H1Z1 PS4 Update 1.90 Patch Notes, Read Full Details Here

H1Z1 PS4 update 1.90 released for players. According to the official H1Z1 1.90 patch notes, the new update kicks off Season 5 with a new map, 4 new vehicles, 2 new weapons, 11 new outfits, new season rewards, character models, challenges, weapons tuning, and much more. Apart from this, the latest H1Z1 version 1.90 also includes stability improvements.

Recently, an update was released with a new vehicle (Racer), new Arcade mode (Raining Racers), new racer carts and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s H1Z1 patch 1.90 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

H1Z1 PS4 update 1.90 patch notes


Outland is an entirely original map built from the ground-up for battle royale gameplay. Every design decision we made was intended to emphasize and amplify the fast-paced combat, tense decision-making, and epic mayhem and spectacle that makes each H1Z1 match memorable. From big decisions like designing 5 distinct zones with vast terrain diversity that cater to different playstyles, to more nuanced changes like crafting smaller POIs where every building is accessible with multiple points of entry/exit, we’ve endeavored to make Outland a new playground for our community that rewards ambition, exploration, and adaptation.

Outland is a smaller map (4km x 4km) than its predecessor, but it’s vastly more diverse, accessible, vertical, and carefully crafted for battle royale strategy. Every corner, building, POI, and line of sight has been tested and iterated on. Players get into the action faster than ever before, on terrain specifically designed to balance the many strategic playstyles, weapon options, and solo/team dynamics in H1Z1.

Most importantly, we’ve endeavored to create a map that offers new and different experiences each match without EVER breaking the fundamental competitive balance so integral to the core H1Z1 experience.


The map isn’t the only new content players will get for free when they download Outland: 4 new vehicles and 2 new weapons also debut with this update! From the powerful and stylish Untamed muscle car, to the highly mobile and reliable Commando assault rifle, Outland brings the heat when it comes to rebuilding arsenal.


Our new marketplace revamp along with 100 tiers of new Season Rewards (free, premium, and PS+ lines) offers more options than ever before to help you look as good as you play! Here’s how you can acquire each of the 11 NEW FULL OUTFITS dropping with today’s game update:

  • Commando (Marketplace, Outfit Set, Tactical Set Crate)
  • Stealth Cat (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Raider (Season Rewards)
  • Baller (Season Rewards)
  • Gokudo (Master Crate)
  • Tech Assassin (Master Crate)
  • LorenZo (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Tactical Hazmat (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Battalion Chief (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Upper Class (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Butcher (Marketplace, Outfit Set)

Here are the different ways you can acquire 100 tiers of Premium Season Rewards:

  • Premium Season Rewards (950 Crowns)
  • Premium Season Rewards UPGRADE with 30 tiers unlocked (3950 Crowns 1550 Crowns – Save 60%!)
  • Premium Season Rewards UPGRADE PLUS with all 100 tiers unlocked (10950 Crowns 5000 Crowns – Save 55%!)


  • Solos, Duos, and Fives match countdowns have been reduced to 60 seconds.
  • Crate or loot bag dropped items are now de-spawning after 120 seconds instead of 300 seconds (performance improvement)
  • The chances of finding a combat shotgun in a purple airdrop has been reduced.
  • The effective range of the EMP Grenade has been increased by 50%.
  • Crossbow explosive damage against players has been reduced by 25%.
  • The featured crates section now includes Tactical Outfits, Weapons, and Rides.
  • 3 new female and 1 new male character models have been introduced in character customization.
  • New weekly, daily, and tutorial challenges have been added to the game.
  • Marketplace UI has been revamped, including the addition of the new Outfit Set tab.
  • Players now take more damage after jumping out of vehicles moving over half speed.
  • Player fall damage has been removed from the game.


  • Weapon rarity/power rating appears correctly on weapons in combat training.
  • Fixed reload animations while the player is crouching.
  • Online ID displays correctly on the FFA match result screen.
  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
  • Fixed various disconnection issues.
  • Added fixes for glitches.
  • Added performance improvements.

H1Z1 update 1.90 is now available for download on PlayStation 4.

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