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GT Sport Update 1.17 released, Read What’s New and Fixed


Gran Turismo Sport update 1.17 is now available for download on PlayStation 4. The new GT Sport 1.17 update has added two new Audi “Vision Gran Turismo” Cars. The update has also fixed an issue where the background music does not play when the [BGM Playlist] option is set to “Transmission Mode”. In addition, Gran Turismo Sport 1.17 update includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

The “Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo” offers a glimpse into the future of racing with its sharp, aerodynamic design paying homage to the famous Audi 90 IMSA GTO that raced in the 1989 North American IMSA series.

Gran Turismo Sport update 1.17 Changelog [Updated]


Added two new Audi “Vision Gran Turismo” Cars
  • Audi E-TRON Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. X)
  • Audi Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. 1)

    Gran Turismo Sport update 1.17

Steering Controller

  • GT Sport 1.17 addressed an issue where the force feedback maximum torque resets to default when exiting the game mode being played, after having changed the force feedback and center sensitivity from the driving options.

Transmission Mode Background Music Setting

  • GT Sport update 1.17 fixed an issue where the background music does not play when the [BGM Playlist] option is set to “Transmission Mode”.

Other Fixes

  • Added bug fixes and game improvements.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.

Recently, update 1.16 was released which added fixes for sound and sports mode/lobby related issues. The Thrustmaster T500RS Steering Controller related issue was also addressed.


The article is now updated to the official GT Sport 1.17 update changelog.

Meantime, check your game update and download the latest Gran Turismo Sport update 1.17.