Hood Outlaws and Legends Patch Notes (Update 2.0)

A new Hood: Outlaws & Legends update is now available to download on PS5, PS4, and Xbox. According to the official Hood Outlaws and Legends patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, the new Hood Outlaws and Legends patch 1.7 also includes performance improvements.

Unfortunately, since the last update, players are facing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Hood Outlaws and Legends update will address a few of these issues.

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Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.09 Patch Notes (Season 1 Samhain) – Sep 2, 2021

A free new Outlaw and major gameplay changes with reworked mechanics

To kick off the season, Hood will welcome its first new Outlaw, Eidaa, free for all players. An amazing toe to toe fighter, Eidaa’s abilities, unique moveset, and customizable perks make her a fearsome opponent anywhere on the battlefield.

Another key update that we are happy to introduce is a game-changing rework to the winch system, improving and upping the intensity of each match’s critical final phase. This new system will allow both teams to winch for the treasure chest, leading to a fairer, more balanced experience in which every step of the heist counts!

Season 1: Samhain welcomes the first Battle Pass

The first battle pass also arrives with Season 1, bringing a huge variety of cosmetics to unlock! The Battle Pass represents a new, separate progression system in which players earn experience to unlock exclusive cosmetics for all outlaws, including Eidaa. All players can progress in the Battle Pass, which includes free items at certain tiers.

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You can now play the fully PvE State Heist mode, in which your team can test her skill against a much more aggressive State, with unique death and respawn mechanics.This joins a new map, new cosmetics and new gameplay updates thanks to feedback from Hood’s passionate community.

Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.7 patch notes (1.000.700) – July 28, 2021

New game mode: PVE

Team up with up to three friendly Outlaws and infiltrate the State’s strongholds to steal their treasure! In this new cooperative game mode you will fight as one against tougher guards, with limited resources and the fearsome Sheriff tracking your every move. Silent infiltration will be your best weapon to succeed in this deadly new experience.

New inputs design on PC

  • Inputs for takedowns and interactions on PC can now be bound to separate keys – enabled in Gameplay Options with ‘Extended Controls (Keyboard)’


  • Robin flashbang duration has been shortened.

Bugs fixes


  • Fixed several client and server stability issues.

Level Design:

  • Fixed a few areas where player characters could get stuck on Citadel, Outpost and Graveyard.
  • Fixed areas where the treasure chest could get stuck in Citadel.


  • [PS5] Fixed reported performance issues
  • Gear/Rock throwing is now more accurate – more closely matches the drawn trajectory
  • Fixed an issue where arrows attached to dead characters may not be retrievable.
  • Fixed interaction prompts being displayed after dying
  • Fixed issues with AI weapons behaving erratically when they are assassinated.
  • Fixed an issue where AI seems to be blocking attacks while they have their back turned.
  • Guards should now behave more consistently when shot from stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where assassinating a character near an edge caused the player to be thrown up in the air.
  • Fixed an animation issue when picking up the treasure from crouched
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the portcullis quickly as John caused animation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap’s compass may not indicate North consistently.
  • If Robin equips both the Forceful Fighter and Tactical Quiver perks, his maximum arrow capacity is 8 arrows (instead of 5 previously)
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps could not be heard on Coastal.

Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.06 patch notes (1.000.600) June 30, 2021

