Grounded Update 0.11 Patch Notes 0.11.0 (Hot and Hazy Update)

    Grounded update 0.11 will soon roll out on PC and Xbox One. According to the official Grounded patch notes, the latest update added 8 new creatures, 4 new biomes, an updated haze area, and more. Apart from this, Grounded patch 0.11.0 also includes a weapon upgrade system.

    Previously, a big update added a long list of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Grounded patch 0.11.0 will address a few of these errors.

    Grounded Patch Notes for Update 0.11.0

    • The Crab Sandbox
      • Dig up buried treasure and find ways to survive the sweltering heat of the Sandbox, or wait until night and venture forth in the dark. Either way, you’ll have to discover new ways to survive while avoiding your new antlion friends!
    • The Black Ant Hill
      • Introducing a new sprawling anthill in the western yard full of black ants and other secrets. This dungeon allows players to uncover new craftable weapons and armor, and includes a new mini-boss within its depths.
    • The Trash Heap
      • Too precious to throw away, but not precious enough for the Trash Heap! Here, players will be able to uncover some of the trash left in the backyard. From food items in the knocked-over trash can to the AARTZ 3000, it’ll be interesting to see what the players designate as treasure of their own.
    • The Picnic Table
      • Something’s abuzz over at the Picnic Table! Joining the beehive, players will now find trash from yesterday’s lunch, along with the latest and greatest in tabletop RPGs, Minotaurs and Myrmidons vol. II! Although the players will be too tiny to play, they can have fun exploring some of the components.

    Haze Revamp

    • Although this biome has been in the backyard since the beginning, players will experience a new Haze with this update. Avoid exploding fungi and survive the highly dangerous new friends that roam this battlefield to plunder the lab and its secrets.

    New Bugs

    3 New Infected Bugs

    • Infected Ladybugs, Infected Larvae, and Infected Gnats can now be found in The Haze!
      • They have unique attacks that fit the infected-creature them
      • Creatures here will drop fungal growths as loot in addition to the normal loot

    5 New Additional Bugs

    • Black Worker Ants
      • Just as busy and cute as their red ant cousins on the other side of the yard
    • Black Soldier Ants
      • Not as cute as the Black Worker Ants, but just as busy trying to keep you out
    • Sickly Roly Polys
      • Maybe all that time near the trash cans isn’t such a good thing for these little guys
    • Antlions
      • There is only one thing in the yard that they hate more than ants, and that’s YOU
    • Meaty Gnats
      • What’s better than gnats? MEATY GNATS! The meatier the gnat, the bigger the BOOP!

    1 New Mini-boss

    • [All information regarding this asset has been WITHDRAWN from the patch documentation per Ominent Management]

    New Crafting Content

    • Antlion Equipment:
      • Antlion Armor Set
        • Status Effect: Protects the wearer from the sandbox sizzle effect
        • Set Bonus: Faster reload speed in combat with bows and crossbows
      • Antlion Greatsword
    • Sickly Roly Poly Equipment
      • Crusty Roly Poly Armor Set
        • Status Effect: Blocking attacks builds stun gauge on enemies (normally only builds on perfect blocks)
        • Set Bonus: Chance on block to repair currently equipped shield
    • Black Ant Equipment
      • Black Ant Armor Set
        • Status Effect: All attacks build extra stun gauge
        • Set Bonus: Reflect a portion of damage dealt back to the attacker
      • Black Ant Sword
      • Black Ant Shield
      • Black Ant Shovel
    • New Smoothie Base: Gum Nugget
      • Creates “Sticky” Smoothies
        • “Sticky Smoothie?” provides a regeneration buff on top of the default initial heal
        • Sticky recipe smoothies provide status effects that last double the duration of normal smoothies

    New Features

    Milk Molars

    The popular “Yoked Girth Milk Molar” vitamins for growing teens are strewn across the yard for you to find. Harvesting their dense vitamin-infused pulp centers gives players the ability to upgrade personal or party-wide stats at BURG.L.

    Milk Molar Upgrades (Personal):

    • Every Milk Molar found gives each player 1 Milk Morsel point to spend.
      • Increase personal stats like:
        • Max Health
        • Max Stamina
        • Max Hunger
        • Max Thirst
        • Max Equipped Mutation Slots
      • New players that join the game after Milk Morsels are found will instantly have those points available to spend however they want on their teen.

    Mega Milk Molar Upgrades (Party Wide):

    • Mega Milk Morsels are a shared party resource to use.
      • Increase max item stack sizes like:
        • Food
        • Resources
        • Ammo
      • Any Mega Milk Morsel upgrade is applied to the whole party, even new friends that join after!

    Smithing Station

    Players can now upgrade their tools at the new Smithing Station!

