Patch Notes

H1Z1 Update 1.25 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed


A new H1Z1 update 1.25 is now rolling out for players on PS4. According to the H1Z1 1.25 patch notes, the new game update comes with vehicle tuning, new lighting, as well as fixes for the issues related to performance and UI bugs. In addition, latest H1Z1 version 1.25 also includes fixes for stuttering/lag issues. Check out more details below.

Recently, a big update was released with a new Revive mechanic, the Airstrike Signal, aim acceleration options, a “thank you” gift, and more. Unfortunately, since this patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online. The new H1Z1 patch 1.25 update is expected to fix these issues.

What’s New in H1Z1 Update 1.25 for PS4


  • To help combat the number of cars currently present in the final few gas rings, we’ve made some changes to vehicles:

  • Cars are now easier to destroy with most weapons. Pistols take roughly 15% less shots to disable, while rifles take around 26% less. However, SMGs and shotguns now take 11% MORE shots to disable a car.

  • Because cars are now easier to destroy (especially in Fives where a whole team can concentrate their firepower), we’ve toughened them up while they are on fire. This is to provide enough time for a team to get out.

  • Vehicle fuel changes – we’ve halved the initial amount of fuel cars start with, EXCEPT for the ATV which now has double its starting amount. In addition, normal driving will consume fuel roughly 50% faster and boosting (L1) will consume about 25% more.

  • H1Z1 update 1.25 has added lighting variety – each match will now randomly start with either a sunny, dusky, or foggy climate.

  • Tweaked the Airstrike Signal to make it more deadly – now you can get hit by every bombing wave.

  • Dead zone slider adjustment – found under Settings, this will allow you to tune how large or small the dead zone is on your controller. Please note that this option affects both analog sticks.

  • Vehicle HUD – this update brings a new, cleaner vehicle HUD that should be easier to read.

  • Polish for quick throw – cleaned up the quick throw for grenades so that it looks better visually (no gameplay impact).

  • More variety for end zones – now matches should end in cities far more often than previously.

  • The ghillie suit has been added to any Military Crates that contain the M40, and sometimes appears with the Scout Rifle as well.

  • Added server messaging before logging in – now, if the server is down, you should see a message displayed before you reach the main menu.


Bug Fixes

  • Weapons without scopes no longer briefly appear invisible after throwing a grenade then aiming down sights after H1Z1 1.25 PS4 update.

  • Characters no longer appear to be throwing their equipped weapon when quick-throwing.

  • Emotes are now correctly interrupted when entering a downed state.

  • H1Z1 version 1.25 fixed a bug where boost prompt is now only displayed on the vehicle HUD for drivers (not passengers).

  • Credit is now given for 4th and 5th place for the Skilled Squad Challenge.

  • After H1Z1 1.25 update, restoring default controls now correctly sets the controller dead zone option to 20%, and Aim Acceleration to Linear.

  • “Sights” sensitivity option now affects the Riot Shotgun.

  • Character no longer gets stuck when entering the “Match Found” phase while in Customization.

  • Blue Camo Tactical Helmet no longer occasionally turns into a motorcycle helmet.

  • Fixed stuttering/lag issues.
  • Fixed UI related issues.
  • H1Z1 version 1.25 stability and performance improvements.
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Added other minor fixes with H1Z1 1.25.

H1Z1 update 1.25 for PS4 is now available for download.