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Grime Update 1.1.12 Patch Notes (Major Update) – August 27, 2021


Grime update 1.1.12 (August 27, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Grime patch notes, the latest update added a long list of gameplay improvements and fixes. Apart from this, Grime patch 1.1.12 also added the Respec option, unstoppable (hyper armor) attacks for very slow weapons, and on the technical side of thingsyou should no longer encounter “Sticky walls” and after falling or getting hit by traps you will reappear much closer to the last safe spot.

Previously, a big update added various new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Grime patch 1.1.12 will fix a few of these issues.

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Grime Patch Notes (1.1.12) August 27, 2021


Respec can be done using 5 Motley Pearls. so this can be done several times during a single playthrough, depending on whether or how much you’ve saved up.
To balance out this additional use for Pearls, using them to refund a trait will now refund all tiers of that trait.

Very Slow weapons now have Hyper Armor in the last 30% of their swing before impact.

Slow to heavy Slow weapons have varying amounts of Hyper armor in in their specials.

Very MINOR nerfs and buffs (-/+3~ here and there) to weapons across the board. Mostly to force costs of slower weapons.

* Reasoning behind this So I’ve read in the forums about how having to time weapons a long enough time in advance is already a hindrance in of itself. So some force cost has been reduced to slightly compensate.

In addition, poise has been added to give STR players a choice. If they timed the attack well enough in advance they may still sneak the attack in at the cost of taking damage. Or, they could cancel the animation with a dash or an absorb. Either way, with enemies hitting as hard as they do especially in the late game, it’s mostly there for the purpose of player choice without necessarily making the game easier.

Final boss Platforming sequence has been made much harder to fail, with passthroughs guarding your fall scattered throughout.

This moment was intended to be very easy and extremely hard to fail so you could purely enjoy the spectacle and tension of the situation, rather than actually die and restart.

Walking is now a toggle. Press once to start walking, press again to stop. Resets on stopping.

Trails for Lithic Beacon extended to draw attention from the boss shortcut.

Artisan of Flesh HP buff.


Fixed Garden Yr Prey entry text.

Palace elevator now moves at x3 speeds.

Final performance dancer deals a little less damage.

Burst Lantern has been rebalanced to deal more damage at on the initial stacks and less on the higher ones in the mid to late game.
* Making bursting early more viable, especially on regular prey, while slightly weakening the 30 stacks power on later bosses.

Major Bugs:

Players should re-appear on the closest safe spot after falling down or getting hit by certain traps.

“Sticky walls” fixed. Players should no longer get stuck at the edge of walls, having to dash out of them.

Fixed an issue causing infinite loading screen.

Fixed an issue with the ladder that caused the player to slider below the ground.

Fixed several game-breaking issues caused by dying while using a ladder.

Minor bugs:

  • Addressed a bug causing fps spikes on common occasions.
  • Fixed an issue blocking Wretch Trait’s Ardor-based damage bonus from applying.
  • -The Reset button under the Settings Panel will now reset the screen resolution as well.
  • Fixed a bug letting the player to dash out of the Surrogate after Warping.
  • Upgrading a single-shown weapon on any page after the first one wont get the window stuck.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to float mid-air after self-pulling while standing on an elevator.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the elevator in the Carven Palace to be prematurely active.
  • Added an additional achievements unlock checks on game load in case of previous failure.
  • Changed the boundaries of the Jawcrab arena.
  • Attuning Lantern now properly affects the Skewer Trait damage.
  • Fixed an issue causing moving platforms to act clunky when stood upon.
  • Pullable markers will now disappear faster on pulling a pullable platform.
  • Basher enemy will now properly reset after being Absorbed.
  • The Frantic Trait now properly updates after being refunded.
  • Fixed a rare bug causing Yon to reappear in the Weeping Cavity when they shouldn’t.
  • The shortcut near the 2nd surrogate of the Unformed Desert will now unlock when you reach Shidra if you didn’t talk to Heod.
  • Removed an invisible rail track in the Carven Palace.
  • Fixed odd-looking chisels held by servants in Servant’s Path.
  • Moved some background assets back so that the player character will not overlap with them.
  • Added missing localization terms.
  • Added missing weapon swing sounds to the Desert Watcher and Disciple.

Download free Grime patch 1.1.12 on PC.