    • Tools and weapons can be upgraded using various upgrade globs
      • Quartzite Shards can be used to upgrade weapons up to +5, increasing damage each time
      • Additional upgrade globs can be unlocked via BURG.L chips and baked at the Oven:
        • Quartzite Globs → +6 and higher
        • Mint Globs → “Fresh” augmented weapons
        • Spicy Globs → “Spicy” augmented weapons
        • Salty Globs → “Salty” augmented weapons


    • 4 New mutations to discover:
      • Blademaster
      • Spicy Safety
      • Parry Master
      • Truffle Tussle

    Additional Features

    • New Photo Mode Pose: “Pet”
    • Pets now have a small, accessible inventory
    • You can now “Drop” bombs instead of always having to throw them

    Changes / Tuning


    • Gas masks no longer take durability damage in the haze.
      • They still take durability damage from stinkbug gas.
      • Maximum durability has been reduced to compensate.
    • Your active pet will now be marked with a HUD marker.
    • When players log out of a server, they take their active pet with them.
    • A text notification is posted when an unhappy pet leaves you.
    • Default stamina regen delay reduced to what it was before Shroom and Doom.
    • Default maximum equipped mutations reduced to 2.
      • Max total after upgrading is now 5 slots via spending Milk Morsels.

    Creature Damage Resists

    • All creatures in the backyard now have inherent strengths and weaknesses to specific damage types. For example:
      • Ladybug
        • 75% damage taken from Stabbing (arrows and spears) and Chopping (axes and daggers)
        • 100% damage taken from Generic (clubs and misc)
        • 125% damage taken from Smashing (hammers)
    • The current damage types in the game that this system taps into are:
      • Stabbing
      • Chopping
      • Smashing
      • Generic
      • Explosive
      • Fresh
      • Spicy
      • Salty

    Armor Rework

    • All armors now classified as “Light” “Medium” or “Heavy”:
      • Light Armor
        • Reduces the stamina regen delay when equipped
      • Medium Armor
        • No change to the stamina regen delay when equipped
      • Heavy Armor
        • Lengthens the stamina regen delay when equipped
      • All non-set armors received nonuniform Damage Resist buffs
        • For example, Firefly Headlamp is now considered “Heavy Armor”, and has the appropriate DR
      • All armors now display if they’re “Light”, “Medium”, or “Heavy”
      • All “Light” and “Medium” armor pieces received a 20% damage resist buff
      • All “Heavy” armor pieces received a 10% damage resist nerf
    • All armors have had their status effects and set bonus looked at, and some have been changed or adjusted: 
      Armor Set Status Effect Set Bonus
      • Unchanged: Max Stamina Increase
      • OLD: Thirst Rate Decreased
      • NEW: Attack Stamina Reduction
      • OLD: Running stamina use down
      • NEW: Arrows build stun gauge on creatures
      • OLD: Arrows build stun gauge on creatures
      • NEW: Arrows have a chance to Cripple (slow) enemies
      • OLD: Movement speed increase
      • NEW: Attack stamina reduction
      • Unchanged: Stamina regen rate increase
      • Unchanged: Max Stun/Shield gauge increase
      • OLD: Passive HP regen
      • NEW: Chance to apply temporary regen buff when blocking (normal or perfect) an attack


    Raw Science Economy Changes

    • Raw Science economy changes:
      • Costs of all purchases have been adjusted: important items now cost much less, while vanity/esoteric items cost much more.
        • Upgraded recipes (+ variants) now all cost 1,500
        • New recipes and recipe packs now all cost 2,500
        • Mutations now cost 3,000
        • Sign packs now cost 4,000
        • SCA.B radar upgrades now cost 5,000
      • Removed Alchemist BURG.L quest type
      • Increased science reward from analyzing a resource by 50%

    Food Rework

    • Food and Hunger have been reworked:
      • All food items are now classified as a Snack or a Meal
      • Snacks
        • Exist exclusively to reduce hunger
          • Common snacks provide very low hunger
          • Rarer snacks provide up to 25% of the hunger bar
        • Can stack in the inventory
          • Default is 5 per slot
        • Never spoil
        • Do not activate passive health regen even when filling your hunger all the way
      • Meals
        • Can provide a “Well Fed” buff on top of hunger
        • Prevents hunger from depleting for 8-20 minutes (real-time)
        • Cannot stack in the inventory
        • Can spoil
        • Activates passive health regen
        • Benefits scale with the tier of the meal
          Tier Meal Duration Passive Regen Number of Meal Effects
          0 8 Minutes Half 0
          1 12 Minutes Normal 1
          2 16 Minutes x1.5 1
          3 20 Minutes Double 2
        • Meals are obtained via “Cookbook” unlocks on BURG.L chips.

