Patch Notes

Hadean Tactics Update 0.3.22 (0.3.25) Patch Notes (August 27, 2021)


Hadean Tactics update 0.3.22 (August 27, 2021) is now available for PC and PS4. According to Hadean Tactics patch notes, the latest update added fixes, balancing, QoL, and more.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Hadean Tactics patch 0.3.22 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Hadean Tactics Hotfix (0.3.25) – (August 27, 2021)

  • Fixed removed redundant Virgil’s Blessing.
  • Fixed No name instances.
  • Fixed First Aid upgraded having the Deplete keyword.
  • Fixed some UI and Grammar.
  • Fixed units’ price at shops ramping too steeply.
  • Fixed some first circle boss encounters having a not intended enemy.

Hadean Tactics patch notes (0.3.22) – (August 27, 2021)

Fixed some Nightshade unlocked units not showing up on the Compendium.
Addressed Charmed units not returning to their original team (Beta branch).
Addressed Traps not working (Beta branch).
Addressed Light Coatl’s Aura targeting enemies (Beta branch).
Addressed some encounters not having the right amount of enemies.
Addressed Stalkers sometimes not targeting the right unit.
Addressed Athame relic not working.
Addressed Hit Job not giving the right rewards.
Addressed Macaw Harpies not responding when trying to lay Eggs on an full board.
Addressed Revenge card cost not reducing the right amount.
Addressed portraits sometimes sticking to the mouse pointer.
Addressed Parasite relic triggering Spikes.
Addressed boss achievements.
Addressed Corruption 10 reducing draft level.
Addressed winning when the game ends in a draw not working when Assisted mode is on.
Addressed some grammar.
Addressed Inspiration status icon not showing.
— Improved performance.
— Added Repeat keyword for cards with repeat effects.
— Added some more QoL.
— Added Bezoar as a Virtus boss relic (upon pick up, increase max non-Hero unit level by 1. Open a Unit Banner).
— Added Bronze Man relic (units are 1 level higher at Banners).
— Added flavor text for Royal Crest relic.
— Changed Corruption 13.
— Changed Corruption 14.
— Changed Corruption 20.
— Changed some encounters of the second Circle.
— Banners will contain level 1 units on all circles.
— Star Crystal is now a normal relic.
— Sickness is now a Corruption level.
— Unit upgrade view is now shown incrementally.
— Transformed units will now retain statuses.
— Max level for non-Hero units is now 3.
— Traps can now be placed on the same square as an ally unit.
— And some more balancing.

Download free Hadean Tactics update 0.3.22 for PC.