Grime Update 1.1.37 Patch Notes (Official) – Sep 25, 2021

    Grime update 1.1.37 (Sep 25, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Grime patch notes, the latest update added some highly requested features such as stats and modifiers on Outfits and further customization of your playstyle.

    Previously, a big update added various new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Grime patch 1.1.37 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Grime Patch Notes (1.1.37) Sep 25, 2021


    – Outfits now grant attribute modifiers and, upon equipping a complete set, grant additional unique modifiers, usually to an existing trait.
    * The first 10 levels of stats have been slightly nerfed (by 0.5) to compensate for the newly added armor stats letting players get that much closer to OP numbers.

    – Each equipment slot has a smaller slot which you can equip with a chosen outfit, changing its visual by keeping the stats granted equipped in the main, larger slot.
    1. Visual only slot
    2. Main slot
    3. Modified Attributes

    – Reworked traits:
    * Piercer – Pulling an enemy now draws some Breath in addition to dealing Absorb damage on vulnerable Health Bars. Ranks lowered to 3 from 4 and each rank increase the Breath gained and damage dealt to protected Health Bars.

    * Lurker – After repelling an attack you gain a life-steal buff on your attacks for a short duration, in addition to healing for a max health percentage from Absorbs.

    – Added automatic inventory sorting.

    – Can now use Certain consumables (Mass and Crimson Ichor) from the inventory screen.
    – Added a Mass display text in the inventory.

    – Slightly accelerated the camera when looking up or down.

    – Slightly buffed player Force regen.

    Major Bugs:

    – Fixed an issue that might be causing infinite loading screens.

    – Fixed an issue letting sometimes the player run into/through walls.

    – Added a safety net below The Final Performance elevator in case the ground forgets it’s job.

    Minor Bugs:

    – Rebinding the Inventory hotkey now works properly.
    – Post Process settings now properly affect the Absorb effects as well.
    – The Gardeneye now plays sound when casting the beam.
    – Smoothed the transition between attacking to running animations.
    – Fixed a bug that was causing the player to get stuck when reflecting projectiles.
    – Fixed a specific spot in Cavity that sometimes caused the player to get stuck.
    – Fixed a Lithic crumbling platform artifact.
    – Extended some colliders in Lair to properly cover some walls.
    – Corrected a few ladder and trap colliders in Carven Palace.
    – Moved a lever in Carven Palace up as it was too far down into the floor.
    – Fixed an issue causing the player character to get stuck on a ladder in Feaster’s Lair.
    – Corrected a missing collider near Worldpillar.
    – Added a missing ambient track to Garden.
    – Added missing sounds to rockheads near Feaster’s Lair.
    – Rockgiant will now properly flash red when falling after being absorbed, as the fall is unparriable.
    – Centipede Whip special attack wont hit as high upwards as before.
    – Fixed an issue with the Kin’s text location and localization.
    – Fixed a small bug causing prices text in vendors to appear in the wrong color.
    – Dying while climbing will no longer drop the player through the world.
    – Camera look height will now properly reset on opening a menu mid-action.
    – Nervepasses can be interacted again straight after leaving them.
    – Fixed an issue causing enemies movement to sometimes bug on passthrough ground.
    – Fixed an issue bugging movement on ladders when using a controller.
    – Added a failsafe to achievements related to absorbing enemies.
    – Spear special air attacks will no longer bounce the player when used on walls.
    – Improved movement caused by weapon attack on sloped grounds.
    – Added an option to rebind the Scroll Up/Down functions when interacting with an NPC dialog.
    – Upgrade and Trade windows controller legend is now properly localized.

    Download free Grime patch 1.1.37 on PC.

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