    Garden Updates

    • Small Mushrooms and Sprigs now have a green thumb chance.
    • New Fertilizer introduced: Rotten Food
      • Increases the green thumb chance of the current plant.

    Brain Power

    • When you analyze new materials found in the world, you will gain more Brain Power, another avenue to unlock crafting recipes.
      • Materials can be Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Rarer materials award more Brain Power.
      • Picking up materials will no longer award recipes. You will need to analyze the material to unlock the recipes.
      • Some materials awarded too many recipes and were rebalanced.


    • Horizontal and vertical controller and mouse sensitivities can now be set independently.
    • The controller movement stick can now be inverted on either axis in the Controller options.
    • Increased the maximum possible value of both controller and mouse sensitivities.
    • The game will now pause if your controller is disconnected.
    • Some controls that previously displayed long names such as “Left Bracket” will now display short names such as ‘[‘.


    • Fresh Defense has been changed
      • Now a 3 level mutation
      • Gained by eating mint instead of picking it up
      • Level 1
        • Unlocked by eating 1 mint total
        • 25% gas and burning damage resistance
        • 25% Sizzle rate reduction
      • Level 2
        • Unlocked by eating 5 mints total
        • 50% gas and burning damage resistance
        • 50% Sizzle rate reduction
      • Level 3
        • Unlocked by eating 10 mints total
        • 50% gas and burning damage resistance
        • 75% Sizzle rate reduction
    • Grass Master has been updated
      • Now refunds stamina used to attack when harvesting grass in addition to the bonus damage
        • Amount of stamina refunded increases per level of the mutation
    • Meat Shield and Buff Lungs mutations buffed by 50%

    Class-Based Mutation Rework

    • All “class” mutations have been changed:
      • No longer provide a passive increase to damage
      • Each weapon type has a different on-hit proc effect
        • Chopper provides axes with a chance to Stagger
          • Interrupts the current action of the target
        • Smasher provides hammers with a chance to Daze
          • Slows the attack speed of the target
        • Barbarian provides club users a chance to enter “Rage” when attacking
          • Attack damage bonus while raged
          • Unable to perfect block while raged
        • Assassin provides daggers with a chance to apply a bleed DoT
          • Damage over time that stacks with other sources (poison, gas, etc)
        • Sharpshooter provides bows with a chance to Root
          • Disabled movement for a short time
        • Javelineer provides spears with a chance to Cripple
          • Movement speed slow
        • Blademaster provides swords with a chance to sharpen their blade when attacking
          • Restores durability to the weapon
      • The chance for the proc effects increases as the mutation is leveled up


    • The game window reveals more space horizontally with wider screen aspect ratios. This provides better support for ultra widescreen monitors.


    • Ambient background audio now has its own volume slider.


    • Poison damage is no longer reduced by Damage Reduction (for both players and creatures).
    • Bow and Crossbow damage with all ammunition types increased by about 25%.
    • Creatures will flee much further when fleeing at low health or when evading a player that they cannot reach.
    • The player’s glide will now be canceled if they flinch.
    • Mint Mace’s power level brought up to tier 3 club power.


    • The Smoothie Station and Oven UIs now show the names of each ingredient required and how many of each the player currently has.
    • Added Graphics option for toggling the Chromatic Aberration effect.
    • Added a text box to the Crafting menu for filtering crafting recipes, when using a keyboard.
    • A mask overlay is displayed on the screen in first-person mode when equipped with the Gas Mask.
    • A UI element showing your Gas Mask durability is displayed on the screen when inside of The Haze with a Gas Mask equipped.
    • Recipes you craft at the Oven now show up in the normal Crafting UI as well (with the Oven requirement displayed).
    • Knocked-out players will display a highlight outline around them if you have the “Highlight Objects” accessibility option set to anything higher than “None”.
    • When Read To Me is enabled, interaction prompts will be narrated.
    • The game will now prompt the player to configure accessibility settings on the first launch.
    • The game can now be paused during cutscenes.
    • Item context menus are now available in the Container interface.
    • Player backpacks will no longer automatically transfer items when opened unless all the items can be taken.

    Building Placement

    • Improved snapping of walls to existing grid buildings during placement.
    • Wall-mounted buildings are less restricted by the target surface angle.
    • Other minor building snapping behavior tweaks.
    • Buildings cannot be relocated into creatures.
    • Zipline Wall Anchors no longer support other wall-mounted buildings.
    • Improved ground alignment of several Storage & Utility buildings.


