Honkai Star Rail HDR Brightness Issue: How to Fix

Players of “Honkai Star Rail” have encountered a brightness issue following the 1.5 update, where the title screen appears excessively bright, resembling a surface covered in ice. This article provides a simple workaround to fix the Honkai Star Rail issue until a permanent solution is released by the developers.

How to Fix the Honkai Star Rail HDR Brightness Issue

The problem seems to be related to the game’s handling of High Dynamic Range (HDR) settings. Here is a step-by-step guide to resolve it:

1. Exit the Game Completely

First, ensure that “Honkai Star Rail” is completely shut down and not just minimized.

2. Turn Off HDR

Next, disable HDR in your system’s settings. This is a crucial step as the issue persists if HDR is disabled while the game is running.

3. Restart the Game

Launch “Honkai Star Rail” again. Wait for it to load fully to the title screen.

4. Re-enable HDR

Once the game has loaded, use Alt+Tab to switch back to your system settings and turn HDR back on.

Following these steps should fix the brightness issue. The game should retain normal visual quality without the washed-out effect.

Conclusion – November 15, 2023

While the exact cause of this visual glitch is unclear, it appears to be related to HDR settings. This workaround is effective until the developers address the issue in a future update. Players experiencing this problem are encouraged to report it to support, aiding the developers in identifying and resolving such issues more quickly.

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
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