Hood Outlaws and Legends Update 1.12 Patch Notes (Season 2 Yule) – Dec 2, 2021

    Hood Outlaws and Legends update 1.12 (1.001.200) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, and Xbox. According to the official Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.12 patch notes, the latest Season 2 update added a new game mode, new skins, new epic heists, and more. Apart from this, Hood Outlaws & Legends version 1.12 also includes general performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update added a new free Outlaw, a cosmetics-packed Battle Pass, a major rework of the winch mechanic, and more

    Today’s Hood OL patch 1.12 will address a few remaining issues. Check out more details below.

    Hood Outlaws and Legends 1.12 Patch Notes (Season 2 Yule)- December 2, 2021

    Experience a new way to rob from the State in the new Gold Rush mode

    To win in this PvPvE game mode, your team must bring a certain amount of gold to one of your controlled spawn points before your opponents. You are able to pocket gold by collecting small stashes scattered throughout the level, assassinating guards, and killing enemy Outlaws carrying gold.

    But be careful – carrying too much gold will weigh you down, making you run slower, so make sure to secure it regularly. Pocketed gold and Treasure Chests have to be banked on capture points to progress on the overall objective. The goal is to bank 2000 gold before the enemy team.

    Three Vault Keys are carried by Sentries dispatched around the level, and each Key opens a Vault in which there is a Treasure Chest. With several treasures to steal, hidden gold stashes, and stealing from rival Outlaws, this mode blows open the doors of possibility, viable strategies, and surprise epic moments.

    Steal both the gold and the stage with a cosmetics-packed Battle Pass!

    Complete heists to progress through the Battle Pass and collect over 100 new outfits, weapon skins, and banner packs to steal in style.

    New cosmetics for all characters, with a total of 31 Outfits and 51 Weapons (82 cosmetics)

    • Robin: 7 Outfits, 11 Weapons
    • Marianne: 6 Outfits, 10 Weapons
    • John: 6 Outfits, 10 Weapons
    • Tooke: 6 Outfits, 10 Weapons
    • Eidaa: 6 Outfits, 10 Weapons

    New banners for the Hideout, with a total of 21 banner packs (63 banners)

    Happy heisting, Outlaws!

    Patch Notes

    • Fixed several collisions issues on all levels
    • Fixed a specific behavior on the Melee Helper that caused melee attacks to target incorrect enemies
    • Fixed an issue that caused Robin and Marianne’s reticle to improperly reset
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Squad Leader to be unable to invite more than a single client
    • Fixed a potential issue where the Sheriff may not spawn on Classic Heist in Marshland
    • A new game mode: Gold Rush
    • Added tons of new skins for your Outlaws and weapons
    • Lots of epic heists!
    • Added various bug fixes.

    Full changelog will be available soon.

    Download free Hood Outlaws and Legends update 1.10 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

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