Hitman 3 Update 1.13 Patch Notes – Oct. 6, 2022

Hitman 3 patch 1.13 (3.120) September Update is now rolling out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One players. According to the official Hitman 3 patch notes, the latest update added more than 100 improvements, additions and fixes that will improve many different areas of the game. In addition, Hitman 3 update 1.13 (1.013) also includes a long of changes and bug fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Hitman 3 patch 1.13 will fix a few of these issues.

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Hitman 3 Patch 1.13 Notes (1.013.000) – October 6, 2022


Super Sampling

The HITMAN 3 October Patch adds support for super sampling technology from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

Intel Xe Super Sampling
Intel® Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology uses machine learning to deliver more performance with exceptional image quality. Hardware accelerated XeSS is optimized for Xe-HPG microarchitecture-based GPUs.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)
NVIDIA DLSS uses AI Super Resolution to provide the highest possible frame rates at maximum graphic settings. DLSS requires an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2)
AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 is a cutting-edge temporal upscaling algorithm that produces high resolution frames from lower resolution inputs.

HITMAN 3 supports AMD FSR 2.1, although the game menu and launcher will only refer to “FSR 2”.


We’ve resolved various issues that could cause the game to crash or be unstable in various ways.
Amongst others, we’ve resolved crashes that could occur when;
– using certain fuseboxes whilst in cover
– using items that require you to hold a button to activate (sinks, radios etc) and then moving
– restarting, loading, replanning or exiting to menu after pausing the game with the camera item active

Accessibility Options

We’ve added four additional options to our gameplay settings, allowing additional gameplay elements to be set to hold or toggle. For all four new options, the default is set to hold, as that’s the current setting in the game. We’ve noted a few additional things below for each setting.

Walk and Run

Currently, you hold a button to run/jog and this new setting allows that to be a single toggle.
On PC, the ‘slow walk’ button can now be set to toggle via this setting.

Instinct Activation
Currently, on a controller, the Instinct (hold) and Reload (press) buttons share the same button; this option inverts which action requires a hold and press.

On a keyboard, this setting only affects the Instinct action (as reload has its own individual binding)

In Contracts Mode, the default Instinct button is used to show Target Info and this new setting does affect that functionality, even if the player has chosen to disable Instinct entirely.

Precision Aim
Currently, on a controller, the ‘precision aim’ function can be activated in two ways; either by half-pressing the right trigger or by holding the left bumper / shoulder button, whilst aiming. This setting only affects the left bumper, allowing it to be pressed rather than held.
Note: It is also possible to set your aiming mode to ‘toggle’.

Item Placement
Currently, on a controller, the ‘item placement’ action shares buttons with run, instinct and reload. Both bumpers / shoulder buttons must be pressed to enter item placement mode, but you may press either to cancel the placement. Now, you can choose to press the shoulder buttons just once to enter placement mode.

Trespassing Alert 
We’ve resolved an issue on consoles where the trespassing/hostile area UI notification (yellow bar) could get stuck on the screen after a save/load cycle. Note: This issue was fixed for PC in a previous patch.

Ruby’s Rude Rain Rave 
We’ve resolved two issues where the Rave On Suit and Ruby Rude Tracksuit don’t get noticeably wet when worn in the Chongqing rain. In some cases internally, we even saw that the Rave On suit would refuse to load and the default suit for the location was active instead. We’ve fixed that too to make sure it didn’t make it into the live game.

The Suitcase Summoner
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could perform some briefcase magic and make it appear in his hand at a chosen time, if he performed certain actions at the start of a mission. We’ve ironed that out – and “this is a bug and not a feature”, so we don’t have any plans to release a teleporting briefcase (at this time).

Falcon and the Polar Hitman 
We’ve resolved an issue where the disguise bag for the Polar Survival Suit was incorrectly displayed as ‘Hitman Falcon’. “Falcon” is the development codename for the Siberia location where the suit was originally worn, which is how it came to have that name by mistake.

Kanon Cannons 
We’ve made some changes to cannons, to make sure that they can always be triggered by explosions, even after performing a save/load cycle. We saw a few reports from players were cannons appeared to not work at all, but it was the save/load cycle that caused it.

ET Naming Inconsistencies 
We’ve tweaked some inconsistencies with how the names of some Elusive Targets (Surgeons and Pharmacist) are shown in the menus and through the game’s intel/bio pages.

Arcade HUD 
We’ve updated four Arcade complications to ensure that they always display in the HUD. If you’ve noticed that Lethal Melee Only, Lethal Poison Only, No Poison Kill or Explosion Kill Only complications were not showing in the HUD, they will now.

