HighFleet Update 1.13 Patch Notes – September 20, 2021


HighFleet update 1.13 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official HighFleet patch notes, the latest update added a new easy mod with free saves, large rebalancing or armor, and numerous fixes. Apart from this, today’s Highfleet patch 1.13 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

HighFleet patch 1.13 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


HighFleet Patch Notes (Sep 20, 2021)

– Easy mode with free saves.
– Large rebalancing of armor.
– Numerous fixes related to missile interception and logic.

Addressed crash during ship repair, after evacuation.

Addressed a bug with the disappearance of transport in the player’s squadron when meeting a missile / aircraft and the disappearance of transport after the death of an escort from missile strikes.

Addressed a bug where missiles / planes did not attack single transport.

Addressed a bug with explosions of objects on the map (for example, the explosion of an anti-missile and ballistic missile).

Addressed the logic of aircraft returning to aircraft carriers: correct direction, correct position on the deck.

– The game no longer minimizes on ALT-TAB.

– An exploit in the editor has been fixed: when a module is attached to 2 hull parts, one could be removed and the module remained in place.

– The entire ship can no longer be rotated in the editor.

– Removing antennas by RMB.

Addressed an error of incorrect operation of modules when connecting two large parts of the ship.

Addressed an error occurred when attaching a ship to an object in the editor if it was rotated.


Addressed entries in error.log when logging into Shipworks.
– The possibility of starting the landing of a non-flying ship has been excluded.

Addressed a bug due to which when the last ship (flagship) hard landing, the game ended in defeat even if the flagship survived.

– Added one more, the lowest, level of graphics.

Addressed a bug with calculating the time until the end of the repair in the presence of spare parts.

Addressed a bug with instant repair of squadrons when they were connected.

Addressed a bug in Yehuda’s quest.

Addressed a bug in the dialogue with admiral Wan.

Addressed bugs in the Alsahir’s Revenge event.

Addressed a bug in the quest Matter of Honor.

Addressed exploit with the final battle.

Addressed a bug in the final briefing.

Addressed a bug in the dialogue with the Steward.

Addressed bug with buttons on the GAME OVER screen.

Addressed a bug with the spawn of the Varyag in Khiva.

– The game cannot be unpaused in menues.


Download free Highfleet patch 1.13 on PC (Steam).