Hell Let Loose PS5 Update 1.022 Patch Notes (v14.3)

Hell Let Loose PS5 update 1.022 is available to download. According to the official Hell Let Loose patch notes, the latest update improved performance and gameplay. Apart from this, Hell Let Loose patch 14.3 also includes the Practice Range for training, bug fixes, and addressed the “Dive to Prone” bug.

Recently, a major Hell Let Loose update added Night Maps including Remagen and much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Hell Let Loose version 1.022.000 will address a few of these issues.

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Hell Let Loose Version 1.022 Patch Notes – September 14, 2023

  • Patch 14.3 Highlights
    • Scheduled release at 2 pm BST.
    • Aims to improve game performance and reduce stuttering.
    • Introduces a Practice Range for players to test various in-game mechanics.
    • Initial improvements to the stability of British forces’ firearms.
    • Additional logging implemented to diagnose and fix loadout bugs.
    • Performance improvements on various maps.
    • Ultrawide screen support with some known issues.
    • A comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.
  • Practice Range Enhancements
    • Extension of shooting range to 500m.
    • Added obstacles and irregular terrain in the driving range.
    • Player-placed garrison spawning within the Building Yard.
    • Introduction of the US Half-track for testing redeploying.
    • Scarecrow target headshots now produce headshot SFX.
  • Optimization and Bug Fixes
    • Performance improvements on several maps.
    • Fixes for LOD issues, micro-stutters, and UI problems.
    • Ongoing work on ultrawide screen support.
    • Various fixes for British forces’ weapons and vehicles.
    • Removal of unintended Dive to Prone bug, with plans for a revised version.
    • Improvements to the vaulting system and locomotion.
  • Map-Specific Fixes
    • Detailed fixes for multiple maps, including Remagen, Kharkov, El Alamein, Carentan, Hurtgen, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Purple Heart Lane, Kursk, Foy, Driel, Utah, Stalingrad, Sainte-Mère-Église, Hill 400, and Omaha.
  • Upcoming Content
    • Mention of upcoming Developer Briefings summarizing AMAs and interviews.
    • Announcement of Patch 14.3 Public Testing.
  • Game Information
    • Brief game information, including its genre, release date, and developer.

Download free Hell Let Loose update 1.022.000 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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