Patch Notes

Hitman 2 Update 1.11 Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Hitman 2 update 1.11 is now available for players on PlayStation 4. According to the official Hitman 2 version 1.11 patch notes, the new update includes brand new content for Expansion Pass owners, DX12 support for PC players and more. In addition, Hitman 2 1.11 also added various bug fixes, gameplay tweaks and menu updates.


Previously, a hotfix was released which addressed back-end authentication issues that players encountered after releasing the February Update. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Hitman 2 update 1.11 is expected to fix all these issues.

What’s new in Hitman 2 March Update?

Hantu Port Location (Expansion Pass) – The first major content drop for our Expansion Pass is a brand new Sniper Assassin map in Hantu Port, Singapore.


Hantu Port – Added 7 new trophies/ achievements for the Hantu Port Sniper Assassin map.

Hantu Support – Updated the menu flow for the Game Modes section, including new artwork and backgrounds for single player and multiplayer selection. Hantu Port has also been added to the Career Page.

Sniper Career – Added the Himmelstein and Hantu Port locations to the Career/Statistics menu. The progression of each of the 3 rifles will be displayed (47, Stone and Knight).

What’s Changing?

Nul Point
We’ve fixed an issue that could result in a successful playthrough ending with a ‘0’ score.

Static Rico
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Rico Delgado to suspend his routine after the tattoo was finished.

Texture Fix
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause textures to flicker during the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Santa Fortuna.

Backpacker Bug
We’ve fixed an issue that could fail the ‘Backpacker’ Mission Story after placing the souvenir.

Shashka A33 Audio
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the Shashka A33 rifle to have barely audible SFX when used by an NPC.

Brief Case
We’ve fixed an issue where 47 getting frisked with the briefcase could result in an animation where the briefcase clips through 47’s legs.

Wrench Stash
We’ve fixed an issue that prevented the Handyman Wrench from being used in a ‘Hidden Stash’.

Disco Crush
We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing unconscious NPC’s from dying when a disco ball was dropped on them.

Environment Sweep
We’ve fixed multiple minor issues across all locations (including Legacy) relating to Environment Art.

Ambient Array
We’ve fixed various examples of ambient sound either being muted or not changing smoothly.

Wrench Hit
We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing sound effects from triggering when pacifying an NPC with a wrench.

We’ve removed the Arrival ‘location’ from the Statistics page.


Ghost Mode Improvements

Map Areas
We’ve enabled area names to the Ghost Mode map to help with navigation.

Stabile Ghost
We’ve fixed a few issues that could cause crashes or infinite loads when entering a match.

Random First
We’ve fixed an issue where the first target in a match was not randomly selected.


PC-Specific Improvements

DX 12 – Enabled DX 12 support for all PC players using AMD and Intel DX12 GPUs and on NVIDIA GeForce 900 series or better. This option can be toggled in the Launcher.

Motion Blur – Hitman 2 1.11 fixed an issue where the Motion Blur setting was not working as intended.

Benchmark Stats
We’ve fixed an issue that could prevent the results of the Benchmark being generated.

Multiple Monitors
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause out-of-world environments to be visible for players using multiple monitors, or a single ultra-wide monitor.

Taser Shot
Hitman 2 update 1.11 fixed an issue where the ICA Proximity Taser would not react when being shot. Now, it will trigger as expected.

Stretched Outfits
We’ve fixed an issue where outfits could become stretched on certain machines running Windows 8.1 with AMD graphics cards.

We’ve fixed an issue where the PiP camera would sometimes display shadows erratically when the ‘Screenspace Shadows’ option is turned on.

Bug Fixes

Sniper Shot Location Pt. 2
In the February Update, we rolled out changes to how NPC’s react to weapon fire when they haven’t seen 47 take the shot. Shortly after that release, we noticed that the change had highlighted some other issues with NPC reactions to weapon fire, which resulted in some unexpected AI behaviour. We’ve now fixed all of those issues;

  • Hitman 2 update 1.11 fixed an issue that could cause alerted guards or civilians to blame and compromise Agent 47 even though they had no knowledge of him committing a crime.
  • Fixed an issue that could alert guards and civilians during the “Searching” status even when they are in areas that are not related to the ongoing ‘search’.
  • Hitman 2 version 1.11 fixed an issue that could cause security cameras to become enforcers during the “Searching” status, even when they are in areas not related to the ongoing ‘search’. Security cameras can still enforce Agent 47 near the origin of an attack if he is detected during an ongoing ‘search’.
  • Improved the ability of guards to home in on the attack origin as soon as they figure out its whereabouts. In some cases, guards would instead remain idle, especially if the attack origin was hard to reach. The range of the attack affects the time it takes for a guard to estimate the approximate location of the attack origin.
  • Hitman 2 1.11 fixed an issue that could cause guards that have recently stood down from combat to approach 47’s location, even if they haven’t seen him and shouldn’t know where he is – such as if 47 didn’t remain at the attack location.

Next Stop, Mumbai
Hitman 2 patch 1.11 fixed an issue that could cause Agent 47’s outfit to be stretched when using specific starting locations in Mumbai.

Early SA Tracker
Fixed an issue that was causing the ‘SA Tracker’ to appear for some players, with no way to disable it. This feature was not intended to be released and we are aiming to release it fully in our next update. We’ll say more about it then.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed low framerate issues.
  • Fixed crashing issues with Hitman 2 version 1.11.
  • Fixed an issue with textures.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
  • Hitman 2 version 1.11 added performance and stability improvements.
  • Added other minor under the hood improvements with Hitman 2 patch 1.11.

Hitman 2 update 1.11 is now available on PS4.