General fixes
  • Melee targeting improvements, melee attacks without Lock-On are now easier to hit, target prioritization is improved (especially for sprinting attacks and Tooke’s heavy attack)
  • Melee attacks on crouched enemies should now hit more consistently.
  • Tree branches and leaves collisions on Outpost fixed so they don’t block arrows/bolts
  • A new option called “Assassination Camera” allows players to disable the takedown mini-cutscenes
  • Temporary community events and rewards are now displayed in the game
Character balance changes
  • Aiming now requires stamina and halts stamina regeneration.
  • Roving Rogue reworked: Previously with the perk Marianne would pick up 2 bolts from a single bolt in the environment, with her bolts having a 25% chance to break on impact. Now with the perk Marianne picks up 1 bolt from a single bolt in the environment, but her bolts no longer break on impact
  • Increased the delay between the moment Marianne aims and is able to fire, effectively removing Quick Shots.
  • Smoke Bomb now affects AI in a smaller radius.
  • Surging Smash no longer kills Tooke in a single hit.
  • Surging Smash no longer removes Stamina for performing Light Attacks while sprinting.
  • John is now able to use Wrath to cancel assassination attempts on his life.
  • John is now unable to be assassinated when under the effects of Wrath. He still remains vulnerable to the Sheriff.
  • John’s sprint attack is now less generous in terms of hit detection.
  • Heavy Attack no longer collides with friendly characters
  • Healing Gas no longer affects AI negatively.
  • Poison Gas now affects AI in a smaller radius.
  • Poison Gas no longer hides the player from the Sheriff; other guards are still affected.
  • Aiming now requires stamina and halts stamina regeneration.
  • The flashbang’s inflicted stamina penalty increased
  • The flashbang is now more effective, removing UI elements such as the minimap for characters that are affected
  • The flashbang removes lock on, and prevents affected character from locking on for the effect’s duration
Smoke Bomb Changes

A person inside a Smoke Bomb’s effect :

  • Is unable to see UI overheads for clients outside the smoke (Health / Tag Icons)
  • Is no longer tagged by clients outside the smoke
  • Is no longer displayed on the enemy’s minimap/map A person outside a Smoke Bomb’s effect : – Is unable to see overheads for clients that are inside the smoke (Health / Tag Icons)
  • Is unable to tag and see tags for clients inside the smoke – Is unable to see enemies inside the smoke on the minimap/map
  • Locking on targets that are inside a Smoke Bomb’s effect now requires the client to be much closer to be able to do so.

When two (or more) clients are inside the smoke and sufficiently close from each other, they will be able to see each other’s UI overheads (health bar / tag icons)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare PC crash after Alt-Tab while in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed other rare crashes
  • Various localization fixes
  • Various UI fixes
  • Fixed a bug when muting another player from the map could cause one player to stop their movement while the map is open
  • Fixed a bug with players get stuck on the map UI after muting another player
  • Fixed an invitation bug when players remained in their HUB after being invited
  • Fixed Flash bombs resetting Robin/Marianne arrow/bolt charge

Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.05 patch notes (1.000.500) June 17, 2021

For a limited time, we have increased the odds of your heist taking place on Mountain, so that you can fully enjoy this new environment, and try new tactics on the map. Along with it, we also added some fixes, including one for achievements not unlocking properly, including for players who already met their requirements.

Mountain is now available! Fight the State and other Outlaws on the dangerous bridges and cliffside paths near the great Mountain known as Storgramand.


Players that have reached the requirements for the following achievements without them unlocking properly will now unlock them when they complete a match.

  • …A ballad unfolds
  • The Ballad Ends
  • Heroic Deeds
  • Merrymen

Robin and Marianne should no longer be obstructed when aiming between narrow lines of sight, such as crenelations.


  • A few lines on experience rewards now appear correctly translated in the post-match screen.
  • [Steam] Added label for EGS friends on the invite screen

Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.04 patch notes (1.000.400) June 7, 2021


  • Assassinations can now be interrupted if damage to assassin exceeds a certain threshold (read more here) TLDR: most basic attacks interrupt it now.


  • Players can now exit stagger/stun more consistently through dodging/blocking, to reduce situations where players would get stunlocked


  • Players on EGS can now invite players on Steam to their group.

  • After the end of a match, players are moved back to the hideout, but remain in their squads. This should reduce matchmaking times because before, players were leaving the automatic queue in order to return to the hideout, which had a negative impact on queue times.

  • Rank is no longer displayed in the lobby.


