Hammerting Update Patch Notes – October 20, 2021


Hammerting update is now available to download for PC players. According to the official Hammerting patch notes, the latest update added new features, changes, and improvements to the game.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Hammerting patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Hammerting Update Changelog (Oct 20, 2021)

⦿ Landscaping!

  • The old ‘Place tile’ has been replaced with a submenu called Landscaping.
  • Dwarves can now build bricks in both front and back layers.
  • A new material called Fertile Soil has been added.

⦿ Farming!

  • In the ‘Landscaping’ menu, Gloom Wheat, Toncap Mushrooms, and Algae Grass can now be selected and sown.
  • They must be sown on Fertile Soil tiles.
  • Once the plant is fully grown, dwarves will automatically go to harvest it.
  • Once harvested, the plant will be re-planted in the same spot again.
  • Dwarves can mine away the Fertile Soil-tile to remove the crop.
  • Toncap mushrooms and Wheat can no longer be crafted in the farm. Old saves might still show them, though.
  • Many wild mushroom spawns in the cave has oddly gone missing, probably due to some disease. Only Toncap Mushrooms remain. And wild algae have been springing up as well.
  • The mission to craft mushrooms now need them to be harvested instead.

⦿ Fishing!

  • A Fishing Pier can now be constructed. Place it near fluids for optimal fishing luck!
  • Different fluids and biomes have different species of fish.
  • The amount of fish near a Fishing Pier is based on a regional biome meter.
  • Added new knowledge: Cave Fishing.

⦿ Dwelling Upgrades!

  • It’s now possible to make dwarves dwelling much more cozy by upgrading them.
  • Who wouldn’t want their very own bear rug at home?

⦿ Ultra-widescreen support!

  • It’s now possible to squeeze the UI towards the middle of the screen, for those that want it.
  • This option can be found changed via Options > Graphics > UI Widescreen Width.

⦿ Multiplayer Co-op Mode! (Experimental!)

  • We have been working on adding multiplayer!
  • A co-op mode can now be played but only in the experimental build.
  • Multiplayer should work across all different stores where Hammerting can be bought seamlessly.
  • A few issues remain but it is quite playable. We are looking for testing and feedback on this!
  • There’s now a new button in the start menu, called ‘Multiplayer’.
  • If you go there, you’ll be able to name and create a lobby.
  • Let your friends and enemies know the lobby name, and they’ll be able to join you as you delve deeper into the caverns.
  • You’ll all control your dwarves at the same time, and the dwarves will decide which ethereal being (player) they will choose to follow for the time being.
  • The player who builds the first quarry wins.
  • If you get crashes when playing multiplayer, please zip all players logs, and send them to ‘’, or post them in our Discord.
  • Ask us in the Discord if you’re interested in trying it out but isn’t sure how.
  • Or if you’re looking for friends to play with.
  • Or if you’re looking for totally sick banjo memes.

⦿ AI

  • Dwarves can now haul stuff from water again.
  • Minecarts will now prioritize transporting dwarves over hauling goods when determining next destination.
  • Minor AI tweaks to reduce idling dwarves.
  • Reduced number of dwarves that get assigned to the same haul job simultaneously. This reduces the amount of cases where multiple dwarves are assigned when only one is needed.
  • The starting chest will now act as a storage for all things on the overworld. Bought items will now eventually get hauled to the Mountainhome even if they’re not needed anywhere.

⦿ Job priorities!

  • Job priority logic has been slightly rewritten.
  • Older jobs now has increased priority over new ones.
  • Marking a profession as ‘Favorite’ now gives a scoring boost to prefer those types of jobs.
  • Jobs are refreshed when changing the desired number workers
  • Job priority is now softer and should distribute dwarves across jobs more evenly
  • Fixed building orders resetting their priority after each stage of construction (scaffolding up, build room, scaffolding down).

⦿ UI

  • Added No Filter warning for storages with empty filters.
  • Added Take from Overworld checkbox to storages.
  • Added warning icons when a building have low Fuel and/or Fecundity.
  • Cave camera should now work with on-screen keyboard.
  • The ‘Cancel’ tool now works better when cancelling block placement orders.
  • Zoom in/out has been given dedicated keys, which can be remapped in the ‘Options’ menu

⦿ Misc

  • Experimental build: Debuginator menu is now disabled per default (can be enabled by adding ‘–gamemedia-debuginator true’ to command line)

Bug fixes:
⦿ AI

  • Dwarves in the overworld no longer care about combat.
  • Fixed action tooltip when hauling goods to construction sites.
  • Fixed dig jobs allowing too many dwarves on the same spot after loading a save.
  • Fixed overflow in job stickiness calculations.
  • Fixed some issues in job assignment that made really old jobs impossible to assign.

⦿ UI

  • Fixed a bug where icons in the Relationship tab weren’t interactable.
  • Fixed a bug where the dark background wouldn’t go away when the player attempted to save the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the equip armor slot couldn’t be pressed properly.
  • Fixed a bug with Job Broker not displaying ‘Favorite’ professions correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with drop-down menus on the ‘Options’ screen not showing up.
  • Fixed a race condition making it possible to recruit the same dwarf twice.
  • Fixed some issues that caused the ‘Dwarves Idle’-alert to flicker.
  • Removed ‘pause button’ from some jobs, since their ‘pause’ could be set elsewhere.
  • Some Polish and Brazilian Portuguese texts have been shortened to better fit the UI.

⦿ Misc

  • Female dwarves should now always look the same after loading a game.
  • Fixed an issue with buildings becoming black and scaffolding ‘warping’ when building a new building.

Stability improvements:

⦿ Fixed a crash bug which could occur when dwarves equipped rings/armors with full backpacks


⦿ Fixed an uncommon threading error which could occur at game startup, causing the game not to launch

Download free Hammerting update is now available for download on PC.