HALO Infinite Known Issues, Bugs, and Fixes (New)

    HALO Infinite campaign is now available to download on Xbox, and PC. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues, error codes, lag, crashes, and various bugs with the game. Today, we have compiled a list of Halo Infinite known issues, bugs, and how you can fix them.

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    Official List of Halo Infinite Bugs and Known Issues


    • When you purchase the Halo Infinite Campaign in-game, there may be a delay of several minutes while the purchase is processed before you can play.


    • UI Narration may not read some collectibles information when starting a mission.
    • Equipment upgrades cannot be purchased in the Upgrades menu while using the Linear Navigation accessibility feature.


    • Fast traveling while dead may cause an endless load screen.
      • Workaround: Close Halo Infinite and reload the save game on the main menu.
    •  When playing offline or entering Campaign via Quick Resume, MJOLNIR armory customizations collected in Campaign are not unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
      • The team is working on a retroactive fix for players who collected MJOLNIR armory customizations while offline.
      • Workaround: when using Quick Resume or after losing your internet connection while playing Halo Infinite, close and relaunch the game before collecting any MJOLNIR armory items. 


    On occasion, players may be unable to progress the current mission. These issues can be resolved by restarting the mission. Here are some specific scenarios that the team is aware of:

    • Rarely, some doors may not unlock as expected after dying.
    • Rarely, the player may repeatedly die when dismounting some Shade turrets.
    • If the player fast travels out of Chak ‘Lok’s Tower before discovering the source of the distress signal, they may not be able to return.
    • The bridge in the mission The Road may not extend if the player presses the bridge’s control button before all dialogue about it plays.

    You can check Halo Infinite multiplayer server status here.

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