Hero Siege Update Patch Notes (Season 14) – November 8, 2021

A new Hero Siege update (Season 14) is now available on PC. According to the official Hero Siege patch notes, the latest update brings a long list of bug fixes and changes to the game.


Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Hero Siege patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Hero Siege Patch Notes – November 8, 2021

General Changes

-Boss runes were re-named to High Runes. High Runes have distinguishable red color and also an unique drop sound.

  • Many aspects of the game have been visited to tackle performance issues. Player should have smoother experience while roaming around Tarethiel
  • Each zone has had a visual facelift: Go explore the world to find out!
  • Sheep King found in Sheeponia got a rework and a facelift! Jefrey is now an uber boss, and has a chance to drop brand new Sheep King’s Set items!
  • Town, and especially target range has had a slight make-over: You can now test your AOE damage on pack of enemies with “Pack-o-Dummy” Configuration!
  • Lot of new sound design can be found also in different areas and places.
  • Chaos Tower rewards are reworked completely.
  • Leaderboard – Wormhole decay: This is an important update, so make sure to read all info about this
  • Windows version is now 64bit
  • Tons of back-end improvements for security and stability

Item Changes

  • Chase item’s are now fully functioning and are properly hidden throughout Tarethiel
  • Chase items now have their own unique petrol blue color!
  • Added new chase items
  • Chase items also have a bit of interesting lore attached to them
  • Buffed Steve set items
  • Buffed Arcanum
  • Increased bleed damage on Marksman Hunting Gear Set
  • reduced tals reaping bonus to 125%
  • reduced Houdeenii’s cooldown
  • reduced gem kings MF
  • reduced gem kings move speed
  • increased other stats on gem kings
  • reduced MF HEAVILY across the board
  • rebalanced most sets
  • removed useless buff from St.Tomi’s
  • Made Tal’s bonus give 100% Magic Find and give 50 movement speed instead of 25
  • rebalanced every older satanic to be useful again
  • Added sheep King’s items
  • increased valkyrie cooldown from 18 to 30 seconds
  • Satan’s Set now has a 25% chance to apply 75% armor break on the target stacking twice
  • Mevius Set’s meteors now deal heavy damage and deal aoe damage to nearby enemies
  • Reworked Zeus lightning orb a bit to be slightly slower and traveler further, giving the player more room
  • Plunderer’s set now increases the damage and aoe of Land Ahoy! as well as launching another set
  • Whirlwind set does 25% more damage
  • increased bullet hell dmg with set
  • increased demonform set range dmg
  • increased pyrokinetic disorder dmg with set
  • increased firefly damage with set
  • inc tick rate with bonestorm set
  • inc dmg of surgical bloodletting with set
  • inc dmg of shield throw slightly on viking set 2
  • inc damage on totems with totem set on
  • Fixed Sung Lee’s drops to be correct
  • Fixed Uabel’s set bonus
  • Added some translations on items to feel thematics/have intended original names
  • Buffed Bo Runes

UI Changes

  • Journal now includes achievements, relics and runes list.
  • Quest windows were updated, and they now show the possible reward for completing the quest
  • Dungeon keys now have their own place in players backpack – The Key Ring. That menu holds under -every key to a dungeon you have picked up.
  • Settings now have “reset” option
  • Fixed lower shrines from overwriting larger shrines buffs & now should refresh timer

Dungeon Balance

  • Added 2 new dungeons! Arm Storage in Steam Train (Act 6) & Distorted Horizons in Event Horizon (Act 7)
  • Made various quality of life updates to older key dungeons, as they had very tight corridors and problematic pathing
  • Dungeon Reward chests now drop 50 000 Gold each. Also the amount of rubies dropped was increased.
  • We felt like some dungeons were not as rewarding as others so we made some balance changes to them.

Wormhole Changes

  • “Wormhole keys” were renamed as “Next Wormhole” to avoid confusion
  • 10 new Wormhole maps with brand new fresh themes!
  • We have given a lot of thought for wormhole and competitive side of HS in general and we have implimented a couple big changes to Wormhole and Leaderboard mechanics
  • Wormholes no longer drop items or experience without completing a succesfull clear; this means every enemy must be defeated before the timer runs out, and the boss must be slain. Only after these 2 requirements are met, does EXP and loot raining down. Succesfull run also auto-upgrades the wormhole level (So no more button pressing – or rather – forgetting to press one while speeding trough the cosmos)
  • Leaderboard Decay system; top ranks will have to show activity to keep their rank active.

Class Changes

  • Increased burning and bleeding stacks
  • Increased some dot durations
  • Fixed the Hero Levels so Oversized perk works and that Shockwave doesn’t have – Oversized+Shockwave
  • Reduced the 1.5x MF herolevel to 0.5x
  • Changed 5% critical chance Hero Level talent to 8%
  • Changed 5% movement speed Hero Level talent to 10%
  • Adjusted some relic %stats
  • Added buffs for magic find and damage to work properly
  • Player is no longer able to change talents while in combat
  • “Fixed a lot of poor DPS classes damage”
  • Adjusted XP curve
  • Leveling process should feel much more pleasant and rewarding compared to S13


  • Increased speed on flying scimitar to be viable
  • nomad wind shield now % ms
  • nomad traveler now provides % ms
  • Reduced the proc rate and damage on Eye of Ra ability


  • Increased Holy Hammers speed and distance


  • Fixed damage issues with Skeleton Army
  • Fixed damage issues with Sacrifice
  • Make Necromancer Corpse Explosion prefer Golems
  • Inc Skele Army dmg


  • increased chain trap build damage


  • Increased Firefly damage and burn
  • Hydra now deals more DPS
  • Inferno now deals more DPS
  • Reduced damage on Fire Nova


  • Buffed wolves a bit


  • Throw! cooldown was reduced
  • Whirlwind can now reach 0.10 tick rate with enough attack speed


  • Marksman’s Multishot now has a slightly larger spread

Demon Slayer

  • Increased the attack speed Demon Form provides


  • Increased Tire Fire damage and adds a strong burn
  • increased damage scaling on redneck skills


  • Increased Land Ahoy cast damage and aoe
  • Heavily reduced Land Ahoy cooldown
  • fixed fire pirate abilities blocking her attacks

White Mage

  • Reduced Healing Zone damage reduction from 25% to 10%


  • Increased damage from Houdeanii’s ability
  • Increased gut’s ww damage
  • *nerfed Gladiator ability effect on most classes
  • Fixed Houdeanii’s Power to be a viable ability to use now with a small enough cooldown to feel good
  • reduced ability damage of The Black Plague
  • fix far shot being able to remove the buff
  • “Fixed Eternal Glaive ability not scaling on all classes”
  • Buffed weapon throw enchant
  • Fixed Collosus ability


We have given a lot of tought on wormhole and leaderboard ranking system and overall competitive side of the game.

This season we are implimenting a decay system for the top 50 players on each softcore leaderboard.

When your character has completed its first Wormhole you can see the decay timer on your character slot on the character selection screen.