  • Improved ability to interact with winch when standing close to it

  • Added feedback alert for when an enemy team reaches a new winching notch


  • “…The Ballad Unfolds” and “…The Ballad Ends” trophies can now be unlocked. It won’t be automatically unlocked for those who already fulfilled the requirements. This fix is coming in the next update.


  • Fixed challenges that involve tagging

Voice Chat

  • [Xbox One, Xbox Series] Fixed mute not applying when a user had been muted via their gamercard during gameplay.


  • Fixed Ctrl appearing when trying to bind a key to Right Shift or Alt Gr

  • Added missing home spawn icon on Citadel for both teams

  • Tweaked some texts in the post-match screen for clarity

  • Fixed the respawn timer sometimes appearing blurred as if in the background

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the tag not being removed for enemy players when a Marianne used her ability after getting tagged by an AI

  • Fixed collision pushing mechanic forcing characters to rotate in certain instances

  • Fixed visual effect of Gold coins falling out of chest when it was dropped

  • [Xbox One, Xbox Series] Fixed black screen when returning to Hideout

  • Fixed Tooke’s weapon disappearing if he used his ability right after climbing down a rope

Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.03 patch notes (1.000.003) – May 24, 2021


  • Fixed matchmaking issues linked to ping information on consoles (improves matchmaking times somewhat).
  • [Consoles] Further matchmaking fixes that caused longer wait times and failed queues.


  • Fixed FPS drop when opening map


  • Marianne’s shroud ability now removes Tooke’s instinct tag highlight


  • Increased controller stick sensitivity
  • Controller stick sensitivity set to 4 by default, instead of 2
  • Fixed controller stick sensitivity setting numbers missing

Crashes and blocker bugs

  • Fixed game becoming unresponsive when players pressed Square/X or T on PC to open the map
  • Fixed black screen on match start

Voice chat

  • [PC] Fixed push to talk button not being possible to rebind
  • Fixed players remaining in the voice chat of previous game when entering their hideout
  • [PC] Fixed a remapped push to talk buttons not working in lobby or respawn screen
  • Fixed the push to talk button getting stuck as if pressed in during the end of match screen
  • Fixed voice chat cutting out when using push to talk when the respawn map appears
  • [PC] Fixed push to talk not working in the End of Match screen unless you used the Y key, even if remapped


  • Changed party leader’s name to “Leader” instead of “Host” because servers are dedicated
  • Corrected account name position in post-match screen so they don’t flow off-screen
  • Fixed Huntingdon appearing for both teams and player names missing when opening up the map screen
  • Fixed certain UI elements being visible through the map when it was open
  • [PC] Fixed the taskbar icon for the game not matching the Steam/Epic icon


  • [PS5] Fixed “Merry Men” trophy not unlocking
  • [PS5] Fixed “A local hero” achievement not unlocking
  • [XBSX] Fixed “National Treasure” achievement not unlocking
  • [Xbox One] Fixed “A living legend” achievement not unlocking


  • In the tutorial, fixed the map opening up automatically when switching character
  • Fixed audio cutting out/slowing down after being idle for approximately 20 minutes in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug during the tutorial that made the vault door unable to be opened if Marianne dropped the key at the vault door


  • Fixed the icon for mouse button 4 and 5 being the wrong way around when remapping keys

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed the map not appearing on the respawn screen, causing the player to be unable to open the map upon respawning
  • Fixed the Sheriff falling through map and disappearing at a certain spot
  • Fixed the Vault Door on Marshland looking like it was closed when it was open
  • [Xbox Series/One] Fixed getting stuck on “logging in…” if pressing A on the Network Unavailable prompt
  • Fixed the camera getting stuck on the extraction point when the player respawns on Citadel

Hood Outlaws and Legends Day One update patch notes

  • Various stability and bug fixes.

Download Hood Outlaws and Legends update on Sony PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

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