Hedon Bloodrite Update 2.1.1 Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 2, 2021


Hedon Bloodrite update 2.1.1 (Oct 2, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Hedon Bloodrite patch notes, the latest update added fixes for weapons, levels, and more.

Previously, a big update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Read more about Hedon Bloodrite patch 2.1.1 details below.

Hedon Bloodrite 2.1.1  Changelog – Oct 2, 2021



– Fixed startup errors for the Linux version;


– Improved Paingun firing sound;

– Slightly increased the Acid Potion damage;

– Slightly increased the Crushbow’s Fire Bolt explosion maximum damage radius;


– Fixed a few minor issues of Map01 such as the skulls popping up over terrain in the dream sequence or the player sprite appearing with a ranged weapon in the first mirror;

– Fixed the lowered shelves in the general store of Map02;

– Fixed Crystal Curator dying from falling damage in Map12 (after making her killable in 2.1.0);

– Advisor now gives a Crylance/Force Pike during the first Map13 briefing if the player missed them in Map11;

– Added a shoutout to visit the Shady Fixer if the player misses her location before completing the sleep quest in Map13;

– Added a Spirit Gem in a secret area in Map19 and the option to recharge your Psi Crown at Earth Mother Bendi during the second hub;


– Gave Primarch Erudin in Map20 a special dialogue line if the player attempts to fulfil the betrayal task by killing the Warg;


– Slightly reduced the Iron Urchin’s explosion radius and chance to zoom around;

Download free Hedon Bloodrite patch 2.1.1 on PC (Steam).