Hired Ops Update 1.0.2945 Patch Notes – Dec. 16, 2021

Hired Ops update 1.0.2945 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Hired Ops patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

Previously, a major update 1.0.2945 added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Hired Ops version 1.0.2945 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Hired Ops Patch Notes – December 16, 2021

We’re happy to announce a release of the new big update 1.0.2945 for Hired Ops. It includes contract and in-match store reworks, updated mercenary equipment, and a new tutorial mission for new players.

Together with the update, a new operation “Code of Silence” also starts in the game. By completing contracts and winning matches you will gain operation points and earn unique rewards, such as the new weapon,the G3SD assault rifle for the Scout class. Besides that,a new map, Construction, already awaits you in the game.

We also haven’t forgotten about pleasant gifts for you. Every player that enters the game from December 16 to 19 will receive a 7-day premium status as a gift.

Read the detailed description of the update below:

› Added a tutorial mission introducing new players to the basic mechanics of the game.

You can always replay the tutorial mission in the game settings.

› Reworked the in-match store.

Removed special equipment and mechanics, which showed low efficiency in battle. First-aid kit and medkit are now given out each time you start combat or die. Ammo is moved to weapon customization. Choice of armor is moved to global progression.

› Changed perks layout and global progression logic.

You can now seamlessly switch between perks in the global progression, the selected perks are in the class loadout. Also, a free global reset of spent experience in the progression has been made, so that you can redistribute it according to the new iteration.

Now when you reach level 5 of a class you get a free loadout for that class. (Unless all available loadouts have already been purchased). If you already have an operative at class level 5 or higher you also get a free loadout.

The choice of ammo is now in the weapon customization, and is not available in combat. Ammo is unlocked for Weapon Mastery levels, class levels, and corporate reputation levels.

› The interface and logic of corporation contracts has been redesigned.

You now have 2 slots for corporation contracts, as well as 2 additional slots if premium status is active. Once you have a contract in a slot you can’t refuse it, and it continues to occupy a slot until you fulfill it. (similar to clan contracts) Contract slots are cleared on daily reset. Increased earnings of corporation reputation from contracts by 2 times.

› Added weekly task “Mercenary’s Outfit”. By completing 10 contracts per week you can collect the weekly reward. If premium is activated you can collect an additional reward.

› Added changes to the gameplay geometry of the following maps: Loading Zone, Evacuation, Port 5, Industrial Zone.

› Changed the following perks and mechanics:

  • all stimulators – give protection against bioreagent and gas;
  • “Ammo crate” – now when you pick it up the tracers of shots become red. If the crate has been enhanced by the Stormtrooper “Improved Ammunition” perk – the tracers will be green;
  • pyrotechnic – if this perk is selected, the grenade launcher will fire thermal charges;
  • “Improved Morphine” – now this perk additionally gives a reduction of incoming head damage when using morphine;
  • “Iron Will” – replaced by the perk “Triton” System;
  • changed the mechanics of the acoustic sensor – now it works all the time, but breaks when you get shot in the head, as well as replacing the helmet slot for the sniper class;
  • added perk to the scout’s progression – Agility.

› Various sound enhancements have been made, including:

  • improved vertical sound positioning;
  • improvement of sounds of steps and shooting at a distance;
  • new sounds for planes, point takeover, flashlight/laser activation, and others;
  • refinement of environment sounds.

› Fixes:

  • fixed situations when glare of enemy’s optics prevented from aiming at him;
  • fixed situations when Z-blur was interfering with aiming;
  • fixed a bug that caused the bonus from the “Tactical Shooting” skill to be 100% more than specified.

› Changes:

  • legendary corporation crates – increased mod drop chance to 50%;
  • added tactical reloads for the following weapons: AKMS, Oracle, AKS74U (added preview animation);
  • shotguns (except cutoff version) – increased maximum range to 30 meters, optimal range to 16 meters;
  • AS VAL – decreased spread;
  • VSS – reduced dispersion while aiming, simplified recoil;
  • AK-12 – changed the shooting sound;
  • HK417D – damage increased to 62;
  • DT MDR – speed of aiming and stopping sprint has been increased;
  • X95R – decreased spread;
  • SCAR-H – decreased recoil to 67, decreased sway;
  • DRS – visibility through the sight glass has been improved;
  • Halo – increased sight range significantly;
  • Blade – accuracy bonus increased to 11%, reworked aiming mark and scope magnification.
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