GTFO Update Patch Notes (Official) – January 21, 2022

GTFO update (January 21, 2022) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official GTFO patch notes, the latest update added new features, options, and improvements. Apart from this, GTFO patch also includes various bug fixes.

Previously, a big update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. GTFO update will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in GTFO January 21 Update?

Rundown 6.0 / Dimensions

  • Added option for enabling sound when tabbed out of the game
  • Added option for hiding the Voice Communication text in the chat
  • Added option for muting the Voice Communication audio
  • Enabled ability to change the language while in a game. Some texts won’t be translated until you exit the expedition.
  • All chat messages are now erased between games
  • Added a few new translations
  • Added a missing symbol to the Russian font used
  • Player Bots
    • Are smarter when attacking enemies, such as avoiding meleeing in bad situations
    • Are smarter about avoiding getting shot from sentry guns
    • Better prioritize what enemy limbs to attack
    • Are smarter about carry items, e.g. dropping them to join combat
    • Various item throwing improvements
    • Added missing [Bot] prefix to Expedition Success screen
  • Fixed bug where meleeing enemies from behind didn’t apply the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed bug where joining a D4 game in-progress can teleport players to a locked zone
  • Fixed multiple Terminal Uplink bugs related to using checkpoints or joining games in-progress
  • Fixed bug where the Scout stance was not consistent for Hosts and Clients
  • Fixed bug where trying to use the “Cancel that” Communication Menu on a human caused exceptions and could lead to a crash
  • Fixed bug where dropping the Matter Wave Projector in the outside area in A1, then restoring from a checkpoint will cause the MWP to appear at the checkpoint door for clients
  • Fixed bug on D4 where areas revealed from the teleports would show on the main map
  • Fixed bug where the flashlight did not wake up sleepers at a close-to-mid range
  • Fixed bug where players could be knee-deep in the floor when standing on ground that has holes in it, like catwalks
  • Fixed bug where bots would walk too slow carrying objective items
  • Fixed various door related bugs, such as them appearing incorrect when restoring from checkpoint, the text being visible from the other side, and the door exploding in the incorrect direction
  • Fixed bug where the audio line “Please step into the Bioscan” might not play for a client
  • Fixed bug where strikers would cancel their attack but clients would still see the tongue
  • Fixed bug where there could be sudden fog transitions when quicky dropping and picking up the Fog Repeller Turbine
  • Fixed bug where the Checkpoint icon wasn’t properly aligned on the Expedition Success screen
  • Fixed bug where the Sectors Cleared at the top right of the Rundown screen would overlap on each other
  • The text for “Hold to Skip” now auto scales to fit the animation display
  • Fixed bug where enemy wave spawning sound was played more frequently that it should
  • Fixed bug where you could skip the “Connect to Rundown” animation/button by going to Settings
  • Fixed bug where bots would be stuck holding objective items after a checkpoint restore if they were holding it when the checkpoint was saved. They now drop the item after the checkpoint is restored.
  • Fixed bug where the melee visual and sound effects would not play for other players when hitting objects
  • Fixed bug where long door names like “SEC_DOOR_987” would get split on two lines
  • Fixed bug where the Prisoner Evaluation and Artifacts Collected texts could be badly split to multiple lines on the Expedition Success screen
  • Fixed bug where bots played the cfoam sound twice
  • Fixed various Level Design bugs
  • Fixed various exceptions

Download free GTFO patch on PC (Steam).

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