GTFO Update Patch Notes – December 14, 2023

GTFO update (Rundown 8.0) is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official GTFO patch notes, the latest update brings new features, changes and fixes.

Previously, a big GTFO update added three new expeditions in The Complex – BX, CX, and DX. This brings the total expeditions in this rundown to 13, which makes it one of the most packed rundowns to date. Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues. GTFO patch (Rundown 8.0) will fix a few of these issues.

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GTFO Update Patch Notes – December 14, 2023


  • Added dodge mechanic back, consuming stamina on use.
  • Narrative description is now hidden for expeditions B1-E1 when locked.
  • Updated Revolver reload animation.


  • Swapped 2 snatchers for 1 tank in R8B3 Secondary.
  • Fixed some wave spawns in R8E1 so they don’t spawn from front.


  • Fixed bug where Voice Logs were controlled by SFX instead of Dialog setting.
  • Fixed bug where the Slug Shotgun didn’t count for the “Close Quarters” Achievement.
  • Fixed bug where placing the Consumeable Tripmine invalidated the “Low Tech” Achievement.
  • Fixed bug where the Achievement “D-Lock Block Decipherer” was incorrectly awarded and “Theorist”, ”Versed”, & “Cataloger” could not be awarded if you played a Modded rundown. The Achievement now goes back to the unawarded state only if you did not discover enough logs, but have it incorrectly awarded. No progress is reset.
  • Fixed bug in R8A1 where a wall had no collision in Zone 73.
  • Fixed bug in R8B2 where a scan could be floating in the air.
  • Fixed bug where R8C1 Overload could not be completed due to a Terminal sometimes being inaccessible.
  • Fixed bug in R8C1 where some incorrect comments were mentioned in the objective text.
  • Fixed bug in R8D1 where a dead body had blood on mask but not on their clothes.
  • Fixed bug in R8E1 where there were two incorrect Warden Objective texts.

BUG FIXES, CONTINUED (mild spoilers ahead)

  • Fixed bug in R8A2 where there were some blank subtitles.
  • Fixed bug in R8A2 where there were some overlapping objects in the extraction Zone.
  • Fixed bug in R8A2 where the objective disappears after the Schaeffer & Henriksson argument.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong fog settings get applied after playing R8A2 Secondary.
  • Fixed bug where R8B4 Secondary could not be completed.
  • Fixed bug in R8B4 where the Data Sphere was not required for extract if you restored from checkpoint.
  • Fixed bug in R8B4 where a player could get stuck in Zone 159.
  • Fixed bug in R8C2 where the game could hard-lock if certain commands were used on a specific Terminal.
  • Fixed bug in R8C2 where there was a missing sound from the Vogen.
  • Fixed bug in R8D2 where a command could be entered multiple times causing audio issues.
  • Fixed bug in R8E2 where the command “ADMIN_TEMP_OVERRIDE” could be used more than once.
  • Fixed bug in R8E2 where the fade-out briefly stops working at the end animation.
  • Fixed bug in R8E2 where an objective text had a missing closing color tag.
  • Fixed bug in R8E2 where you could get extra time when failing the Reactor Verification.

Download free GTFO patch on PC (Steam).

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