Heroic Armored Company Update Patch Notes – July 25, 2021


Heroic Armored Company update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Heroic Armored Company patch notes, the latest update brings a remake of the program architecture, operating logic, storyline, and model resources. Apart from this, the Heroic Armored Company patch also includes stability improvements.

Heroic Armored Company Patch Notes – July 25, 2021

New destructible vegetation and building systems, diurnal cycle systems, and now trees and buildings are destructible, too;

New display simulation system (night vision effect, radar system, battlefield map, etc.), now night vision system can penetrate the smoke and jungle;


The new modular damage system,now deals different damage depending on where you hit it;

The new munition and accessory customization system. Under the mission mode you can use the money earned in the plot mode to buy different munition and accessories;


The new game progress saving system increases the game progress automatic archiving function and can manually save, load the game at any time;

New Mission Mode, you can command other vehicles according to your level of cooperation to complete the task in Mission Mode;

Remade the new game model, fixed the old version of the model of the scale, texture mapping, and many other issues;

New UI system and Operation Logic, now F1-F4 switch view, 1-5 switch different ammunition;

Optimize and improve the content of the story mode to make the game more compact;

Optimize and improve the physical characteristics and operation feel of the tank;

Vehicle Drift, muzzle jitter, system stability and other Bug repair;

Overall operation optimization to improve the frame rate of complex scenes and complex special effects.