Decimal Numbers
We’ve changed the decimal number displays throughout the menus. Currently, all languages use a decimal points (shown as 0.75), where this change will now mean that certain languages will show as 0,75 based on their localised usage.

Tricky Bric-key 
We’ve resolved an issue where keys that were hidden underneath bricks would be destroyed if players destroyed the brick (with bullets, explosions etc.) instead of picking up the brick. Now, destroying bricks will also reveal the hidden keys underneath.

Save Date 
We’ve tweaked the date format shown on save games to properly display according to localised usage. Previously, all languages were defaulting to the US date format, or had incorrect capitalisation or punctuation.



Camera Catch 
We’ve resolved an issue on Ambrose Island where being recorded by a specific security camera would not affect the Silent Assassin rating. This was a simple error caused by the camera not being ‘connected’ to a security recorder in the development setup.

Ambrose Classics 
We (have already) resolved an issue where the Classics Challenges were not available on Ambrose Island at launch. They were all set up correctly but a minor oversight when moving from the stage server to live server meant that they were missed out of QA checks. They were added in within 48 hours of launch. We’re noting this all here for posterity.

DOA (Dead on Ambrose) 
We’ve resolved an issue where a metal worker would instantly die after a few seconds of launching Ambrose Island, despite no player interaction. Not even Agent 47 is that good.
This was a player-reported issue that had a low reproduction rate, meaning we only saw it 1/20 times. Ultimately, we slightly moved and delayed the spawn timing (by a fraction of a second) of both a Molotov cocktail and a bag of gunpowder that were near each other. We’ve not been able to replicate it since.

Pirate Sanctum 
We’ve resolved an issue where NPCs could see through a wall near the Pirate Sanctum in Ambrose Island.

Molotov Accidents
Their time is up. We’ve changed how kills with the Molotov cocktail from Ambrose Island are classified and they’re no longer considered an Accident Kill. Whilst other fire kills in the game are classified as accidents, it was considered to be a little far-fetched that a molotov would be the same.

Drinkable Molotov 
We’ve resolved an issue where NPCs would be willing to drink Molotov cocktails, after the player swapped them with other items. Now, NPCs will be more thorough in their attempts to quench their thirst.

Dart Gun Molotov 
Yes, this one’s been fixed too. It’s no longer possible to shoot a placed Molotov with a dart gun to trigger the explosion/fire AND THEN pick it up and throw it for a second round of fiery goodness.

The Boat Man 
We’ve resolved an issue where some NPCs were able to walk through a boat on Ambrose Island.

The Magnus Opus 
We’ve resolved an issue where a chess player on Ambrose Island could spot 47 taking a disguise from the freezer behind Farah’s Bar.

Bright Lights 
We’ve calibrated a TV in Ambrose to reduce the brightness when 47 is nearby. The NPCs will have to deal with the intense light by themselves.

Long Distance Radio 
We’ve tweaked the properties of two radios in Ambrose Island to prevent them from attracting the attention of the entire map. This was caused by the radios missing a setup that would define how far their distraction status would go.

<Making changes/tweaks to a suspicious lamp/light>  
We’ve contained a suspected Altered Item in Ambrose Island that was displaying unusual behaviour, described by [REDACTED] as “dancing or shaking”. The FBC has been notified.

Made To Order 
We’ve tweaked the setup of the Made To Order challenge on Ambrose Island to make it unlock more consistently.

Rooftop Trip 
We’ve replaced the chair and changed the AI properties for a specific NPC in Ambrose Island to prevent them from teleporting to a nearby roof when distracted from behind. They might still walk over the new chair to collect the coin they heard, but this is better than jumping to the roof.

Ambrose Destination 
We’ve tweaked the menu setup so that Ambrose Island is displayed under the Destinations tab at all times.



Maintenance Staff 
We’ve tweaked the trespassing properties of the Maintenance Staff disguise in Dubai to make it more consistent with expected behaviour. Specifically, it is now considered legal on the staircase leading to the Penthouse Reception and legal in the penthouse back-corridor – but only until the actual penthouse.

SMG Skip 
We’ve resolved an issue where it could be impossible to pick up the Golden SMG in level 3 of the Asmodeus Waltz (Dubai Deluxe Escalation), if the entry cinematic was skipped at a particular time.

Behind The Camera 
We’ve resolved an issue in Dubai where 47 could get spotted by a camera, despite standing behind curtains where he should not be visible.

