Patch Notes

H1Z1 Update 1.11 Patch Notes, Read What’s New and Fixed


H1Z1 update 1.11 is now available for download on PlayStation 4. According to the official H1Z1 1.11 patch notes, the new update comes with fixes for stuttering and lag issues. In addition, H1Z1 version 1.11 also added stability and performance improvements. Check out more details below.

Daybreak has announced that 1.5 million players have played the open beta on PlayStation 4. However, many players have been experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game, ranging from not being able to get online, lag/framerate drop, and other issues. The game devs have acknowledged these problems and they are working on it.

As a reminder, H1Z1 Battle Royale game is in the Open Beta phase and you will require a PlayStation Plus subscription to download the game. Later, it will it will roll out as a Free 2 Play game.


H1Z1 update 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Added Performance and stability improvements
  • H1Z1 PS4 update 1.11 added fixes for Stuttering/lag issues.

Check your game update and download the latest H1Z1 update 1.11.