Guild Wars 2 Update Patch Notes (GW2 Update) – June 6, 2023

A new Guild Wars 2 update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Guildwars 2 patch notes, the latest update adds the Dragon Bash Festival with various activities and rewards. Engage in dragon-themed games like Dragon Arena, Hologram Stampede, Piñata Bashing, Dragon Bash Rally, and Moa Race. Earn the new Holographic Dragon Plate chest armor and Dragonrender weapon set through achievements.

Recently, a big Guild Wars 2 update was released which added a new farming area, dozens of crops to grow, and crafting recipes to create. Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Guild Wars 2 patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes – June 6, 2023

Dragon Bash Festival

It’s time for Dragon Bash! It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be racing, food, song, tests of strength, and—most importantly—ale.

I’ll see you there. Unless, of course, you don’t enjoy fun.

— Knut Whitebear

  • Join the celebration in Hoelbrak! Celebrate Tyria’s resistance against the Elder Dragons while engaging in a variety of festive games, including:
    • Dragon Arena: Show off your dragon-fighting prowess against lifelike holograms in the Dragon Arena, or challenge a more difficult gauntlet in Dragon Arena Survival.
    • Hologram Stampede: The fighting continues in the Hologram Stampede, a map-wide scramble to clear the Hoelbrak countryside of deadly enemies.
    • Piñata Bashing: Master the tradition of destroying dragon piñatas in the Piñata Bashing adventure.
    • Dragon Bash Rally: Speed around Hoelbrak in the Dragon Bash Rally mounted race.
    • Moa Race: Tigg’s famous racing moas return in a moa race event. Put your zhaitaffy on the line and cheer on the winner!
  • The festival meta-achievement, Annual Dragon Bash Feats, has been updated with a new reward, the Holographic Dragon Plate chest armor. Last year’s reward, the Holographic Dragon Greaves, can now be purchased from the Dragon Bash Merchant (Prizes).
  • A new Dragonrender weapon set crafted in the norn tradition is now available! You’ll receive your choice of weapon by progressing the Dragon Bash Feats meta-achievement, and you can acquire additional weapons from the Dragon Bash Festivities weekly achievement.
  • Four new Candy-Packed Dragon weapons are now available as rare drops from Dragon Coffers. They can also be purchased from Sparking Stone, a Dragon Bash weapons vendor in Hoelbrak.
  • Two new minis, the Mini Duckling and Mini Mountain Sheep, have been added to the Dragon Bash rewards vendor.
  • New guild decorations have been added to help complete your guild race courses: additional holographic track quarter-pipe pieces and a new decoration that offers complimentary roller beetle rentals!
  • The party rages for three weeks, from June 6 until June 27 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7). Get bashing!


  • A new general game option, Hide Ally Visual Effects, has been added. This allows players to hide many of the visual effects created by other players who are on their team. It has three levels of fidelity: all players, all players outside party, and all players outside squad.
    • It is located in the Options menu under General Options, then Groups.
    • This does not hide effects created by enemy players. For example, in WvW or PvP scenarios, players on opposing teams will display all their effects, regardless of these settings.
    • Some ally effects are exempted from the option. In particular, any group healing or boon area-of-effect skills will still be visible. Some combo field skills are exempted as well.
    • The intent of this option is to improve game performance, accessibility, and visual clarity in high-population gameplay scenarios.
  • Loading time to reach character selection has been improved.
  • Standardized the achievement background color of the “What Lies Within” achievement list to match the other Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons achievements.

World vs. World

  • Added the Mist-Hardened Lockbox. This reward is available from completing WvW dailies, the weekly WvW meta-achievement, and as a drop from tower, keep, and Stonemist Castle lords. Mist-Hardened Lockbox keys, which are required to open the lockboxes, are available from each individual WvW weekly achievement and can be purchased from a new vendor.
    • New Officer’s Remnant weapons are available as rare drops from Mist-Hardened Lockboxes.
  • A new vendor named Dugan has been added to the bases in Eternal Battlegrounds, Alpine Borderlands, and Desert Borderlands and inside the Armistice Bastion lobby. Each week, Dugan will offer WXP Boosters, Mystic Clovers, Memories of Battle, Provisioner Tokens, siege blueprints, ascended feasts, and more in exchange for WvW currencies such as WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets, Emblems of the Avenger, and Badges of Honor.
  • A new Mistwalker Infusion has been added to WvW. An account-bound version is available for purchase from Dugan after completing a new Mists Research achievement, which is located in the WvW section of the Achievement tab of the Hero panel. A tradeable Ball of Charged Mists Essence containing the infusion can rarely be found after defeating WvW keep lords and the Stonemist Castle lord, and inside Mist-Hardened Lockboxes.
  • Adjusted the method used to award kill credit to support players to make their kill rewards more on par with damage-focused players.
  • To reward players for partial progress in the WvW weekly achievements, the WvW weekly meta-achievement has been split into two tiers, awarding 4 gold for each tier completed. Each tier requires three completed achievements, for a total of six.
  • The Invulnerable Fortifications guild claiming tactic has been renamed to Siege Dampener. The Structural Integrity effect applied by this tactic now reduces incoming siege damage to walls and gates by 66% for 60 seconds, rather than making them completely invulnerable.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Emergency Waypoint guild claiming tactic from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Legacy of the Foefire: Fixed an issue that prevented players from interrupting the guild lord’s healing skill. The defiance bar will now only be active while the skill is being cast.

World Polish

  • Fixed an issue that caused the jade behemoth to remain stunned and unresponsive after the final meta-event if the ravenous wanderer’s final phase lasted longer than the jade behemoth’s attack cycle.
  • Intensified the damage reduction provided to the ravenous wanderer by its Haze-Made Form protective effect.
  • Removed the jade power charge cost from the air filter vendors in Gyala Delve. Text referencing this cost will be updated in a later release.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to loot the Silent Sands jumping puzzle chest in Gyala Delve without completing the puzzle.

Personal Story

  • Taimi will now have a delay when asking for big money or needing a new pair of shocks during the Emotional Release story chapter of “What Lies Within.”
  • Players who are not the party leader can now view lore conversations at the end of the Full Circle story chapter of “What Lies Within.”
  • Rama’s incantation will now finish fully before the next dialogue plays in “What Lies Within.”
  • Rama will also beckon players who are not the instance owner during the Full Circle story chapter of “What Lies Within.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused the story starburst icon to disappear during the Emotional Release story chapter of “What Lies Within.”
  • The ravenous wanderer now lurks and unlurks properly during “What Lies Within.”
  • Characters other than the party leader will no longer speak during the Full Circle story chapter of “What Lies Within.”
  • Story lore conversations are now visible to players who are not the party leader.
  • Fixed pathing issues for NPCs using zip lines in “What Lies Within.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused Canach to display a double story starburst icon during the Full Circle story chapter of “What Lies Within.”


  • The Special Ops Captain’s Helmet Skin consumable item no longer requires name entry for deletion.
  • Pyrite dorado are now account bound when acquired, and they properly convert to raw fish when consumed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Slooshoo from continuing to sell offering baskets after the player completed the Koda’s Blessing collection.

Download free Guildwars 2 patch on PC (Steam).

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