Patch Notes

Hell Let Loose Update 1.003 Patch Notes for PS5 – Oct 4, 2021


Hell Let Loose update 1.003.000 is now rolling out for PS5 players. According to the official Hell Let Loose patch notes, the latest patch added quality of life improvements and changes. Apart from this, Hell Let Loose patch 1.003 also added stability fixes.

Recently, a minor update was released with minor gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Hell Let Loose update 1.003 will address a few of these issues.

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Hell Let Loose Patch Notes – Oct 4, 2021

Fixed the following.

  • Rocks don’t trigger footstep or bullet impact VFX and SFX
  • US Transport truck is present on the Mid HQ before capturing the first point, when Top/Bot is the starting HQ
  • Vehicles have collision issues with multiple assets

Omaha Beach

  • Invisible collision present after jumping over a wall
  • Various assets are found floating above ground in Omaha
  • Both the German and US teams Top and Bottom vehicle roster spawns are swapped around
  • There is a table inside a building with the Garrison/Outpost shine effect applied to it


  • Draw Distance issues observed on multiple assets
  • There is a floating bush off of the right side of the map


  • The player doesn’t have collision with a specific tree asset