Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.09 Patch Notes (1.009.000) – August 27, 2021

Guilty Gear Strive update 1.09 (1.009.000) is now available to download on PS4 and PS5. According to the official Guilty Gear Strive 1.05 patch notes, the latest update added add playable character “Jack O”, battle balancing, and fix various mode bugs. Apart from this, Guilty Gear Strive version 1.09 (1.009) also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a big game update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.09 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Guilty Gear Strive 1.09 Patch Notes (1.009.000) – – August 27, 2021

General and various modes

– [Jack O] has been added as a playable character.
* “GGST Season Pass 1” owners will be available after applying the update patch on August 27.
* Ps4/PS5 editions will be available on August 30.
* Steam version single item sales will start on August 27.
・ Added “Reflection Can’t Please Me”, a bgm dedicated to Jack Oh.
* In order to select BGM, “Jack-O” must be in a state that can be selected.
・ In PS4 Pro/PS5, we have responded to reduce input delay.
Ps4 is usually not covered in this update, but we will continue to verify it in the future.

Network mode

– Fixed a bug where the action list of counterattack settings would appear unnatural when playing against each other from waiting for training mode by setting the “Training Environment” to “Previous Match Environment”.

Replay mode

Fixed a bug where replay data was not saved properly.
Replay data saved in Battle Version 1.03 may not play properly after this update patch has been adapted.

Battle Related

Fixed an issue where the effect would not play correctly when counter-hit productions and wall breaks occurred at the same time.
Fixed a bug that could cause the opponent’s character’s position to be greatly out of place when chasing a dust attack.
Fixed a bug where fire sound effects would be played repeatedly in certain situations.


– Adjusted the background music volume of some songs, such as battle songs from past series.
Fixed typos in some texts.

[Serious known defects]
■ No network functionality is available in certain play environments.
We continue to verify and respond.
If you are those who have this symptom, please play this game once after this update, and if you are still 10 years old, please fill in the following information and contact our customer service

・ Model you are playing ・ Model number of the communication device you are using, such as the provider you are using and contract service / router ・ If possible, screen photos of videos and error messages when errors occur.

Character adjustments and bug fixes

Balance adjustments are scheduled to be implemented twice, scheduled for August and October, and this update will focus on pinpoint changes such as skill units.

In addition, we are considering improvements and specification changes in the October update for some actions such as the common system and “flying tool special technique” and “ground middle stage attack”.

Download free Guilty Gear -Strive- patch 1.09 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Xbox One.

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