Home Behind 2 Update 1.0 Patch Notes – February 16, 2022

Home Behind 2 update 1.0 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Home Behind 2 patch notes, the latest update added a hidden story, boss-related side quests, and more.


Previously, a hotfix was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues. Today’s Home Behind 2 patch 1.0 will address a few of these errors.

Home Behind 2 Patch Notes – February 16, 2022

Hidden Story

Added a hidden story after finishing the game under Hard difficulty. The story is related to Home Behind and makes the story of Home Behind more complete.


Added a new Boss “Vulture” and related side tasks and stories. During the exploration process, players will randomly encounter the revolutionary army that was attacked by the Vulture and will finally face this formidable enemy.



Deals damage to one enemy unit (fitness gap increases skill effectiveness), reduces enemy’s fitness and accuracy and applies a jam effect


Deals damage to one enemy unit, reduces their fitness, applies a seize effect


Increases own fitness, speed, and dodge

New job and skill mechanics

Added 3 new common jobs:

Machine Gunner:

Machine Gunners seek nothing more than the perfect gun. Seeing their enemies fall to their firepower is their greatest source of joy.


Overheated Shot

Reduces own defense, greatly increases damage and crit damage

Rapid Shot

Increases own accuracy and crit rate

Water Cooling

Increases own speed and comes with a jam effect


Most of their knowledge is rooted in ancestral recipes and explosive outcomes from random experiments. Their products can often be… unpredictable.


Chemical Spray

Deals continuous damage to all enemies and adds a random effect: jam/silence/stun/immunity

Rapid Healing

Continuously heals one allied unit and adds a random effect: immunity/invincible/mark/stun

Rage Injection

Heals and increases the morale of one allied unit with a random effect: invincible/undying/jam/silence


Instead of fighting their enemies head on, Engineers install a large number of hovering turrets and liquid nitrogen turrets to exhaust their targets.


Superior Enhancement

Sacrifice own speed in exchange for Enhance Summon

Hover Turret

Sacrifice your own speed to summon a hover turret, which is mainly used for damage dealing

Nitrogen Turret

Sacrifice your own speed to summon a nitrogen turret, which can slow down the enemies and reduce their dodge

Added 3 skill mechanics. These mechanics have been added to the old and new jobs. The balance of some jobs has been adjusted.

Jam: Unable to use basic attacks

Random effect: The final effect of the skill is random

Enhance Summon: Enhance all the stats of what you summoned

Random tactics

Added 5 new random tactics:

Witch’s Brew

An occult potion derived from ancient Scarian legends said to have wonderful – but unpredictable – effects.

Thermal Imager

This high-tech device exposes the heat signatures of enemies behind or within a fortification.

Nitrogen Tank

High-pressured liquid nitrogen makes it difficult for enemies to move for a short time.

Rapid Preparation

Teammates bow their heads and begin preparing to force an advantage in the coming battle.

Disabling Smoke

Produces hot and humid smoke which renders enemy weapons unusable for a short time.

Optimizations and adjustments

Adjusted the equipment drop rate. It is now easier to obtain high-quality weapons when playing the game on a higher difficulty.

Added a popup prompt when unlocking a job.

Fixed some text.

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