Hardspace: Shipbreaker Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes


Hardspace Shipbreaker update 1.1.0 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Hardspace Shipbreaker patch notes, the latest update brings new tweaks, changes and improvements.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Hardspace Shipbreaker patch 1.1.0 will address a few of these errors.

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Hardspace Shipbreaker Patch 1.1.0 Notes – June 14, 2022

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Original Soundtrack Update

• 27 Additional Tracks added to the OST

  • 16 Tension Remixes of the original folk tracks, featuring the synth layers heard in the game
  • 11 additional incidental tracks including themes from the opening and closing cinematics

Patch Notes

• Changes & Updates:

  • New Gecko Station Hopper interior color variants have been added which fit the companies that used them before being sent to Lynx to be scrapped
  • New lights are added to Morrigan Station and the salvage bay

• Gameplay:

  • AI node placement has been updated, resulting in a better distribution of them within an entire ship
  • Electric Cable Junctions cannot be dislodged by using the grapple

• Optimizations:

  • Optimized Sensor Arrays
  • Optimized the Large Armour Plate component
  • Optimized the Gecko Nose Panel
  • Optimized the Communications Dish component
  • Optimized the Solar Battery component

• Audio:

  • Added new ECU power down sfx
  • Added increased audio feedback to the grapple when objects impact while grappled

• UI:

  • Updates to HUD to make several elements more legible on larger screens
  • Added a HUD marker to help the player locate the Railgate when it fires for the first time
  • Changed width and font size of tier rewards to fit ‘Repair Kit’ in one line in other languages
  • Updated the Game Over Screen to increase legibility
  • Updated Job board UI to increase legibility
  • Updated fonts for player badge on the main menu for increased readability
  • Added a confirmation pop-up after pressing save & quit
  • The last decrypted data entry will be opened automatically after a successful decryption in the Dataminer interface
  • Leaderboard interface has been updated
  • The audio player widget now remains active in the HAB when no longer interacting with the terminal

• Other:

  • The look of the Space Truck has been updated when looking through the HAB window
  • New texture has been applied for cut glass
Bug Fixes

• Communications arrays on Heavy Cargo Geckos can spawn detached from their sensor arrays
• A piece of fuel pipe can be found free floating in Heavy Cargo Geckos
• Violent decompression occurs in the Crew Quarters of Heavy Cargo geckos, when cutting a certain keel cut point
• Computer terminal with ‘no salvage destination’ parts or with extra parts can spawn on Heavy Cargo Javelins
• A gap can be present in the back of the hull of gecko station hopper
• Interior assets can spawn right in front of a front cabin airlock in certain Javelins
• Hal dialogue plays during the loading if the user loads a career saved right after the Industrial Action
• Floating terminal found in Javelin Tanker reactor room
• Equipment text is not displaying in the workstation terminal, after loading in the HAB at rank 3 (skip training)
• Airlock decompression VFX appears in the scanner
• AI Nodes hidden behind objects on Stargazer Gecko exterior
• Ship Failed to Load popup shows up on the second wakeup call
• When the railgate charges up to fire, there are a ton of floating, blue, sparkly lights that shouldn’t be there
• Kitchen Cabinets (from the Cargo Atlas) appear bright white
• Talking Head portraits in HAB have been cut in half
• One wall in a Gecko Station Hopper is flickering badly
• Waypoint arrow doesn’t go away after player enters equipment screen during Rank 4 Upgrade tutorial
• Missing dialog for the Union newsletter from Lou
• Missing background dialog from Lou at rank 4
• Returning too soon to the HAB during Kaito’s VO prevents other campaign VOs to trigger
• Radiation filter emissive turns off but the filter is still barge salvageable
• Random collision boxes in the Heavy Cargo Javelin’s interior double airlock
• Some Sensor Arrays are unconfigured
• Small canister does not make a physics impact sound
• Quitting while reactor is exploding can leave the sounds stuck
• Missing error SFX when Locked screen appears after ending contract
• Correct sound effect missing when completing Space Truck
• Poster selection disappears and it’s no longer possible to switch between posters with the controller, when the user pauses while on the Posters
• Game crashed by pressing escape at the end of HAB employee terminal exit transition
• The user is soft locked in the work station terminal, after accessing the Repair option during the Rank 4 Tethers message
• Masterjack green lights lack visual treatment in scanner mode
• Part of salvage bay is too bright when viewed from the HAB
• Electrocution vfx is low on the hand, may need to move it up higher to be seen from the player POV
• Airlock emissives don’t turn off when disconnect from the ship
• Weird artifact on the Character Portrait
• User can get stuck or blocked while navigating Javelin double airlocks
• Can’t navigate front end with gamepad or keyboard after closing option menu
• The Ship Doctor UI remains stuck on both terminals
• Decompression alarm on Gecko doors sounds too bright
• Airlock spray VFX missing from Salvage Gecko
• Employee Terminal menu selection can sound spammy when using the mouse
• Start Shift sound will play during narrative events in the HAB even though the function is greyed out
• Contract Status option can lose focus when navigating with a controller
• Double airlocks on Javelins don’t have vfx or light animation
• Javelin room incorrectly labeled “Airlock”
• Airlock lights are out of sync with the rest of the animation
• Backing out of the ship catalog will display a persistent audio player widget
• Atmosphere Regulator is not interactable even though the ship has power
• Employee Terminal UI doesn’t select the first item in the line, resulting in doubled sfx
• In the Onboarding Animatic, the “speed lines” used on the image of the Space Truck persist into the Everwork Logo Screen
• Cut point attached to the rear of push pads on roustabout tugs has inconsistent collision when using the cutter
• Mackerel CMPT can sometimes remain pressurized even if visibly open to the void
• Light asset color and emissive (glow) colors don’t match in several ship room types
• Very aggressive LOD issue on several objects
• Aggressive LODing with the small rail guide pieces
• Electrical VFX does not show on the player’s hand model when they are shocked
• Changing graphics settings after changing texture settings can revert changes made previously in texture settings
• Player can get instantaneously crushed when flushing a thruster on an Atlas Tug
• Windows 7/8 machines crash at game start


Download free Hardspace Shipbreaker update 1.1.0 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

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