    • Repair costs for bows and crossbows are now consistent within a tier.
    • Lure recipes are no longer learned from flower petals. They now require a BURG.L chip purchase.
    • 2 new Sign sets are available to purchase from BURG.L once their chips are discovered.
    • Mint Mace is no longer crafted with raw mint. Now requires processed “Mint Globs”.
      • Now also requires mint shards to repair
    • Club of the Mother Demon now requires “Quartzite Globs” to repair.
    • Paint Can BURG.L chip has been removed
      • Recipes have been spread out to other relevant chips


    • Improved CPU and network performance in multiplayer games with large bases.
    • Improved CPU performance of creatures walking when playing a multiplayer game
    • Multiplayer Latency/Ping has been improved by 20-40%.
    • Additional general CPU performance improvements.
    • Saved game screenshots are smaller in disk size.


    • Mint in the anthill is now guaranteed to show up every ~6 days.
    • Mint Chunks renamed to Mint Shards
    • Spoiled Meat now stacks (considered a “food” for stack sizes)


    • Infected Mite tuning pass
      • HP increased
      • Damage lowered
      • Now prioritizes using a ranged attack
      • Ranged attack applies an explosive damage resistance debuff
    • Infected Weevils no longer apply an armor durability DoT with their explosion attack
    • Infected Weevils can now be attacked/killed to interrupt their explosion attack

    Bug Fixes

    Major Fixes

    • Creatures will spawn less frequently in locations they shouldn’t (inside of rocks, under the terrain, inside of labs, etc.)
    • Wolf Spiders will no longer be walking around during the day when starting a new game.
    • The Options menu will no longer scroll wildly after rebinding a control with mouse and keyboard.
    • Hot Pouch settings properly restore for clients when rejoining a game.
    • BURG.L Chips on the map display for clients as well.
    • All Sign Sets for Sign Frames are unlocked by default on Creative modes.
    • Ants no longer steal your storage items through walls.
    • Fixed a rare crash relating to physics collisions.
    • Players and bugs should no longer launch into space when randomly stepping on dropped/chopped items.
    • The controlled deadzone options actually work now.


    • The Accessibility and Log Out buttons on the main menu can now be narrated when hovered
    • Fixed some cases where hotkeys would stop working in UI windows
    • Selected hotbar and equipment slots will remain selected after tabbing away from and back to the inventory tab
    • Gamepad controls can now be rebound more than once without closing and re-opening the options menu
    • Inspected recipes are properly remembered for clients when rejoining a game (the “!” icon next to recipes)
    • BURG.L Chip locations on the map cannot be hovered over while they are still hidden (prior to helping BURG.L)
    • Unicode newline characters can no longer be pasted into single-line text input boxes


    • Player backpacks and items in water will no longer sink after loading a saved game
    • The player will not be stuck in place when bumping into objects while gliding
    • BURG.L Explore quest Trail Markers will now be removed when abandoning the quest
    • Buildings cannot be placed in Field Stations
    • Building rotation no longer operates in the opposite direction when a building is snapped as when it is unsnapped
    • Peaked and Straight roofs can no longer be placed floating in the air in certain configurations
    • Grass and Log curved doors will no longer behave strangely while placing them on slopes
    • Frankenline dials can now be used even after a player has died on them
    • The camera will not switch to first-person after pausing on a Frankenline dial
    • Buildings being placed can no longer be relocated by other players


    • Pebblets now sink in water
    • Dropped Acorn Shells no longer clip with walls when Demolishing wall-mount heads and signs
    • Basketball hoops can no longer be stacked on each other
    • Basketball hoops can now be repaired
    • Wall-mounted buildings can no longer be placed on fired arrows
    • The hover highlight effect will no longer get stuck active on ladders
    • Items stuck in droplets no longer become frozen in place
    • Droplets with multiple servings now correctly save and restore their size
    • Dew on grass blades now plays the correct effects and audio when hit
    • Dew on grass blades will now fall when directly impacted
    • Dew on grass blades can now be directly consumed
    • Players fall off of ladders when incapacitated.
    • Players cannot revive other players from ladders
    • Players do not lose stamina when holding the sprint control while zipping
    • Bombs will destroy grass and weeds more consistently


    • Solider Ants no longer count for “Hunter – Worker Ant” quests
    • Burrowed larva now count for “Hunter – Larva” quests
    • Distant flying creatures will no longer fly into the terrain of the upper yard
    • TAYZ.Ts in the Haze lab no longer respawn


    • Naming a pet using the letter ‘Q’ will not withdraw the pet


    • Key prompts will now correctly change when control is rebound
    • Some numbers, such as the player’s science available and the total items available in recipe displays, will be displayed as “1.5K” when they are too long
    • The Crafting category buttons in the crafting menu again properly display the “!” icon if you have a recipe in that category that has not been inspected
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