GTFO Update 7.0 Patch Notes (New Features & Changes)


GTFO update 7.0 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official GTFO patch notes, the latest update added a lot of new features and fixes in a lot of areas, improving bots, graphical elements and sound design.

Previously, a big update added three new expeditions in The Complex – BX, CX, and DX. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. GTFO patch 7.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


GTFO Patch 7.0 Notes – June 16, 2022


  • Added 10 new Expeditions
  • Added Evaluation Expedition for new players
  • New Dangers detected in The Complex
  • Added new Environment
  • Updated Music System
  • Added subtitles for narrative elements
  • Improved Localization system
  • Performed optimizations
  • Updated Vanity Item drop system. Rewards are less repetitive and show available rewards.
  • Updated roaring sounds as waves of enemies spawn
  • Added new Thermal Scope
  • Improved Shooter projectiles
  • Improved Charger enemy visuals
  • Updated Player Heads, including eye movement and blinking
  • Updated Glue Tripmine VFX
  • Updated Bioscan visuals
  • Improved Steam Deck support
  • Improved Gamepad support
  • Updated sprint toggle behavior
  • Added camera shake for Tripmine explosions
  • When dropping an object, the player now switches to the last weapon they had before picking it up
  • Added 3rd person animation when interacting with the terminal
  • Added text on screen when a checkpoint is being reloaded
  • Player Limbs are now also impacted by friendly fire
  • Player Bots
    • Will move in faster and more decisively to melee when sneaking fails
    • Improved bots ability to evade projectiles
    • Improved melee to be more flexible and not get interrupted as easily
    • Bots will no longer sneak during enemy waves
    • Added a delay when using Biotracker
    • Added more chatter
  • Graphics
    • Improved performance by reducing the CPU Culling Workload setting
    • Added Advanced Graphic Setting “Shadow Updates Per Frame”
    • Added Graphic Setting “Shadow Quality”
    • Added Graphic Setting “Fog Quality”
    • Changed SSAO to Low/Medium/High
    • Updated the light in the elevator drop cage
    • Updated shell casings to more realistic sizes


  • Machine Pistol
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Burst Rifle
  • Scattergun
  • HEL Gun
  • Auto Sentry


  • PDW
  • High Caliber Pistol
  • Precision Rifle
  • HEL Shotgun
  • Shotgun Sentry


  • Slightly increased range
  • Slightly increased damage


  • Slightly increased range
  • Slightly reduced recoil
  • Increased body shot damage
  • Reduced precision multiplier


  • Significantly reduced ammo capacity

Heavy Assault Rifle

  • Significantly increased recoil

Choke Mod Shotgun

  • Slightly increased ammo capacity


  • Increased damage
  • Reduced recoil
  • Slightly lowered range


  • Slightly increased damage
  • Increased magazine size

Shotgun Sentry

  • Significantly reduced fire delay
  • Increased scan speed
  • Added Biotracker Symbiosis – More ammo efficient and faster detection for biotracked targets

Sniper Sentry

  • Increased rotation speed
  • Added Biotracker Symbiosis
  • Fixed bug where CFoam usage is inconsistent between host and client
  • Fixed bug where booster effect was not being applied if you placed a sentry then picked it back up again
  • Fixed bug where mines won’t damage a client unless the client is crouching or jumping
  • Fixed bug where overhead Player Info would show ammo info for equipment that has infinite ammo
  • Fixed bug where if you damaged a door yourself, an incorrect voiceline would play
  • Fixed bug where an invalidate SNet Replicator Key would cause unintended effects
  • Fixed bug where standing close behind a sentry leads to shot trajectory distortion
  • Fixed bug where an exploding mine at an already destroyed door would play the breaking animation again
  • Fixed bug where downed players would get revived when teleported between dimensions
  • Fixed bug where the door flaps on the large security doors would go to a closed state when the door is opened
  • Fixed bug where the status on the Security Doors didn’t update
  • Fixed bug where the Mine Deployer could blink while still attached to the clients’ backpack
  • Fixed bug where the Health Bar could show as yellow and not reset correctly when starting a new expedition
  • Fixed bug where you could interrupt burst firing weapons
  • Fixed bug where consumables sometimes could not be picked up after swapping them
  • Fixed bug where the animation for inserting the Matter Wave Projector didn’t always show
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots were unable to revive players if they went down on top of some objects
  • Fixed bug where an Objective item could become inaccessible if the player that was holding it left the game before a checkpoint was used. Now the Objective item will relocate to the hosts feet.
  • Fixed bug where players would stop hearing all audio sounds
  • Fixed bug where doors can be invisible after restoring from Checkpoint
  • Fixed bug where Host will see a friendly fire marker when a Bot shoots a client
  • Fixed bug where closing doors between host and enemy disables combat state
  • Fixed bug where Player bots are unable to pickup items another bot swapped into the boxes/lockers
  • Fixed bug where Objective items could be dropped at non-traversable locations
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots would move between multiple scans before finishing the one in-progress
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect Objective shadow would show in the Cargo Drop Cage
  • Fixed bug where Terminal passwords would not be reseeded after checkpoint
  • Fixed bug where running and triggering a scout then standing still sometimes didn’t immediately trigger the tendrils
  • Fixed bug where the Spitters could stop working for clients after Checkpoint
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots would thank themselves for giving themselves resources. Thank you.
  • Fixed bug where 3rd person animation for picking up Heavy Objects was incorrect
  • Fixed bug where lock melters would not be removed from the Player Bot backpack after it runs out of uses.
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots would get stuck trying to give itself ammo for inventory item it does not have
  • Fixed bug where the In-Expedition subtitles disappeared after a language change
  • Fixed bug where expedition items could be invisible for drop-in clients before being picked up
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots sometimes wouldn’t have a Melee weapon in their backpack
  • Fixed bug where Player Bots would oscillate in narrow spaces, like bioscans
  • Fixed bug where initial player ammo could be negative
  • Fixed bug where the map would not reset after checkpoint reload
  • Fixed bug where enemies could push other enemies around
  • Fixed bug where single use mines did not show the placement indicator
  • Fixed bug where a Disinfection Pack could still be used at 0%
  • Fixed bug where Door texts were not showing on the map
  • Fixed bug where Broken Doors were not indicating on the map
  • Fixed bug where Level Geomorphs would not rotate during Level Generation
  • Fixed bug where Clouds would be shaky when moving the camera
  • Fixed bug where the intro menu cognitive scan effect was not playing
  • Fixed bug where enemies would only decompose if you are looking at them
  • Fixed bug where the liquid screen effect wasn’t rendering
  • Fixed bug where Enemy Population heat didn’t reset between expeditions
  • Fixed bug where Expedition Popup didn’t have consistent positioning
  • Fixed bug where the text on the Hacking Tool was incorrectly located
  • Fixed bug where fog was not synced for players joining in progress
  • Fixed bug where expedition clock was incorrect for players joining in progress
  • Fixed various Level Design related bugs
  • Fixed various Checkpoint related bugs
  • Fixed various Exceptions

Download free GTFO patch 7.0 on PC (Steam).