Hitman 3 Patch 1.07 Notes (3.50) & Download Size – July 27, 2021


Hitman 3 patch 1.07 (3.50) is now rolling out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One players. According to the official Hitman 3 patch notes, the latest update added the fourth act of the Seven Deadly Sins. In addition, Hitman 3 update 1.07 (1.007.000) also includes stability improvements.

The Season of Lust brings new premium content and a new permanent event for all HITMAN 3 owners. Plus, there are new and returning Elusive Targets, new unlocks to earn through Featured Contracts and the ‘Goldballer’ makes its long-awaited debut as an unlockable item!

Previously, a big update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues when trying to play the game.


Today’s Hitman 3 patch 1.07 will fix a few of these issues.

Hitman 3 Update 1.07 Notes (1.007.000)

Seven Deadly Sins Act 4: Lust (Premium Content)

Your journey through HITMAN 3’s Seven Deadly Sins continues with Act 4: Lust. This time, you’re in Berlin…

This new content includes the Lust Assignation Escalation, a unique one-stage contract that tasks you with hunting down safes and blowing them open (alternatively, keys are available) to collect intel on a secret admirer. Collect the clues and observe everyone on the dancefloor to identify the secret admirer and the Pretenders. Each time you start the contract, the admirer will be randomly selected to make each playthrough different and put all of your sleuthing skills to the test.

Completing the Lust Assignation brings three unique rewards. First, the Scarlet Suit, a red snakeskin suit complemented by matching driving gloves and sunglasses. The perfect outfit to wear when winning hearts (or breaking them).

Next, The Serpent’s Bite, a remotely detonated explosive that is crafted to look like a loosley coiled snake. It’s made with only the most descriminating and aesthetic assassins in mind, if not the most discreet. Finally, The Serpent’s Tongue is a unique crossbow loaded with blinding darts. The red and black snake motif is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Dartmoor Garden Show

Welcome to the Dartmoor Garden Show, a brand-new, free and permanent event for all HITMAN 3 owners that arrives on August 5th.

This unique event is Dartmoor like you’ve never seen it before. With bright skies above, four distinct gardens have been installed in the mansion grounds to showcase the pinnacle of horicultural excellence from around the world. Each garden has been curated by a world-class gardner that will present their best blooms to three judges – who you might recognise as familiar characters from the opening of the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai. With unique installations, new gardeners and returning characters as the judges, there’s a lot going on – but we’re just getting started.

The Dartmoor Garden Show will play out as a three stage Escalation on your first playthrough, where a client and accomplice are randomly assigned, meaning that the winner of the Garden Show (which is based just as much on who is alive to claim the prize, as it is based on the quality of the gardens) will be different each time. Once you’ve completed all three stages once, you’ll unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit, the perfect companion for your future playthroughs.

You’ll also unlock Deterministic Mode, which can be activated by resetting the Escalation back to Stage 1 and choosing a newly-unlocked Starting Location. In this new mode for the Dartmoor Garden Show, we remove the randomised element and give you full control of who should be left alive to claim the prize of Dartmoor’s Greatest Gardner.

Finally, Contracts Mode is fully enabled for the Dartmoor Garden Show, giving you that chance to create your own contracts on any of the NPCs at the event. Craft your own narratives, setup your own challenges and compete for bragging rights with your friends.

Featured Contract Rewards

The Season of Lust brings another milestone reward for completing Featured Contracts. Rack up 50 completions across HITMAN 3 locations and the SMG Raptor by RubyRude is yours to keep.

New Unlockables

It’s finally here. The ICA 19 Goldballer will be added to HITMAN 3 with the July Patch and can be unlocked by completing the newly added “Untouchable” challenge. Head to the Carpathian Mountains and complete the “Untouchable” campaign mission to add this highly-requested weapon to your inventory. If you’ve already completed the campaign, you’ll need to complete the mission again to trigger the unlock.


Language Support
Added full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles for the following languages on all platforms: Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. All players will be able to access these languages after downloading the 3.50 patch.

Japanese Support
With the 3.50 patch, we’ve prepared the game for the release of the game on PlayStation Store in Japan on August 26th, including full text localisation of all in-game menus and subtitles into Japanese.

General Stability
We’ve resolved several issues and rolled out improvements to our online connectivity as well as fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash or be unstable.

Xbox Access Pass
Made a back-end change to address an issue that could prevent some Xbox users from accessing their HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2. Affected players should be able to access all of their own content within HITMAN 3 with no further issues.

Gamma Series X
Fixed a bug for Xbox players that could cause some tiles in the menus to flicker if the Gamma Correction was set to any value other than 1.00.

