at correct velocity
    • M1 Garand Irons corrected
    • Fixed American 180/90 Magazine metadata
    • Fixed G36c sights
    • Fixed M2 Carbine Sights
    • Fixed AKS74U and AKS74U Tactical Sights
    • Fixed Mini Uzi sights
    • Fixed AK-style Physical Mag tearing causing that magazine to become palmed
    • Metadata fixed on a number of objects
    • Made it so trigger no longer force-opens breach of lever action firearms when long-gun stabilization requires it
    • Fixed Armswinger Smooth Turning being broken on some platforms and control modes
    • Fixed SVT-40 safety rotation & states
    • Take & Hold Loading Wiener now once again makes monching sound when eaten
    • Alternate Mag pose now functions correctly on Q2/G2 (whoops forgot to update an enum)
    • Scope Menu is now disabled when scope detached while it is active
    • AKM 10 rnd Magazine Wrist menu display name fixed
    • Rebaked Occlusion Culling in Winter Wasteland Scene to fix certain building windows blocking object visibility while looking through them.
    • AK5C Shell ejection trajectory fixed.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with head filtering.
    • [Take & Hold] Fixed rare halting nullref spawning weapons as Ricky Random.
    • Fixed FN FiveSeven 30rnd mag not spawning with 30 rounds
    • Fixed Famas G2 not being vaultable.
    • Fixed issue with Hand filtering causing random twitches and judders on objects.
    • Fixed G3SG1 starting fire selector rotation.
    • Fixed G3SG1 backsight not being adjustable.
    • Fixed Grapple gun Retract working before it actually impacted something.
    • [Take & Hold] Fixed Magazine Duplicator being in incorrect state at instantiation.

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