Hood Outlaws and Legends Patch Version 1.03 Notes (1.000.003)


A new Hood Outlaws and Legends patch 1.03 is now available to download onHood Outlaws and Legends PS4, PS5, and Xbox. According to the official Hood Outlaws and Legends update 1.03 patch notes, the latest update added fixes for matchmaking, controllers and balancing. Apart from this, Hood Outlaws and Legends version 1.000.003 also includes general stability fixes and improvements.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews. Unfortunately, since the release, players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game online.

Today’s Hood Outlaws and Legends patch 1.000.003 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


What is new in Hood Outlaws and Legends patch 1.03?


  • Addressed matchmaking issues linked to ping information on consoles (improves matchmaking times somewhat).
  • [Consoles] Further matchmaking fixes that caused longer wait times and failed queues.


  • Addressed FPS drop when opening map


  • Marianne’s shroud ability now removes Tooke’s instinct tag highlight


  • Increased controller stick sensitivity
  • Controller stick sensitivity set to 4 by default, instead of 2
  • Addressed controller stick sensitivity setting numbers missing

Crashes and blocker bugs

  • Addressed game becoming unresponsive when players pressed Square/X or T on PC to open the map
  • Addressed black screen on match start

Voice chat

  • [PC] Addressed push to talk button not being possible to rebind
  • Addressed players remaining in the voice chat of previous game when entering their hideout
  • [PC] Addressed a remapped push to talk buttons not working in lobby or respawn screen
  • Addressed the push to talk button getting stuck as if pressed in during the end of match screen
  • Addressed voice chat cutting out when using push to talk when the respawn map appears
  • [PC] Addressed push to talk not working in the End of Match screen unless you used the Y key, even if remapped


  • Changed party leader’s name to “Leader” instead of “Host” because servers are dedicated
  • Corrected account name position in post-match screen so they don’t flow off-screen
  • Addressed Huntingdon appearing for both teams and player names missing when opening up the map screen
  • Addressed certain UI elements being visible through the map when it was open
  • [PC] Addressed the taskbar icon for the game not matching the Steam/Epic icon


  • [PS5] Addressed “Merry Men” trophy not unlocking
  • [PS5] Addressed “A local hero” achievement not unlocking
  • [XBSX] Addressed “National Treasure” achievement not unlocking
  • [Xbox One] Addressed “A living legend” achievement not unlocking


  • In the tutorial, Addressed the map opening up automatically when switching character
  • Addressed audio cutting out/slowing down after being idle for approximately 20 minutes in the tutorial
  • Addressed a bug during the tutorial that made the vault door unable to be opened if Marianne dropped the key at the vault door


  • Addressed the icon for mouse button 4 and 5 being the wrong way around when remapping keys

Other bug fixes

  • Addressed the map not appearing on the respawn screen, causing the player to be unable to open the map upon respawning
  • Addressed the Sheriff falling through map and disappearing at a certain spot
  • Addressed the Vault Door on Marshland looking like it was closed when it was open
  • [Xbox Series/One] Addressed getting stuck on “logging in…” if pressing A on the Network Unavailable prompt
  • Addressed the camera getting stuck on the extraction point when the player respawns on Citadel

Download free Hood Outlaws and Legends update 1.000.003 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.