Hedon Bloodrite Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes (Official) – Sep 29, 2021


Hedon Bloodrite update 2.1.0 (Sep 29, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Hedon Bloodrite patch notes, the latest update addressed issues with weapons, monsters, levels, and more.

Previously, a big update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Read more details below.

Hedon Bloodrite 2.1.0  Changelog – September 29, 2021

– Attempted fix for engine not picking up the proper main monitor on a multi-monitor setup;
– Fixed the issue with gamma and uiscale settings not saving properly;
– Fixed “Restore to defaults” not properly restoring consumable hotkeys;


Fixed a number of graphical issues caused by brightmaps such as the weird glass reflections in Map09. Also, added a fix for the crashes caused when exiting the game on Windows 7;
– Fixed the library issues caused by conflicts with the Linux Steam Runtime;

– Acid Potions now deliver their damage over a half second period rather than instantly, better simulating an acid splash effect;
– Enhanced visuals for the pink Toxic Cloud explosion;
– Made the Paingun’s muzzle flash bigger and brighter;
– Increased the Hellclaw’s projectile damage;
– Significantly increased the Crylance’s chance to stagger medium to high tier enemies;
– Fixed Crushbow alt fire using up 2x ammo while shooting underwater;
– Fixed the Greataxe not triggering hit sounds when swinging at a certain angle/range from the target;

– Slightly reduced the chance for Initiates to perform a 3-shot attack;
– Cerberi have brighter orange lights on their backs for better visibility and get staggered slightly longer by Fragfire shots;
– Slightly reduced the damage of the clouds created by the Warlock’s Toxic Bolt;
– While submerged, Warlocks now fire 3 Spirit Missiles instead of 6;


Significantly reduced the direct damage of the Glutton’s acid blobs and slightly increased their aoe damage. Also, added dynamic lights to Psi Demons while they attack to better signal their position and reduced their chance to create mirror images when damaged;

– Fixed various typos in the texts/dialogue;
– Fixed a bad music trigger when backtracking after the portal fight in Map05;
– Fixed the Book of Earth not being taken from your inventory in Map06;
– Added a couple of tutorial reminder tips at the start of Map11;
– The Crystal Curator can be killed instead of healed at the start of Map11 as an alternative;
– Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map12;
– Made the large crystal in the museum room explode from any source of damage in Map12;
– Fixed the Psi Crown not being removed from the player’s inventory when skipping the first briefing in Map13;
– Attempted fix for the crash that occurs in the cathedral library in Map16;
– Fixed the gate leading up to Yzbeth’s mansion not properly blocking movement in Map18;
– Fixed Wounded Bear Warrior not giving the proper reward based on difficulty in Map18;
– Split Map21 into two maps, “Blood Rite” (upper part and ending cinematic) and “Buried” (lower part and boss fight) in order to improve general performance;
– Switched some of the decorative level geometry to a singular 3D model in order to improve performance in the upper part of Map21;
– Fixed the Blue Baron not being killable/not properly entering his boss fight phases when receiving massive damage at once;
– Many other minor improvements and adjustments;

Download free Hedon Bloodrite patch 2.1.0 on PC (Steam).