HALO WARS 2 upcoming patch details and changelog

    The Halo Wars 2 patch to Xbox One and Windows 10 to address a host of issues that some players are reporting. Check out the change log below.

    HALO WARS 2 Patch Note

    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the loading screen
    • Fixed an issue that caused some PC players to see a black screen on startup
    • Several “desync” fixes, one of which covered most of the tracked occurrences
    • Fixed a variety of PC crashes that were hardware-dependent
    • Fixed a Network Error on opening Blitz Packs
    • Fixed some AI issues in Skirmish that could cause performance hits
    • Fixed some performance hitches in Cooperative Campaign
    • Made performance improvements on various hardware
    • Overall multiplayer performance improvements
    • Fixed some crashes that could occur when loading a saved game
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a Campaign mission to get stuck after loading a save
    • Fixed a bug with joining a party and getting a network error
    • Added a driver check on PC to alert users to the presence of old drivers
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to disconnect from multiplayer games at the beginning of the match


    • Fixed issue with ‘Detect’ on some starting units not working properly
    • Fixed an issue with getting the Palmer’s Pure Gold Achievement
    • Fixed some bugs with Kodiaks in Campaign
    • Fixed a bug with garrisoned Snipers not getting additional stats
    • Fixed issue with squads getting stuck trying to garrison if another squad beats them to it
    • Gold medal can now be more easily attained in ‘Hold the Line’
    • Fixed a Cyclops and Reaver pathing bug where they would sometimes stop moving
    • Fixed an issue with units getting stuck in bases after being made
    • Fixed various skull functionality not working on some units or abilities
    • Fixed some cross-skull interactions between Annihilation and Pestilence
    • Fixed some Locust pathing issues in Blitz (even though they’re driven by Grunts)
    • Fixed an issue with units becoming unresponsive in Blitz
    • Fixed an issue in Blitz with units getting a x4 speed boost in a specific situation
    • Fixed a conflict created by swapping d-pad functionality in Blitz
    • Fixed an issue with the Blisterback not recovering from damage in Blitz
    • Fixed behavior of Marines sometimes failing to get new targets after throwing a grenade
    • Friendly cloaked units now appear on the minimap
    • Made some adjustments to Scarab creation
    • Tweaks to Grunt Mob, Bloodfuel Grunts, and Bloodfuel Locust
    • Holo Decoy can no longer be used on Pelicans or Spirits
    • Fixed card level of units affected by Holo Decoy not showing over clones
    • Glassing beam always creates vision now in Blitz
    • Adjusted AI to make better use of Healing and Cloaking fields
    • Skirmish AI now uses Extraction and Teleport
    • AIs have been practicing their Domination game


    • Fixed a bug where parties were always assigned to Team 1
    • Fixed a rare issue with users not actually getting to play the leader they selected in Blitz
    • “Halt” cinematic should no longer be unlocked early in theater
    • Fixed some daily/weekly challenge issues where they were not tracked in some playlists
    • PC players can no longer tab target to whisper to themselves
    • Phoenix Log page adjustments
    • Pause menu adjustments
    • Set default difficulty of AI to normal from easy


    • Cleaned up some language localizations
    • Fixed a bug with UI textures failing to load
    • Fixed some minimap graphical issues
    • Fixed a PC issue with starting army text overlapping some UI
    • Fixed some issues with individual card pack opening animations
    • Fixed an issue with a terminal for a red barrier not having a display string
    • Fixed a Domination icon issue, where it would rotate briefly when being recaptured
    • Fixed an issue with Health bars getting stuck on the screen
    • Fixed some issues with particles randomly shooting across the maps for various objects
    • Adjusted transparency on locked skulls in the side panel
    • Radial menu has been cleaned up a bit
    • Added extra visual indicator to aid players when they are selecting cards
    • Made some enhancements to the leader selection carousel


    • Fixed an issue with the announcer constantly reporting Zone B is contested when it’s not
    • Fixed an issue with the Condor being able to be heard through fog of war
    • Fixed incorrect audio playing on some units when damaged
    • Fixed some issues with units calling out the wrong attackers
    • Fixed an issue with using right trigger or mouse wheel would cause audio spam
    • Added audio to Plasma Mines deploy
    • Added a variety of sound effects, and adjusted timing on some existing ones

    Last, But Not Least

    • Under-the-hood preparation for future ranked multiplayer

    Known Issues
    In addition to these fixes, the teams are continuing to investigate and track various issues being reported by some players. A few known issues that are not fixed in this patch but are being worked on include:

    • We are still working on a fix for a known issue where a game can sometimes freeze or result in a very low frame rate
    • Investigating some reports of performance issues with cinematics
    • Investigating reports of the mini-map occasionally being unresponsive on PC
    • Occasional infinite loading screen when loading into consecutive missions in co-op
    • Game can sometimes hang indefinitely when restarting a mission
    • Unit balance feedback and assessment is ongoing by the design team
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