Grounded Update 1.06 Patch Notes (1.4.3)

Grounded update 1.06 (1.4.3) is available to download on PS4 and PS5(Version 1.000.006). According to the official Grounded 1.06 patch notes, the latest update brings optimizations for memory usage and load times. Apart from this, today’s Grounded version 1.06 also includes various bug fixes and improvements across platforms.

Previously, a major Grounded update 1.3 added a new game mode called “Playgrounds,” offering extensive customization and creativity options, alongside quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Grounded patch 1.06 will address a few of these errors.

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Grounded 1.06 Patch Notes – June 19, 2024

General Changes

  • Updated Photomode screenshot folder location on Windows for Windows 11 compatibility.
  • Improved shadow drawing distance for some Playground gizmos and gadgets.
  • Pinned objectives now cut off after 70 characters with “…” at the end.
  • Enhanced Hedge visuals on Low graphics settings from afar.
  • “Load Last Save” button now usable in Death menu on Shared World.

REMIX.D Yard Changes

  • Hedge Broodmother scream attack no longer triggers Infusion Effects unless damage is taken.
  • Randomized trinkets no longer stack in the hot pouch; can be assigned to different slots.


  • Memory usage optimizations to prevent rogue spikes when loading some assets.
  • Improved load times in later game saves.

Xbox One

  • Dramatically reduced memory usage, leading to fewer Out of Memory crashes.

PlayStation 5

  • More consistent 60 FPS performance.
  • Fixed save game corruption issues during New Game+.

Nintendo Switch

  • Reduced memory usage, leading to fewer Out of Memory crashes.
  • Reduced FPS drops when navigating through labs.

Major Fixes

  • Deduping an equipped trinket via ASL properly removes the trinket.
  • Buildings no longer show “No Land Rights” incorrectly when near large objects.
  • Baby ant pets and other walking pets no longer knock players off ledges.
  • Pets no longer occasionally fall through the world.
  • Hedge Quest landmark properly unlocks for saves started prior to version 1.3.0.
  • Crossplay invites now work correctly between crossplay and non-crossplay users.
  • Added “Restore Player Data” Game Repair button for save game issues.
  • Fixed infinite loading issues in certain save games.
  • Fixed potential client crash when starting a new game.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Report Card and Milk Molar BURG.L quest properly account for different Milk Molar amounts in New Game+.
  • Water Fleas and Diving Bell Spiders no longer ignore players with the Antbassador mutation.
  • Ants hoard less food, improving performance near ant hills.
  • Baby Ants no longer eat player food in the base.
  • Keyboard use on consoles for in-game chat no longer opens the virtual keyboard.
  • Pets can be renamed using a gamepad.
  • Clients can unlock “Royal Arrangements” and “Did I Do That?” achievements in New Game+.
  • Clients no longer get disconnected from Playgrounds with many links to base buildings.
  • “Place Many” action now works without buildings moving around after 1 second.
  • Marker visibility toggling works correctly for far away markers.
  • Raw science in Playgrounds handles spawn state properly after players move away and return.
  • Interact actions in third person mode work more reliably for clients.
  • Mantis properly animates during the boss fight emergence.
  • Voice chat indicators no longer show during in-game messaging.
  • Fixed building placement rebinding issues with AZERTY keyboards.
  • Correct icons used for Red and Fire Ant Queen Pheromones.
  • “High object count” warning appears correctly underneath Published Playgrounds.
  • “Rotate Building” key rebinds can be changed for Keyboard.
  • “Did I Do That?” achievement resyncs properly if completed offline.
  • “Did I Do That?” can be achieved for clients during New Game+.
  • Fixed text error for ‘Spicy Damage Up Best’ using ‘Spicy Damage Up Major’ text.
  • “Royal Arrangements” achievement completable in New Game+.
  • Raw Science in REMIX.R lab no longer triggers SCA.B scanner.
  • “Community Playgrounds” section accessible without Xbox/Microsoft account login.
  • HUD Markers no longer inverted when playing in Arabic.
  • Dandelion Tufts activate with no stamina.
  • Object Limit indicator resyncs correctly after loading a save.
  • First Person Handy Gnat visibility fixed for other players.
  • “Spend More Science” no longer blocks in New Game+ if Science Store is fully purchased.
  • Improved grid snapping for buildings on Grass floors.

Download free Grounded version 1.04 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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