GTFO Update Patch Notes – Sep. 25, 2023

GTFO update (Rundown 4.0) is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official GTFO patch notes, the latest update focused on addressing community-raised issues and fine-tuning weapon balance.

Previously, a big GTFO update added three new expeditions in The Complex – BX, CX, and DX. This brings the total expeditions in this rundown to 13, which makes it one of the most packed rundowns to date. Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues. GTFO patch (Rundown 4.0) will fix a few of these issues.

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GTFO Update Patch Notes – September 25, 2023


HEL Shotgun
  • Slightly increased shot delay
Burst Cannon
  • Slightly increased damage
Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Slightly increased starting damage falloff
  • Slightly reduced reload time
HEL Auto Sentry
  • Slightly increased maximum ammo
  • Prioritizes targeting the body of enemies instead of their head
HEL Auto Pistol
  • Slightly increased starting and ending damage falloff
Machine Pistol
  • Slightly increased damage
  • Slightly reduced shot delay
  • Reduced ending damage falloff


  • Fixed bug where clients did not trigger voice lines.
  • Fixed bug in the Apparel Requisition window where it didn’t show the Expedition names correctly.
  • Fixed bug where R6AX, R6BX, and R6CX contained the label “://EXT”.
  • Fixed bug in R6AX where the terminal had an “Audio Buffer Size Exceeded” message incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in R6B2 where two resource boxes could be inaccessible.
  • Fixed bug in R5D1 where an enemy can spawn underground and be inaccessible.
  • Fixed bug in R6CX where the description mentioned DX instead of CX.
  • Fixed bug in R6AX where an enemy can spawn in an inaccessible location.
  • Fixed bug in R6C3 where there could be an inaccessible locker.
  • Fixed bug in R6CX where you could get stuck on a railing.
  • Fixed bug in R6D1 where the boss music didn’t play.
  • Fixed bug where the Heavy SMG could reload an invisible magazine when empty.

Download free GTFO patch on PC (Steam).

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