Security Wall 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could be spotted through a wall near the Black Gold Bar in Dubai.

Helicopter Hazard 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could get stuck in a wall near the helipad in Dubai, after dumping a body.

Challenging Photography 
We’ve resolved issues on Dubai and Mendoza where certain photography challenges didn’t unlock if the player took a photo of the intended subject before capturing the exact requirement of the challenge. Essentially, the challenges would only unlock if the very first photo taken of any NPC was the required one. Now, there should be a ‘reset’ that will allow multiple challenges to be unlocked in a single playthrough.

Long Exposure 
We’ve resolved an issue in Dubai where it wasn’t possible for Agent 47 to give an item to another NPC during ‘The Assassin’ Mission Story, if he initiated the conversation in a specific place. Now, the NPC will move a little bit closer to him to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Alexa Burnwood 
We’ve resolved an issue where certain dialogue from the target in Dartmoor, at the end of a specific mission story, could be heard regardless of where Agent 47 was located in the level. This was caused by that particular dialogue line mistakenly having the ‘handler’ tag, which is typically reserved for Ms Burnwood.

Dartmoor Security 
We’ve resolved an issue where guards at the front gate would attempt to frisk Agent 47, even when he was wearing a security guard disguise himself. Best of all, he could just skip the frisk without consequence. Now, the guards won’t bother asking any security guards to get frisked.

Dartmoor Drop 
We’ve resolved an issue in Dartmoor where it was possible for 47 to drop from specific places on the outer upper floors to the ground floor.

DGS: Stashes 
We’ve resolved an issue where unusable Agency Pickups were listed during the planning phase in the Dartmoor Garden Show. This was causing players to stash items in locations that they couldn’t reach during gameplay.

Under The Bridge 
We’ve resolved an issue where it was possible for NPCs to walk into an area that 47 himself couldn’t reach near the bridge in Dartmoor.

Hold Our Stand
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 and a bodyguard in Dartmoor could both ‘lean’ on the balcony at the same time, in the same place. Now, they’ll need to respect personal space and lean a few metres apart.

Generating Trouble 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could get stuck near a generator during the Wrath Termination Escalation, meaning that it would be impossible to complete the mission.

Hide In Bush.gif 
We’ve resolved an issue where a guard in Dartmoor would try and do his best Homer impression and blend into the wall behind him.


Rule of Threes 
We’ve tweaked the conditions of the Rules of Threes challenge in Berlin, which required players to “eliminate three agents from the radio tower with a Sniper Rifle”. Previously, only kills from the top floor would count but that has now been extended to include the floors below too.

Laser Alarm  
We’ve resolved an issue where guards could still be alerted by a laser tripwire in Berlin even if it was destroyed by Agent 47. We’ve also resolved a related issue where indestructible laser wires would appear if they were destroyed and then a save/load cycle was performed.

Extra Targets 
We’ve made a change to Agents Price and Montgomery in Berlin, so that they continue to be counted as targets (and therefore do not trigger a non-target kill) once the main objective for the campaign mission in Berlin has been completed.

Stuck in the Club 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could get stuck in a wall near the DJ booth area in Berlin.

Challenged Sniper 
We’ve resolved an issue in Berlin where it was possible for Agent 47 to kill himself when using a very specific sniper rifle. We’ve now reworked the situation so that this won’t happen.


Water Gate 
We’ve resolved an issue in Chongqing where some sinks could be a cause of distraction for NPCs a long way away. We’ve added a limit to these distractions to go no further than neighbouring rooms.

Wall H4ckz 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could be spotted when hiding behind a wall in the Chongqing facility. This was caused by an incorrect setup of how the NPCs can see 47 in the mirror in this room, essentially allowing them to see him in spite of the wall.

Chongqing Crush 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 was able to float in mid-air after opening a manhole in Chongqing. We’ve moved some of the nearby trolley carts to give him more space for his manhole-opening manoeuvres.

Ceiling Falling 
We’ve resolved an issue where part of the ceiling was missing inside the restaurant during the Gluttony Gobble (Deluxe Escalation).


New Mendoza Exit
We’ve added a new exit to Mendoza to accommodate the new Guerrilla Wetsuit that was added in Ambrose Island. The existing ‘wetsuit exit’ and new ‘Guerrilla wetsuit exit’ are both located in the same place, but only one will be visible at any given time, depending on the suit that is worn.