Statistically Speaking
Addressed several issues with the Statistics page, including incorrect mastery levels being displayed, several visual elements not displaying correctly and certain progress bars that didn’t ‘fill up as expected.

The Face of Agent 47
Fixed a bug where Agent 47 would wear a previous version of his face when wearing a suit from a previous game in the trilogy. Now, he’ll always wear the HITMAN 3 version of his face, regardless of the suit he’s wearing.

Featured Contracts Unlocks
Addressed a few issues with players being unable to earn the items attached to the Featured Contracts Milestone challenges, despite fulfilling the requirements. There’s several causes for this, but we’ve worked through the various constellations and made adjustments for the known causes. Players who have completed the aforementioned challenges should see all relevant rewards unlocked and in their inventory after the 3.50 update.

We’ve listed all the trophies/achievements and challenges that have had their unlock conditions tweaked in this patch below.

Fly Tipping (challenge) – Santa Fortuna
The Gig is Up (challenge) – Landslide: Sapienza
Shortcut Killer (trophy/achievement)
Master the Terroir (trophy/achievement) – Mendoza
Train Surfing – Carpathian Mountains

Concept Audio

Fixed a bug where the audio fire rate of the Concept 5 firearms doesn’t match the visual fire rate.

Credit Where It’s Due, 3.50

Updated the in-game credits to reflect work done since the last patch, including new members of the team that have joined.

Location Changes: Dubai, UAE

[There are no Dubai-specific patch notes included in the 3.50 update]

Location Changes: Dartmoor, England

Garden Show

Added the Dartmoor Garden Show to the Dartmoor Destination. Read more about it above.

Sloth Subs

Fixed a bug where some subtitles would appear twice during the ‘Sloth Depletion’ Escalation.

Plants vs Assassins

Fixed a bug that could cause Agent 47 to vault onto a plant pot in Dartmoor.

Investigation Over

Fixed a bug that could cause guards to engage in combat with 47 when he is disguised as the investigator, even though he is following Alexa at her request.

Location Changes: Berlin, Germany

Satu Situation

Fixed a bug that could cause a target to enter an idle state during the Satu Mare Delirium Escalation.

Location Changes: Chongqing, China

Turn Off

Fixed a bug where certain prompts in Chongqing would display placeholder text in several languages.


Fixed a bug where some dialogue and subtitles were not triggered in Chongqing when interacting with a terminal in the facility.

Combat Loop

Fixed a bug that could cause guards in combat to continuously fire at Agent 47 even when he is out of sight. Guards will now disengage from combat and attempt to search for 47 as expected.

Location Changes: Mendoza, Argentina

Sniper Assassin?

Hitman 3 update 1.07 fixed a bug where the Sniper Assassin challenge in Mendoza didn’t mention that a Sniper Rifle was required, in certain languages.

Tomato, Timara

Fixed a bug where Diana’s dialogue would refer to Tamara as ‘Timara’ in some subtitled dialogue in Mendoza.

Check Mate

Fixed a bug where the Gaucho guard in the Tech Room drinks his mate incorrectly. He was drinking straight from the glass and the straw was going through his face. Now, he’ll use the metal straw.

No Time To Trespass

Fixed a bug where a small area near the cinema screen in Mendoza was flagged as a trespass zone.

Villa Lights

Fixed a bug that would cause lighting effects to flicker when moving between the Front Balcony and Bedroom of the Villa.

A Place For Eeverything…

Fixed a bug where not everything was in it’s place…

Location Changes: Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Silent Weapons

Fixed a bug that could prevent the weapon sounds for the HWK 21 Pale and ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert from playing when used by NPCs.


Hitman 3 patch 1.07 fixed a bug that could cause inconsistencies during the end cinematic of the Untouchable mission.

Legacy Location Changes: HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2

Lighting Issues

Resolved further lighting issues on Legacy locations that were caused after new tweaks to HITMAN 3 lighting. Vignettes, bloom and textures in dark areas have been improved with these changes.

Santa Fortuna: Fly Tipping

Fixed a bug that prevented players from unlocking the ‘Fly Tipping’ challenge in Santa Fortuna.

Mumbai: Train Hider

Fixed a bug where the ‘concealed’ indicator was missing from certain foliage inside the Mumbai trainyard.

Haven Island: Carpet Light

Hitman 3 version 1.07 fixed a bug where the carpet in the Doctor’s Hut could trigger a significant lens flare when viewed from specific angles.

Haven Island: Water Horse

Fixed a bug that could make it impossible to progress the Water Horse Mission Story depending on 47’s actions.

Download free Hitman 3 update 1.07 (1.007.000) on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.