Guild Wars 2 June 28 Update Patch Notes (GW2 Update)


A new Guild Wars 2 update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Guildwars 2 patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, fixes and gameplay improvements.

Recently, a big update was released which added a new farming area, dozens of crops to grow, and crafting recipes to create. Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Guild Wars 2 patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes – June 28, 2022

Living World

  • Twisted Marionette event rewards have been increased.


  • Fixed an issue with the Tsunami Dodger achievement in which it would fail to detect players standing behind spawned crystals.
  • Equipment will no longer be damaged after a player is defeated in battle. Anvils, Instant Repair Canisters, Endless Instant Repair Canisters, and NPCs who offer repair services now provide a Reinforced Armor effect, which grants extra health and defense.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented daily achievements from being filtered by map type. Also added WvW filtering to daily achievements while in Armistice Bastion.
  • Personal Story and Living World instances will no longer remove players from their instance for stepping over the red instance boundary outlines. Players will instead be teleported back to the playable space.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from properly dismounting in midair after unlocking the Soaring Rescue Mastery.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from properly dismounting in midair after unlocking the Air Rescue Mastery.

User Interface

  • Mouse cursors can now be displayed with higher contrast using two new options in the General Options tab.
    • The Cursor Contrast option sets the default cursor contrast mode.
    • The “Use ‘Show Ally Names’ Key Bind to Find Cursor” option lets players hold a key to show the cursor at the highest contrast.
  • The Mastery skill menu has improved interaction.
    • Created a new input category for Mastery skills and moved the right-click Active Mastery Skill binding to it.
    • Created new input bindings for each skill in the Mastery menu that can be used as shortcuts to activate each skill.
    • Retained the previous interaction methods, including left-clicking to perform the active action, right-clicking into the menu then left-clicking a skill to activate it, or right-clicking into the menu then right-clicking a skill to change the active Mastery skill.
  • The necromancer specializations now appropriately show their user interface, including the correctly colored life force bar and the scourge shades.


Emboldened Mode

  • Each week, one of the seven existing raid wings will be set to Emboldened mode. Upon entry, raid members will gain their first stack of Emboldened, which grants additional health, damage output, and improved healing to aid in their battle against each encounter. Each time the raid group fails a boss encounter, they’ll receive another stack of Emboldened, granting players up to 100% additional health, 50% increased damage, and 50% increased healing output. Upon successfully completing the boss encounter, the stacks of Emboldened will reset.
    • Players may vote to disable Emboldened by interacting with the Emboldened mote inside each raid.
    • Activating challenge mode will disable the Emboldened effect.


  • Call of the Mists is no longer permanently active in the Key of Ahdashim raid.
  • Call of the Mists now rotates on a weekly cadence.
  • The Raid categories in the Looking for Group tab have been updated:
    • Raids (Training): This group is for players looking to learn or teach raid encounters.
    • Raids (Experienced): This group is for players looking for other experienced individuals to clear and tackle more challenging encounters.
    • Both categories now only accept listings from players in a squad.


  • All End of Dragons Strike Missions have had their weekly gold rewards increased:
    • Aetherblade Hideout: 2 Gold
      • Challenge Mode: Additional 2 Gold (4 Total)
    • Xunlai Jade Junkyard: 2 Gold
      • Challenge Mode: Additional 2 Gold (4 Total)
    • Kaineng Overlook: 4 Gold
      • Challenge Mode: Additional 4 Gold (8 Total)
    • Harvest Temple: 4 Gold
      • Challenge Mode: Additional 4 Gold (8 Total)
  • All End of Dragons Strike Mission challenge modes now award an Antique Summoning Stone once per week.
  • All End of Dragons Strike Mission challenge modes have a chance to drop a tradable container, the Imperial Everbloom Sprout, that allows an account-bound Imperial Everbloom infusion to be selected.
  • The End of Dragons Strike Mission rewards vendor, Zazzl, now has an account-bound Imperial Everbloom power-attribute infusion available for purchase after meeting specific requirements. This infusion can only be purchased once per account.

Personal Story

  • Hearts and Minds Revamp: The final story instance of Heart of Thorns has been updated to remove the holding area players were sent to upon dying, and the holding area has been replaced with multiple mid-instance checkpoints so that players have more opportunity to recover from defeat or disconnects without losing progress between play sessions. In addition to this structural change, a number of smaller updates have been made to the encounters and scripting to make things more stable and predictable.
    • Removed the veteran stonehead that patrolled the entrance tunnel area.
    • Added visible warning effects around the blighting pods to show the range at which they will be disturbed, and made the pods only respond to players.
    • Added a new achievement for sneaking past all of the blighting pods and getting to Trahearne without triggering any of them.
    • Updated scripting on allied and enemy NPCs to harden them against stalls and failures.
    • Added a visible timer objective during the final rift sequence so that it’s clearer when the rift can be opened.


  • A new Mordremoth-based legendary weapon skin collection is now available. Speak with Leivas after unlocking an Aurene-based legendary weapon to begin this collection!
  • In response to player feedback, the cost for a specific one of the four Scale Splinters of Zhaitan is now 2,500 Research Notes and 75 gold instead of 10,000 Research Notes. This cost will also apply to a specific Scale Splinter of Mordremoth and other related items.

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