Mendoza Audio Distractions 
We’ve overhauled how audio distractions work on Mendoza, essentially bringing the location in line with all others. This was triggered by several reports from players that NPCs in various areas of the level react in unusual ways to audio distractions. It turns out that a specific part of the AI audio setup needed to be updated, which we’ve now done alongside additional setups to windows, balconies and doors etc to make sure everything is as it should be. We expect that the NPC behaviour in Mendoza should now be vastly improved in relation to sound propagation.

New Mendoza Exit (For Real This Time) 
We’ve added a (proper) new exit to the Mendoza location, both for the campaign mission and Contracts Mode. The new exit is located near the default starting location and utilises the car Agent 47 arrives in. All disguises can be used and no keys are required to use the exit. However, the car must still be intact (obviously) and this exit cannot be used the very first playthrough of the main mission.

Mendoza Mount 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could walk on the stair railings between the reception and cinema.

Mendoza Windows 
We’ve tweaked the setup of the skylight windows in Mendoza to make them more consistent with expected behaviour.

Hidden Vault 
We’ve resolved an issue where it was possible for Agent 47 to vault through(!) a mercenary guard in Mendoza without raising suspicion. Yes, through.

Grape Drown 
We’ve resolved an issue where dumping a pacified body into the grape crusher would count as a drowning kill and incorrectly unlock related challenges.

Last Dance 
We’ve resolved an issue in Mendoza where using a campaign-specific mission exit in Contracts Mode could cause the game to crash, depending on players actions.

Gilmore Girls 
We’ve resolved an issue in Mendoza (Contracts Mode) where two NPCs were both called “Kate Gilmore”. Apologies to the creator of the “Stars Hollow Reunion” contract, because it doesn’t make sense now.

Crushing Blow 
We’ve resolved an issue where NPCs could eliminate themselves near the grape crusher, due to a lack of space around them during a certain part of a Mission Story in Mendoza. We’ve removed a nearby table to make this much less likely to occur.

Closed Statement 
We’ve resolved an issue where the Closing Statement mission story in Mendoza might offer guidance steps that cannot be completed, depending on the players actions.

Unreachable Prompt 
We’ve removed a prompt in Mendoza that was placed outside of the playable space, and looked like an item may have been buried. It wasn’t.

Lost His Head 
We’ve resolved an issue where the Head of Security in Mendoza would repeatedly trigger an animation during a very specific, spoiler-filled scenario if Agent 47 ‘bumped’ into him.

Dance Without The Devil 
We’ve resolved an issue where 47 would insist on holding his briefcase during an exit cinematic in Mendoza.

Dead Man Talking 
We’ve resolved an issue on Mendoza where a Mission Story could be revealed by the Chief Winemaker during a phone conversation with a target, even if that target had already been eliminated. Now, that phone conversation won’t happen if that target is dead, which makes sense.

Low Visibility 
We’ve resolved an issue where some crowds and tall foliage in Mendoza were not considered LVAs (limited vision areas), i.e where 47 can hide or blend in.


Cabin Fever 
We’ve resolved an issue that could cause NPCs to trigger a cinematic, which could prevent Agent 47 from progressing near the start of the campaign mission on the Carpathian Mountains.

Cargo Overflow 
We’ve resolved an issue on Carpathian Mountains where an NPC from a long way away would react to Agent 47 overflowing a sink.



Twice as Wet 
We’ve resolved an issue where the Tactical Wetsuit would appear twice in the Hawke’s Bay planning menu, if the player has already unlocked it through a challenge in the ‘Mills Reverie’ Halloween Seasonal mission.


Foot Loose 
We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 would appear to stand on his tiptoes when looking out at the view in Miami near the dolphin statue. In reality, some sneaky (and invisible) elements that are in place to ensure that NPCs properly go down into the water – and not just get stuck (and therefore potentially visible) on the rocks – were in fact poking up through the floor. These invisible elements essentially acted as a ramp for 47 to train his calves, or and look a little bit peculiar.

The Briefcase Challenge 
We’ve removed ‘The Briefcase’ challenge from Miami, as it no longer serves a purpose. At the launch of HITMAN 2, this challenge was used to reward players with the briefcase. When HITMAN 3 launched, we moved the briefcase unlock to Miami Mastery level 10, so it’s no longer needed.


The Maid With a New Name 
We’ve resolved an issue where one of the maids in Santa Fortuna had a name in Contracts Mode that included two questions marks (Carlomagno Y??ez Pacheco). Now, one of our level designers has given her a new name: Maria Luisa Zamorano

RFID Reduction 
We’ve removed an unintended property of the RFID coin (Santa Fortuna unlock), where it could be used to trigger actions only usually reserved for Agent 47.


Crow’s Hideout
We’ve resolved an issue where NPC’s in the Crow’s Hideout could spot 47 through walls and the ceiling, when 47 was on the surface level near the slums apartment.

Train Hop 
We’ve resolved an issue where it was possible for 47 to vault from the inside of a train carriage to the roof.


We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 could be seen/spotted through the staircases by NPCs below in several places.


We’ve resolved an issue where Athena Savalas would drink her vodka drink from the vodka bottle, if the glass was destroyed. Now, she’ll react accordingly to the glass being destroyed.

Master Deposit 
We’ve made a change to the Master Deposit Key, so that it no longer opens the CEO Room. That right is now exclusively reserved for the CEO Key.

Meeting Trespass 
We’ve resolved an issue in New York where the conference room would remain a trespassing zone for all disguises, even after the meeting between the mission’s three core characters has concluded. This was caused by a logic state of one character changing when they left the room, which in turn caused the meeting to ‘stop’, rather than ‘end’. As the meeting hadn’t actually ended, the trespass zone didn’t reset.

Now, the logic state change of the character who leaves the room won’t affect the meeting and the remaining dialogue between the characters still in the room can continue to play out. This in turn will allow for the meeting to be considered ‘ended’ and for the trespass status to reset as normal. Phew!

Mezzanine Map 
We’ve tweaked the minimap in New York to properly display which floor 47 is located on when he’s on stairs or on a mezzanine.

Bank Security 
We’ve resolved an issue in New York where the friendly neighbourhood security guard wasn’t performing his one job: frisk assassins. Now, he’ll properly check everyone who approaches.

Poisoned Pint
We’ve resolved an issue where Perez was not affected by drinking a poisoned drink in the security room on the second floor. We’ve extended his drinking by a few seconds to make sure he has long enough to consume the poison.


Villa Vision (Consoles) 
We’ve resolved several issues that could cause NPCs and (especially!) targets in Haven Island to see through several walls and floors. This was a complicated and tricky issue to address but it seems to have been caused by an AI vision blocker in the door template for this level.

Kitchen Starter
We’ve resolved an issue where the starting location picture for the Restaurant Kitchen shown in the planning phase, incorrectly shows the starting disguise as Villa Staff, where in fact you start as a Waiter. This was just a visual issue, not affecting gameplay.


New Puddle
We’ve tweaked the properties of some water in the corner of the church in Sapienza to turn it into a puddle.

Chatty Abiatti
We’ve resolved an issue where the target in Landslide would stop moving in the Town Hall, based on player actions. Now, he’ll continue as expected.


The Bodyguard’s Teleporter
We’ve resolved an issue in the Gunrunner Elusive Target where a specific guard would teleport to the underground parking lot as soon as the ‘Target Lockdown’ event ends.

Map Schooling
We believe that a community-reported issue where the Marrakesh map does not properly display the second floor of the school been fixed.

The Entertainer 720
We’ve resolved an issue where some NPCs in The Entertainer Elusive Target would appear to ‘float’ in the air or walk on tables.


Bangkok Bottles
We’ve resolved an issue where certain ‘poisonable’ bottles in Bangkok are duplicated and standing right next to each other.

Bread Basket
We’ve disabled the bread basket in the Bangkok kitchen as a possible ‘sick-spot’ for NPCs that have been poisoned. To sure up some of the other ‘sick-spots’ in the location, we’ve also disabled the trash can in the atrium and the one in the nearby toilet.


Missing Wrench
We’ve resolved an issue where it was sometimes impossible for 47 to perform actions that required a wrench in Colorado, despite having one in his inventory.

We’ve removed a floating and unusable nitro-glycerine bottle that was present near a small shed by the mansion in Colorado.

Firing Range
We’ve tweaked a few things to make it less likely for Agent 47 to trigger combat when using the firing range, including if players miss the targets and hit the fences behind it.

We’ve resolved an issue where a forklift truck could be used to alert all of the guards in the location one by one.


Dead Rising
We’ve resolved an issue where 47 would start in a standing position when choosing the Morgue starting location in Hokkaido.

Hakuna Katana
We’ve resolved an issue where the Neon Katana could not be used to unlock the Groom challenge in Hokkaido (which requires you to “use the katana” and do a bunch of things).

Yuki Poison
In a similar vein to the issues with Bangkok’s sick-spots, we’ve resolved an issue on Hokkaido where it could be difficult to reliably get Yuki to use a toilet after being poisoned.

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